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Marco Silva left seething at referee over controversial goal as VAR fails to rule out Ake’s header

Marco Silva has been left seething at referee Michael Oliver over a controversial goal as VAR fails to rule out Nathan Ake’s header.

The Fulham boss and his players complained in the final minute of stoppage time at the end of the first half with Ake making it 2-1 to Manchester City on Saturday afternoon.

The Citizens went on to win 5-1, but as the game approached half time, the sides were inseparable at 1-1, after strikes from both Julian Alvarez and Tim Ream.

But on the verge of the half time whistle, Ake headed home the third goal of the game, but Manuel Akanji appeared to be standing in an offside position in front of goalkeeper Bernd Leno as the goal was scored, which left Fulham raging.

Yet despite appeals from Marco Silva and his players, the goal stood and you can just see how angry they were with the referee and VAR officials.

VAR looked at it, but declined to intervene. “He must have put the goalkeeper off, he must be interfering with the goalkeeper,” said former referee Mike Dean on Soccer Saturday. “That should be disallowed.”

Video assistant referee, Tony Harrington, ruled that Akanji did not interfere with play from an offside position even though he was in goalkeeper Leno’s line of sight when he jumped over the ball.

Fulham manager Marco Silva speaking to Match of the Day: “Of course the moment for the second City goal made a huge impact in the game, but in terms of the rest, a very good first half from us. The way the players stuck to the plan, the way we played most of the time was good.

“When we won the ball, with better decisions we could even have created some more problems for them, because we did in some moments. Unfortunately it was not enough to go in at half time with a good result, which was not our fault.

“Second half I didn’t want a huge, huge, huge mistake from the officials to make an impact on ourselves. I asked my players to react, we cannot control these situations.

“It has happened too often in our games and we end up being punished ourselves. We have been really unlucky since the start of the season in these situations, every week the same story. A bad decision from the linesman and then someone in the office to not disallow this goal is incredible.

“Our second half was not at the level it should be. The penalty for the fourth goal was not a penalty, Kenny [Tete] did not touch the player. It is difficult to understand these decisions.”

Silva added, as per Sky Sports: “A huge, huge mistake from the linesman, but even more from the VAR. How is it possible not to disallow that goal?

“Everyone who plays football or played football or understands football is 100 per cent sure it is offside.

“For me, it is difficult to understand how the VAR cannot disallow the goal. The player was in a clear offside position.”

Here’s how fans reacted as Marco Silva is left seething at the referee over tjhe controversial goal as VAR fails to rule out Ake’s header…

@shutter_lux: What is the point of VAR at this point?

@gerrypimm: And yet he’s the one who will be fined #shambles #ffc

@WeAreFulham1879: I really feel for Marco Silva. Getting screwed over every week with poor refereeing. On top of that, having to fight for survival in this league with one arm tied behind his back while the board continues to be beyond useless #ffc #KhansOut

@teddybeerlover: you really couldnt get it spot on! #ffc #fulham

@DarrenPake: The worst thing about premier league referees being terrible is how power mad they have become with the new rules and anyone that dares question/contest a decision is booked. Look forward to Marco Silva at the end of the match after last week’s brilliant rant

@SportWizz: Yes Marco Silva dropping more truth bombs

@JamieHemmings12: If I was Marco Silva I would not bring the team out for the second half that second goal for city was a joke, VAR comes in just to help big teams and fucks small teams all the time.

@martin_fry15: I will happily support marco getting a lengthy ban for calling this shit out. Maybe, just maybe him repeatedly bringing this up and making a fuss will cause some form of action against the officials and VAR. It can’t be silently accepted anymore.

@ATLPilgrim: Um …I’m still not sure how that’s not offside. He was clearly involved in the play, it doesn’t matter that he “couldn’t do anything besides let the ball through his legs,” he was offside and became a part of the play. Wow. Marco Silva right to be LIVID. #Fulham #MCIFUL

@GuzderJam: Someone needs to explain this. And not with a…. We are sorry we made a mistake. It’s a goal check. It should be strait forward. Player who was in front of the keeper is not interfering with play

@MCFC_Hampson: Confused as to what the issue is. He’s not in the keepers line of site and not touched the ball

@ncsudrjones: It is if you interfere with the play. As a goalie when you see that you hesitate for a half second in case he redirects it. Hence it has an influence on the play from an offside position. If he had made no attempt and had stood there then it is ok. In that situation it is offside

@MCFC_Hampson: He jumped over the ball. In what way is that an attempt to play it?

@I_Dunno_Bro: His leg went towards the ball, you can see him trying to redirect it after it passed him

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