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Mansfield player reveals vile racist abuse he got on Twitter by Chesterfield fan

The PFA have urged Twitter to take “stronger action” against racist abuse after Mansfield Town defender Mal Benning got sent horrid abuse on social media.

The 26 year old retweeted a post that was targeted at him to his followers on Monday and the Professional Footballers Association said it reported the message to Twitter and ended up getting deleted.

The PFA said: “While we commend the quick action, simply deleting a post is an insufficient response to tackling racist abuse.

“We are calling on Twitter to reconsider their policy and to take stronger action on accounts that post hateful rhetoric.

“In December, we called for a government inquiry into racism in football. We have been in contact with the Minister of State for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport regarding this issue.

“We will be working to ensure all forms of racist abuse – whether from the stands or social media networks – are included in this process.”

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In a Twitter post drawing attention to the abusive message, Benning said: “Not experienced much ‘racism’ as one of very few Asian players in the professional game. But there is no need for this, no matter what race you are or what team you support.”

Police say they are aware and will be investigating.

The account from which the message was posted belongs to a person who National League club Chesterfield say is purported to be one of their supporters.

In a statement on their website, Chesterfield said: “Racist comments simply cannot be tolerated and any information we receive which helps police identify the person who has sent this message would be greatly appreciated.

“Chesterfield FC Community Trust does much to educate groups about diversity, race and equality, delivering workshops in Chesterfield and north Derbyshire.

“The club and the Trust also work in partnership with Kick It Out to promote inclusion and respect in football.”

What a disgrace this lad is!

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies


@StoneyTheStag: @ChesterfieldFC Rhys needs banning, racism shouldnt be in society whatsoever and neither in football grounds

@ian3man: I have no words. Sir @Mal_1993 we are with you as one ?? #kickitout #racisminfootball

@alexjames_92: @ChesterfieldFC he needs to be banned ??‍♂️

@spiceboy182: Don’t listen to him mal he thinks he’s big cos he don’t show his face online

@DarrenWeston82: Sacked in the morning you plonker. Classy response @Mal_1993 top man ?

@angiemj07: The tweet appears to have been removed, rightly so, I’ve seen a screen shot on Facebook and it was disgusting. I hope the person who wrote it is prosecuted , there is no place for racism in football ?

@MichaelWilcox82: I’m an @Chesterfield fan and no matter what race or hatred you have for your rivals there is no need for any of this behaviour sorry you have had to experience this Mal something needs to be done about this piece of vermin ?

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