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VIDEO: Manager of non league club baffled at getting fined for act of ‘banter’

A manager of non league club baffled at getting fined for act of ‘banter’ he has described along with uploading footage of what happened.

Simon Johnson of Reading City took to social media to voice how he couldn’t believe his Hellenic League side was made to pay £200.

In the 11 second clip, it shows the ball going out for a throw-in, however he brings it up with his foot and holds it before chucking it into the stands.

He wrote on Twitter: “Found out last night that this cost the club around £200 in charges back in September. No banter allowed anymore, game’s gone.”

The players could be heard shouting with disgust and anger at the ball being chucked away with players wanting to resume the game.

Simon replied to a fan who questioned how the game played out, saying: “Down to 10 men for 30 mins, drew 0-0.”

The video went on the get viewed over 33,000 times, as well as a wide range of comments from Twitter users, with many laughing at what they had just seen.

Check out the reaction after the manager of non league club Reading City was left baffled at getting fined for act of ‘banter’…

@thecoldend: Did the other team get fined for foul and abusive language? Why get sooooo angry over that? Laugh it off and do your talking on the pitch

@neil_morrison26: Have to disagree. It’s a direct challenge to the authority of the match officials and only done to A) delay restart. B) wind up opposition. C) challenge the referees authority on the game

@joe19andrews19: Tbf shithouse thing to do. Another day you get chinned and laid out

@ajmphs: It is not banter it called cheating.

@simmydembels: Bet you’re fun at parties, Tony 🙄

@AndyWood23: The person throwing the ball away “cost the club”. Any decent person would pay the debt they caused.

@samprior5: Personally, absolutely no need for the hands to be involved there. Good flick up, that’s just asking to be John smithed over the trees. “AVE IT”

@BenThorntonn: Ball weren’t sanitised was it mate? Just throwing it to somebody to get in sanitised 😂

@kelvinbossman: No.9 in blue has no right getting mouthy after that woeful touch 🙃

@MikeAspell: This is the real crime here 😂😂

@WatermanNikki91: Just no need for it to be fair… ruins the game

@maatthill: I completely agree, no need for it!

@philadams82: We’d be kick out the league for doing that 😂

@CowenGrc10: @Lbraddon9 @_Oranje10_ right up our street this 🤣🤣

@Lbraddon9: Top shithousery that! So much time.

@radical_referee: Simon lets try and assist you and see if we can make a reasonable argument to support your gripe with the @FA sanction. Could you please advise us if EVERY opposition participant in addition to the crowd all took YOUR actions as what you describe as “banter”?

@simmydembels: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 there is no ‘Gripe’ as you describe, I’m evidently in the wrong, and the tweet is obviously ‘banter’. Thanks for commenting on something where you’re not concerned as per usual though. Top man!

@Thelogicalrefe1: Public profile. Public tweet.

@jertzeedon: Did they teach you that as part of your UEFA coaching course? No, thought not. Well done the ref. I would have done the same, yellow card thrown in too.

@simmydembels: Yeah they did. Taught the technique on the flick up as well!

@DawesJake: this is too funny mate 🤣🤣

@mattgharvey: £200 well spent

@BenWin84: 😂😂😂 shithousery at its finest 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@adelmohsen96: Mourinho would be proud of you mate 🤣

@wearelutontown: Well it was a foul throw, what do you expect.

@lucyclarkref: Not quite sure how this would cost £200…surely the ref just gave a YC and got on with the game. Pretty stupid thing to do tho and asking for a booking.

@Paula_Griffin65: From what I see here this is not “banter” it’s just being childish… We all keep talking about trying to play football in the right spirit & with the right attitude to ensure future generations do but then behave in a manner befitting the playground…

@djaburnett: never seen something so needed yet so needless

@gotsell1: I see nothing wrong with this …. well played

@neil_morrison26: If I as ref gave a free kick to your team, then as the ball rolled up to me I flicked it up and threw it away – would that be laughed of as banter?

@JasonLanns: I can’t be laugh when I watch this 😂🤣

@Monty__1010: Nah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@abaconbuttee: Fair play mate you’ve got nerds quoting laws of the game and all sorts here. It’s amazing work, it really is

@swwb: Just passing it on as the ball was flat no?!!?

@WestNorwoodFC: Not sure if banter is the right word. Whatever it is, I’ve got a lot of time for it.

@cmattimore: Highlight of the season that 🤣🤣

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