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Manager axed by non league club after match descends into chaos with kicking incident

A manager has been axed by his non league club days after a match descends into bizarre chaos with heated kicking incident.

Quedgeley Wanderers have been left appalled by the actions of boss Michael Mayes after lashing out at Gala Wilton manager Stu Griffiths.

A video of the moment has gone viral on social media showing Mayes kicking out at Griffiths as the manager sprinted down the touchline celebrating the winning goal in what was a 5-4 win for Gala Wilton in the Gloucestershire County League.

An eye-witness described the incident to Severn Sport: “Gala had just scored a last minute winner, having been 4-2 down with about 15 minutes to play.

The Gala manager’s reaction was to run and celebrate with his players and it appeared to be genuine emotion and not to provoke.

The Quedgeley manager has had a moment of madness and kicked him. Fair play to the Gala manager, he hasn’t reacted to it and maintained his calm.”


Quedgeley Wanderers Football Club can confirm the 1st Team Manager Michael Mayes has left the club by mutual consent.

Following yesterdays incident, the actions taken are not in keeping with the clubs ethos and proud traditions.

We do not condone the actions of various parties during the game, the ensuing incident recorded or the melee at the final whistle.

There is no place in football for homophobia, threats of violence or violence itself on the field or anywhere else in life.

We wish Michael well in the future.

Reserve Team Managers James Mulrain & Stephen Sparrow will join Rob Page in taking charge on an interim basis until a new manager has been appointed.

We will now be looking to bring in a new First Manager to help move the club forward. Any interested parties should contact our Chairman, David Mulrain via email mulrain537@btinternet.com

This is how social media users reacted after the manager is axed by non league club Quedgeley after the match descends into chaos with the kicking incident…

@Simonbeardsell3: Embarrassing allround Really 🙈🙈 can’t act like that either team.

@nickolastic11: Gala were 4-2 down with 10 mins to go. They score 3 last 10 mins to win the game. U can’t say adrenaline won’t take over and be buzzing for the W 🤷‍♂️

@Moodz17: Glad I wasn’t there, my ban would have been significantly extended 👀

@Editkickit: Dog and duck football and he’s running off like he’s Scored at Wembley 🤪

@GadgeMorrison: Based on what ive just saw… looks like hes the striker coach aswell, would explain why there bottom of the league!!

@Trouty9: Kids an absolute nerd !! Needs to get out of football !!!

@theCosmosUK: Bang out of order! It’s the reason we put all that effort in and when it pays off you should be overjoyed and celebrate! Awful sportsmanship by the other guy hope action is taken against him! Good win lads

@lewienewie: @Stu_griffith7 took it like a champ! 👏🏼 he now takes on the winner of Mike Jennings and @lewisscotty3 in USL managers royal rumble! 😂😂

@rich_gamble91: @Stu_griffith7 I think you rode that challenge really well mate 🤣

@dodgeultra: Kicked him then absolutely shit himself when he saw the rest of the bench 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@daveangel1972: Rode the challenge well, tbf. A lot would have felt they had the right to go down when they felt contact. A red for me.

@andy71sharpe: 🤦‍♂️ well done Stu for not reacting! Absolutely no need to kick out! I’m not surprised!

@AshleyBick1: @Stu_griffith7 you’ve changed mate, if this was you as a player I can already hear the scream and see you on the ground getting the oppo booked 😂😂

@ChrisPenny13: Love that the fella running didn’t even flinch and carried on!

@rossc69054318: Pub football at its best! 🤦‍♂️

@shaunmeakin10: How did you carry on running Stu 🤣🤣

@DEANBUCK33: Bloke in the blue , what a plonker 🤣🤣

@pjmeek: What in the non league is going on here….!?

@KyleLFC_2001: Always nice to score a late winner🤙🏻 up the gala ⚫️🟡 @GalaWiltonFC

@owenjesse_: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is embarrassing

@DaveCockerLeeds: Snide, Cowardly trip, he deserved getting levelled

@Williamhorney_: Deserved it celebrating like that at that level

@crowebar1985: Wow 😮 can’t see this going down well with the local FA

@ParissShaun: No VAR needed for that one.

@LDCox5: The cheeky stamp to the head from the pink bibbed player 😂. Good luck when the FA ban you

@godcann: What a little worm. He booted someone and looked like it hurt him more 😂 then he got rightly poleaxed and starts rolling on the floor like a little girl. Fair play to the winning gaffer, every right to celebrate like that after being 4-2 down 👏🏻⚽️

@LeeRendall: His mate had the perfect opportunity to stick one straight on him

@RyanRunner5: What a bellend that bloke is. Thinks he’s unreal as well and gets sacked from every club he goes to.

@tomgoard73: Local football at its best 🤷‍♂️

@cbiglegal: If he did this in the business houses hed still be getting twatted all over the place now. Absolute bellend behaviour.

@AdamGreen19: That’s gotta of hurt him self that, straight on the shin 😭 #DontRubThem

@_CallumPal96: Gloucestershire County football at it’s finest 👌

@k__pvfc: 🤣🤣🤣 av it

@Norsehawksu14s: mental stuff but these emotions prove footie is the best sport in the world 🌎

@bcfcheathy: Embarrassing, should get a ban

@JackGalatis: Geezer melted 😂

@danwelchy8: Hahahaahahaha Fuck sake. Non League is where it’s at

@_NateTweets: Quedgeley at its finest…

@FifaPensioner: Hahaha local league game near me in Gloucestershire! What a rat trying to volley the opposition’s manager! 😂😂

@Adammm_15: County league at its finest 🤣🤣

@sphinxftbl: Subtle! Love a bit of the dark arts, the sly stuff nobody else sees…

@Kayspud: This is absolutely disgusting! Not sure how he thinks it is acceptable. Hopefully into @GlosFA to deal with

@txmmytxylor_: Head fully gone 🤣🤣 what a melt

@Tom_Finch91: Flattened, absolute clown

@oldskoolleeds: All going off locally. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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