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Man Utd’s Brandon Williams causes a stir appearing to ‘inhale nitrous oxide from balloon’ in car

Man Utd’s Brandon Williams causes a stir on social media as he is seen appearing to ‘inhale nitrous oxide from balloon’ in a car.

The 22-year old, who is struggling to make it into the club’s first team squad this season, was captured on camera appearing to inhale the laughing gas while he was in a Mercedes Brabus vehicle, in the passenger seat.

The Sun video shows him apparently passing a canister full of the high to his rear passenger while being videoed by someone passing by. 

It is legal to possess and use the gas, however it is illegal to supply according to current legislation and the government is planning to crack down on legal highs, also known as “hippy crack” or “laughing gas” and ban them completely as part of a new set of legislation that aims to demonstrate a more aggressive stance against crime.

Williams has seen only five minutes of match-time under Erik ten Hag, and now judging by what fans had to say, he looks to be leaving come the summer as the manger’s rebuild continues.

A witness to the incident said to The Sun that he spotted him immediately.

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A witness told them: “It was so obvious to anyone driving by what he was doing.

“Anyone who follows United or football seriously would have recognised him instantly. It’s irresponsible considering he’s a public figure.

“He’s meant to be a role model for youngsters and upcoming footballers.

“Taking that rubbish, especially so casually, could be hindering his ability on the pitch.

“There is no doubt his manager will not be impressed by it.

“He expects his players to be completely devoted to their career, especially when they are attempting to break into the side.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Williams rose through the Red Devils’ to make 51 professional appearances on the pitch so far.

There is speculation he may move to or be loaned out, with a number of Championship clubs, including Middlesbrough, eyeing him up, after his lack of appearances for the Premier League giants this season.

The temporary high of nitrous oxide can cause hallucinations, sound distortions, and even fits of giggles.

However, it can also cause serious side effects such as headaches or unconsciousness.

PM Rishi Sunak’s plan for eradicating laughing gas is part of a package called ‘community justice.

The ban on nitrous dioxide is intended to protect youth and stop littering canisters at places where young people congregate.

Writing in the Mail on Monday, Mr Sunak said: ‘We’re going to take a zero-tolerance approach.

‘We’re going to put an end to groups of young people using nitrous oxide, so-called laughing gas, by banning it.

‘And we’re going to expand drug testing on arrest, to include drugs such as ecstasy and cannabis, as well as extending the range of situations that can trigger a drugs test in the first place.’


David Badcock, the organisation’s chief executive, told the PA news agency: “I’m very disheartened to hear that the Government now looks like they’re going to ban nitrous oxide, it’s going completely against its own advisory panel and the advice they gave.

“A blanket ban on nitrous oxide is completely disproportionate to the harms that are caused by nitrous oxide and would likely deliver more harm than good.

“The Government should be concentrating on much more serious elements of drug policy that are causing harm, like alcohol for instance.

“What’s the point in the ACMD when the very best scientists and experts have looked at the evidence and advised what to do and they completely ignore it?

“It’s the same old tired drug policy that the Government just continue to put out without looking at the evidence, the same old Government rhetoric on the war on drugs.

“It won’t stop young people using it, banning any substance just drives it into criminal hands and the inherent risks associated with the black market come into play, I don’t think it will stop people doing it.”

The current legislation prohibits the reckless or knowing supply of nitrous oxide to inhalation with those dealing it potentially facing up to seven years behind bars.

However, there has been a call for a ban of all direct consumer sales, with the drug usually released into small silver canisters using balloons. It is then inhaled.

Long-term use can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency and anaemia, as well as nerve damage. Doctors warned that laughing gas can cause spinal injuries.

Steve Rolles, senior policy analyst at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, said: “This Government appears determined to double down on the political theatre of ‘get tough’ drug policing as part of its anti-social behaviour crack down.

“But criminalising possession of nitrous oxide will increase health and social harms associated with it, creating new costs across the criminal justice system.

“To reduce risks, this Government should sensibly direct resources towards risk education for vulnerable groups, and restrict sales of the bigger nitrous canisters that have no legitimate use.

“To reduce litter, it could adopt a recycling deposit scheme for nitrous canisters.”

Jane Slater, campaign manager at Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control said: “Criminalising possession of nitrous oxide will only give more young people criminal records, make using it more dangerous, fuel organised crime activity, and cause further harm to our families and communities.

“If this Government is serious about addressing the problems with nitrous oxide then it would listen to the experts who are recommending a health-led approach supported by better use of existing controls.”

Chief Constable Richard Lewis, National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for drugs, said: “Policing would support making possession of nitrous oxide, without a legitimate reason, a criminal offence, as opposed to just supply and intent to supply.

“Officers would welcome the ability to seize and dispose of nitrous oxide, as well as provide warnings and carry out arrests, depending on the situation.”

A spokesperson for the Local Government Association, representing councils in England and Wales, said: “The problems caused by nitrous oxide in our local communities are no laughing matter.

“Councils are concerned that not only does it lead to a plague of anti-social behaviour but there is growing evidence that it can cause serious health problems for those who use it.

“Working with the police, councils have taken steps in their local areas to try and tackle this issue with the limited powers they currently have.

“A ban on nitrous oxide is a good step forward. We now await more details from Government about how this would be enforced and what support there will be for council trading standards teams.”

Ellen Daniels, of the British Compressed Gases Association, adds: “We welcome the Government’s new measures around the misuse of nitrous oxide and look forward to seeing more details on how the ban will be implemented.

“As a trade body, and experts in the sector, we have been campaigning for almost three years for a change in the law that would drive down nitrous oxide abuse and protect the public from the dangers of its misuse.

“Misusing nitrous oxide can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system including loss of peripheral feeling, loss of motor control and paralysis. In some cases, it can be fatal.”

As mentioned, Man Utd’s Brandon Williams causes a stir after appearing to ‘inhale nitrous oxide from balloon’ in a car…

@garry_killer: What a let down. I bet he’s not laughing now.

@Tom_BomBaldy: This should be dealt with as the club see fit + Brandon Williams should know better but this weird taboo round “drugs” can get in the bin.

@FiercestCheetah: Highlight of his career tbf

@UtdBlitz: So 1st he got ‘injured’ for the whole season turning on his toaster & now he’s doing balloons in the car park? Good lord we really do give contracts out to anyone & everyone

@DEANOMUFC_: Erik won’t have that

He’s another that can go this summer
Cash in and get a Striker, Sabitzer & 2 CBs

@LewisUtd_: Should be sold anyway.

@JxHBRD: We genuinely have some of the least disciplined and unserious youth

@veswamin: We still have a toxic few in the club to get rid of . 🤦🏼

@Tammy_UTD: No way bro is doing smart whip outside training wtf 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

@footboxing: another useless idiot… i’d say sell him, but who is daft enough to buy somebody so bang average on 65k a week?.. another disaster from the ‘best since fergie’ era.

@robaltoft94: We have some right idiots coming through the ranks at the moment…🙄🙄

@UtdZac_: Can we just have a normal day… all this greenwood stuff and now this

@Amonmrk: Why is he even still here 🤣

@HarryBaggedV3: You know, if someone had asked me what player is most likely to get caught doing balloons in the United squad I would have said Brandon Williams.

@harrisonreed0: Something new everyday with this club 🤦🏻‍♂️

@jackhallas30: Hahahaha Brandon Williams on the nossys man

@Covoooonia: Brandon Williams a bye bye 👋🏻

@Joe24599184: Brandon Williams is very lucky to even be at Manchester United. His career here is now done, sell him in the summer. Ta-ra 👋

@Jordan29_12: Playing U21 football, injured all season and doing bloons in the car park… how did this lads use to start for us.

@joewlawrence: we already knew this guy’s a clown didn’t need the confirmation

@EmmaHam41: Just one normal day is all we want

@J4TM4N99: I knew he was a nitty anyways bin him off

@RhysJonesJourno: There is a genuine problem with attitude in our academy it seems, stuff like this is coming out way too much

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