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Machete gang in balaclavas invade pitch to stab footballer during match

A machete wielding gang in balaclavas took to invade the pitch to stab a footballer during a match in the area of Ipswich.

The victim, in his 20s, is thought to have been playing football at Gainsborough Sports Centre in Braziers Wood Road at 4pm on Saturday afternoon, when the gang ran on to the pitch and attacked him.

The gang then legged it, leaving the victim with wounds to his arm and his hip before being taken to hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.

On Sunday morning, Suffolk police confirmed that they had arrested two teenagers, aged 16 and 15, in connection with the attack.

Both boys have been taken to Martlesham police investigation centre to be questioned and police say the victim and the attackers knew each other.

Shortly before 6pm, police arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of assault causing grievous bodily harm. A short time later, at approximately 8pm, a 15-year-old boy was also arrested.

Suffolk Football Association said in a statement: “We are aware a very serious incident took place at a football match in Ipswich this afternoon.

“We are working with the relevant authorities to fully understand what happened, and supporting those involved. No further comment will be made at this stage.”

There are 10 pitches at Gainsborough Sports Centre, and there had been several matches taking place during the time of the attack.

Non league side Assington Stanley FC, who were playing against Kesgrave Kestrels at the time, issued a statement wishing the victim a full recovery.

They said via Facebook: “Today we travelled to ipswich to play Kesgrave Kestrel A side, was a good even game to b fair we started little slow but we grew into the game nicely and played some nice football at times too.

“We got our first win and we shall enjoy that but still lots to work on and get right.

“Unfortunately the day was spoilt by a gang of 3 guys stabbing a lad on next pitch now we don’t go to football for any of this and will look towards doing something for knife crime in the future we send our regards to the young lad and hope he makes a full recovery on behalf of us, #assingtonautos building from nothing.”

Witnesses or anyone with any information relating to the incident are asked to contact CID in Ipswich quoting reference 37/50294/22.

Website – http://www.suffolk.police.uk/contact-us/existing-report-update

Phone – Call 101

Crimestoppers – Contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111, or via their online form: www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999.

Liz Harsant, who represents Gainsborough at Suffolk County Council, called for more police protection in the south-east of Ipswich after the incident.

She said: “This is really concerning. I’m worried about it as people that were playing football may be put off from going there now.

“I think it will bring the issue of knife crime to the fore. It’s awful and the police are going to have to do something about this.

“This is serious and the south-east of Ipswich has to be protected by police.”

Lynne Mortimer, Ipswich borough councillor for Gainsborough, added: “This is distressing news and my immediate thoughts are with the victim of the stabbing and their loved ones.

“I am grateful for the prompt action of the first responders and my thoughts are also with them, the staff at the sports centre and members of the public who witnessed this shocking incident.”

Social media users had their say as a machete gang in balaclavas invade the pitch to stab a footballer during a match…

@tymason14: Gotta love what this country has become.

@terryreid2: Ffs what next

@matteusjack: Time to bring back the death penalty, it’s the only way to stop knife and gun crime

@BridgemanRob: We need to look again at the sentencing and punishment around knives and gangs as we shouldn’t be having this in our communities some people through there actions need locking up plain and simple as you’ve gone past the point of let off and arms around you.

Tony Entwistle: this is happening on a daily basis 16 years ago we stopped slapping our kids and these are the results wonderful isn’t no discipline there’s no respect simple as that.

Valerie Ball: “A life for a life” comes to mind there’s no deterant these days, judge’s are to soft with the sentences they dish out. It should be one rule take a life & loose yours that would stop them.

Tony Curtis: Reopen the borstals… Give the feral toerags some boot camp.. They will rethink their life strategy then.. But no.. The do gooders won’t have that will they..?

Christine Humphreys: Our judicial system needs to be harder than it is… this country is far too soft on people that commit these type of crimes!

Elaine Bright: The youth today is shocking running around with knifes machetes ect because they can’t deal with a situation like a normal person! They have to hide behind weapons to feel like a man! Only a coward hides behind weapons to sort out a problem! About time the police take charge of our town again and stop letting the masses rule our streets! We need safety not every time we go out or let our kids out worry if their going to make it home safe! We need action now!

Logan Ramkin: See how brazen todays teens are ? Yet the moment the police come down on them its immediately harrassment and being heavy handed. Its todays youth and their aggressive behaviour that makes me support arming our police with side arms like american police. When we had loads of visible police and police cars patrolled regularly , then there were borstals , none of the behaviour we see from teens nowadays who seem to think they’re from the american bronx or the hood in america went on , and if they tried to attack police a good old wooden truncheon soon taught them the error of trying that one out. The uk is lawless and totally out of control and unfortunately government are in denial and refuse to get tough. 5yrs for carrying a blade and full life for using as David Cameron publicly pledged never came to be did it , but why not ? And why can that not be put into place now , because it could be done.

Peter Kes Mccluskey: Sorry anyone caught with a knife or something that can harm or kill a person, 10 years behind bars, if injuring or killing a person 50 years in prison, I’ll guarantee it will soon stop, but our country is too soft, that’s why people do it, cause their know it won’t be a long sentence, it’s soon gonna change if something doesn’t happen, cause their will be vigilantes groups in uk doing their own justice, something needs to change right now, before anyone else gets maimed or killed.

Amanda Tate: This is just going to happen more often unless the judiciary start cracking down on them

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