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Macclesfield to be given another points deduction for calling off Plymouth match

After finding out Macclesfield are to be given another points deduction for calling off tomorrow’s match against Plymouth, fans gave their reaction with many left angry…

@moses_ross: We (Argyle) should be given the 3 points. Shocking it’s taken this long for a decision to be made!

@crazybrit28: I rather not have the points and the rest of the teams who have had points from games they have played get taken away, I feel sorry for their fans looks like another bury situation

@Dan_Perring: Are any points awarded to argyle for the failure to fulfill or is it a re arrange the game at another date? #pafc

@LoganStephen13: what a nightmare. the players have already travelled. behind closed doors would be better than nothing

@argyleross1985: 8:15pm and still no official word if the game is on or off. Fuck it, I’ve gone out drinking so not going now regardless! F*ck the EFL!!! @EFL #pafc #mtfc Also, Macclesfield fans shouldn’t be given stick for this. Its the clubs owner. We’ve been there ourselves!

@PL23DQ: Thanks for keeping us informed. There’s been a news blackout from @thesilkmen and @efl with no thought of #pafc fans. You’d think that after Shaun Harvey left the EFL they would become more professional but no, the incompetence has got worse.

@Zakbrownz: Hope Argyle are sending the hotel and transport for players bill to Macclesfield, if not they should ? #pafc

@argyletweet: 3 points please you bastards @EFL #pafc #silkmen

@KieJames97: Macclesfield away been in doubt since yesterday and we STILL wait to find out if the game is on or not. Make a decision dickheads @EFL @thesilkmen

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