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Macclesfield appoint their 8th manager in 4 years as boss resigns

Macclesfield appoint their 8th manager in 4 years as boss Michael Clegg resigns and Robbie Savage replaces him.

Clegg had only been appointed back in February 2024, and improved them despite not winning promotion to the National League North.

He came in to the Northern Premier League Premier Division side from Warrington Rylands on an initial 18-month contract, succeeding Alex Bruce who left for League Two side Salford City as first team coach.

Stephen Killen (@_StephenKillen) first reported on Monday afternoon: “I’m hearing that Michael Clegg has stepped down as Macclesfield manager.”

Now it seems Robbie Savage is being tipped to become their new manager with Sammy McIlroy to work as his assistant.


Macclesfield FC can confirm that Michael Clegg has left his role as First Team Manager by mutual consent this afternoon.

We would like to thank Michael for all his efforts whilst at the Club and wish him well in the future.

A further statement will be issued regarding our First Team management in due course.


Macclesfield FC can confirm that Robbie Savage has been appointed First Team Head Coach with immediate effect.

As a result of achieving two promotions as well as reaching a play-off final and Isuzu FA Trophy semi-final within the Club’s first three years, it came as no surprise when Robbie was offered a senior role elsewhere recently.

Robbie subsequently agonised over this on numerous levels as it would have meant him relinquishing his role at Macclesfield FC – in addition to his shareholding.

This was something which the Board was not prepared to let happen and it was unanimously decided that Robbie should be given the chance to prove himself here at Macclesfield FC as he launches his coaching career with us.

Ahead of a campaign where we simply cannot fail, Robbie will now be accountable for all First Team affairs and judged solely on results.

To support him, Robbie has brought Peter Band back to the Club as Assistant Manager.

Peter boasts over 1000 games worth of experience at these levels and this will be invaluable to us going forward.

In addition, Emile Heskey has been given a position-specific role as and when required.

A First Team Coach will be appointed in due course.

Everyone at the Club would like to wish Robbie, Peter and Emile every success in their new roles with us.

We would also like to reiterate our thanks to Michael Clegg in assembling what he himself has termed “a fantastic group” within which he played a such a vital part.


Danny Whitaker – 13 October 2020 until 29 October 2022 – G68 W48 D7 L13 GF171 GA71 – 70.59 win %

David McNabb – 31 October 2022 until 10 December 2022 – G9 W7 D1 L1 GF22 GA9 – 77.78 win %

Neil Danns – 13 December 2022 until 5 May 2023 – G21 W15 D5 L1 GF53 GA16 – 71.43 win %

Mark Duffy – 5 May 2023 until 25 October 2023 – G18 W10 D2 L6 GF34 GA21 – 55.56 win %

Neil Baker, Peter Band, Robbie Savage (interim) – 25 October 2023 until 31 October 2023 – G2 W2 D0 L0 GF6 GA3 – 100.00 win %

Alex Bruce – 1 November 2023 until 21 February 2024 – G22 W15 D3 L4 GF57 GA30 – 68.18 win %

Michael Clegg – 22 February 2024 until 17 June 2024 – G16 W11 D0 L5 GF31 GA15 – 68.75 win%

This is what fans are saying as Macclesfield search for their 7th manager in 4 years as their boss resigns following their playoff final defeat…

@PoolieSilkman: Disgrace , not the transparency we were promised

@MaccBaxter: mutual consent? nobody within an inch of that club with any common sense would disagree that Clegg was the man to take us forward.

@JSU1993: Quality manager and came across a great guy. A manager who connected with the fans and the players loved. Who on earth is going to want to manage us if the past record is anything to go by. Absolute madness

@AndyKel4: Starting to be like Salford now revolving door for managers

@jake_quellin: What on earth must Robbie Savage do? Feels like every 3 months a manager quits

@UpTheSilkmen: Something is going on. Tunde and Clegg now leaving in the last 24 hours. Not the first manager or player to just leave suddenly out of the blue

@KentonBadger: Macclesfield, twinned with Watford FC.

@OwenBanks23: Well, this is ridiculous

@phil_dfc: The non league Watford 🤣🤣🤣

@Booster1a: Statement FC.

@daniel14f1: The circus never ends

@mipen: 😱 didn’t see that coming. Next manager maybe get 3 game rolling contract…..

@longsden: Legit basket case of a club.

@ollyashtxn: Sick of it

@OwenBanks23: Best manager we had and now he’s gone, tunde and cleggy in the last 24 hours is not right, something must have gone on behind the scenes for this to happen

@GlenSTFC: Wow this position really is a poisoned chalice! The owners are in such a mad rush to get to whatever league they deem worthy of their club that any poor sod they make manager has an unbelievable amount of pressure piled on from the first second!

@CesarRo09326532: Very sad and upset about this as thought Cleggy best manager since Sir John Askey at Silkmen, what the hell is going on? ☹☹☹

@edgorton2: Piss up in a brewery comes to mind

@michaelryan888: Why doesn’t savage just make himself gaffer and be done with it

@loud_MM91: That’s a weird one

@RYANGIBSON79: Poison chalice that job

@edgorton2: We are fucked. He was the man

@JoshB308: This means they’ll be going on to their 8th manager since the end of 2020. I know there’s lots of movement in non-league but it’s usually the players not the managers 🤣

@jonnyescott: Absolute state of this

Jade Amber Cooke: What a joke. Sad to see Cleggy go. I thought he would have been the missing part to our stability.

Gary Swindells: FFS what is going on 🙈

Neil Sutherland: wtf is going on at the club leaving by mutual consent dont reckon we will be told the real reason

Adrian Newsome: Can’t believe it he had all the fans behind him we not had a manager with his passion for a long time. The club is becoming a laughing stock going through managers worse rate than Watford. This is what happens when to many cooks spoil the broth

Mike Rogerson: Any good business man listens to his audience , there is absolutely zero good to come from this from maccs point of view , Sit round the table with cleggy talk about the issues and get him back on side

Lesley Smith: A very sad announcement. It is important that not just the players have consistency, many supporters have a need for stability, reliability and trust. It’s not just a football match I have learned, it is an institution for like minded loyal community folk. I sincerely hope the answer is positive and not another temporary standin. 🙏

Brian Lloyd: Absolute joke!! Really thought he was the key to our stability!! Wish him well

Abi Jackson: This surely is a joke. He’s done great for us. I’m sure all these managers just don’t get on with savage

Michael Ventris: It’s not April 1st is it?

Paul Shipsey: Terrible, terrible news for the club. He was a great fit with strong knowledge. His passion will be missed. Please don’t lumber us with another Alex Bruce type who can’t be arsed with the fans and just wants to jump at the first higher division club that winks at them.

Eleanor Vickers: Terrible news.

Kevin Killingworth: More managers than Watford

Paul Moores: The club appears to be in turmoil behind the scenes. The managers position is becoming a poisoned chalice. Teams that win leagues tend to keep their manager for a lot longer than a few games, man city for example.

Gareth Tucker: You boys make taking the Watford manager job look like “a job for life”.

Sam Broughton: Whyyy?

Daniel Hayman: Clubs a circus said it for a long time

Tom Coleman: Wow!!! So disappointing… clegg was a great fit, hopefully he wasn’t pushed/pissed off

Scottie McKnight: How’s Savage gonna spin this one? This absolutely reeks

Mike Rogerson: Forever great full for the efforts of both rob smeth and Robbie savage but all these managers that keep leaving can’t all be wrong , something needs to change (not just the managers)

Gallagher Green: What a joke

Darryll Joynes: The clubs becoming a joke!

Sue Smith: What the heck. Why? Not happy at all, the reason needs to be announced ASAP.

Joe Lawson: merry go round must be to do with savage

Sam Turner: This is beyond stupid how can we expect to build consistently if we keep chopping and changing managers ?

Jack Heathcote: Circus 🎪

Daniel Jackson: Lots of questions coming in Savage’s direction. What a joke.

Alex Cropper: WTF? The man was a breath of fresh air, I loved his passion. Will be missed

Ian Jarrett: Bloody hell…

Brin Ladd: Jesus all we want is some stability. This revolving door of players and managers is such a hindrance to our progression

Adam Smale: Watford of the north.

Garry Sanham: Bloody hell.. getting through more managers than Chelsea & Watford 🙄🙄🙄

Zak Soualmi: This is becoming a joke now…

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