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Leeds fans want fine for Premier League clubs caught up in spying saga

Leeds United fans are saying they want a fine for Premier League clubs who have been caught up in the latest spying saga.

Reports say that top flight clubs have started spying on each other after suspicions some are bending the rules around training-ground protocols just so that they can gain a competitive edge.

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Sources suggest that officials at certain clubs are paranoid, so much so that they are taking a close look at other teams’ training pictures.

Worried managers have ordered their staff to carry out regular checks on rivals’ Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

The Premier League are also using compliance officers to ensure clubs are sticking to the rules during training sessions.

Several calls have already got in contact with the league to check if certain behaviour is allowed, if yes, the club then mirrors the actions of their rival.

Stage two of Project Restart plans sees teams now given the go ahead for contact training and staging behind-closed-doors matches.

Numbers of staff around the training pitch and unnecessary grouping are thought to be among the concerns raised.

A source at one club: “The managers are paranoid about other clubs doing more in training than they are,’ said a source at one club.

“So they are getting their staff to rifle through videos posted online – and if they see anything that they think is not allowed, they will phone the League. If the League say it is allowed, then they start doing the same thing. It appears to be open to interpretation, which is causing some issues.”

It is also understood that certain clubs’ media departments have managed to get one up on their rivals.

As mentioned, Leeds fans are saying they want a fine for Premier League clubs who have been caught up in the latest spying saga.

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