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Fans outraged as journalist suggests the Championship should become ‘PL Two’

Fans have been left outraged as a journalist suggests the Championship should become ‘PL Two’ and break away from EFL to attract audience it deserves.

The Guardian’s Louise Taylor says that it’s one way for the second tier to get the global attention it needs and for that to happen would be to slim down in a repackaged league system.

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She explains how English football’s power brokers should be brave enough to rebrand the Championship, establishing itself on an infinitely bigger stage than its current platform.

Get ready for this, the report, which can be seen HERE, also states that “Championship clubs need to divorce themselves from the English Football League, slim down and join a neatly trimmed top flight in a glossily repackaged, two-division Premier League, renamed PL One and PL Two.”

She describes any team leaving the Premier League is like dropping off the edge of the world, and PL Two would change that, however potentially cause collateral damage to the leagues below it.

One question that Louise wrote got slammed on social media, she asks “Does League Two really need to be fully professional? Might it and the National League benefit from merging before splitting into northern and southern divisions? Should neighbouring clubs share grounds and training facilities?” Eek.

Another reason she stated to how PL Two would be beneficial was that it could awaken the much-diminished enthusiasm of many television and newspaper executives for English football’s lower leagues.

Only the Premier League and Bundesliga seem to be pulling bigger attendances than the Championship, a division which she feels is hiding it’s skill and excitement in plain sight.

In breaking the second tier of English football away from the EFL, she would then want the league reduced to an 18-club, 34-game format instead of the 24-club, 46-game system.

The Guardian writer’s says by doing this, it will enhance the quality of domestic football while facilitating a proper winter break that would not jeopardise the FA Cup.

The inclusion of PL Two would see a joint TV deal – ensuring fairer wealth distribution – with some of that being filtered into the EFL.

She ended her article by saying: “It cannot be right that the Championship has a £595m, five-year EFL deal with Sky but BT and Sky enjoy a collective £4.55bn, three-year agreement with the Premier League. No wonder second-tier chairmen feel their division’s broadcast value is chronically undervalued and the gap disproportionate.”

So, after reading that the Championship should break away from EFL, fans gave their reaction, and the majority were far from happy…

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