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Josh Windass takes swipe at Wigan fans in viral tweet while on his holiday

Josh Windass takes a swipe at Wigan fans in a viral tweet while on his holiday having just completed the season with Sheffield Wednesday.

The player’s future has been speculated ever since the final few matches of the season, and the 28-year-old might be set to make a move to Argentina according to reports.

Atletico Talleres are said to be keen, the side currently managed by his former Rangers coach Pedro Caixinha, and club chairman Andres Fassi recently confirmed that they are in talks with the striker to bring him to South America.

Speaking on Argentine football radio show ¿Cómo te va?, Fassi said: “We are in talks with an English player, who Pedro already had in Europe as a player, he wants to come and live the experience of Argentine football. It is part of the negotiations that we will do in Buenos Aires. The footballer is Josh Windass.”

Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri hasn’t ruled out selling players in the upcoming transfer window if the price is right.

Speaking to the local media last week, he said: “If we get offers for players that we can’t refuse and we believe we can replace them, then we will make a decision. If we don’t get good offers or we don’t believe we can do better, then we need to weigh things up.”

Sheffield Wednesday haven’t received any kind of offer as of yet but it hasn’t stopped the rumours from being spread across social media.

As the talks pops, Windass has had a go at the supporters of Wigan, a club he played two years with between 2018 and 2020, and got in contact to a supporter by inferring that Sheffield Wednesday are a much bigger club than Wigan, and then made a dig at the club’s fanbase.

“Okay while your all tweeting me. Wigan fans. I respect your club and your staff. But you lot are so busy,” Windass said.

“I don’t play for your club anymore, I’m on holiday, if all of the fans who tweeted me on here went to the games you might fill the ground.”

Twitter of course reacted as Josh Windass takes a swipe at Wigan fans in a viral tweet while on his holiday…

@Lt_wafc: Maybe if you put as much effort in on pitch as you do on twitter you wouldn’t have bottled the play offs pal

@RobertsOwl1867: It’s stuff like this that makes you unpopular. Just enjoy your holiday 🤷‍♀️

@a_sufc: “Fill the ground” 😂😂 there’s more empty seats at Hillsborough over Wigan mate #wafc

@ljwrd6: Makes him popular he’s showing his personality and giving it them back after all shite they give him

@JackJolley432: Loves the attention. Shame he’s in league one and we aren’t

@princeybcfc: Lmao. Fair play windass. Tickled me this. Now do us blues fans a favour and make mini Bannan cry again. We need another laugh

@JS121198: Why you tweeting pics of our fans when we played you at Hillsborough and laughing then. That’s clearly showing no respect you thick cunt. Every club you’ve left the fans dislike you, you are the problem

@owlwawaw: What is their obsession with you? They’re like an upset ex that follows you constantly beggin for your attention

@BenSnape14: 🎣🎣🎣🎣 I think he’s caught a big one #bwfc

@LewisH92: Wigan fans and their empty seated stadium won the league, while Josh Windass remains in League One.

@natpeel7: Probably the thickest human alive also shite at footy

@Z_W_95: Arnt they in division above Wednesday? On about filling ground whilst rotting in league one is ironic 😂

@__jg26: He’s in Texas angrily pacing around the house he’s staying in because a Wigan fan called him shit on Twitter

@Jab_bd: Ahhh brilliant. Strangest fan base going those Latics lot, cba with them next season.

@reece_scholes: Heroic 🤣 #bwfc

@JoannaMLodge: I don’t get Wigan fans. When a player leaves Wednesday I unfollow them on everything like it’s a bad break up and they’re dead to me 🙈🙈🙈 why are they so obsessed?

@TheWAFCbailiff: Basically we dislike him because he has the ego of Ronaldo and the ability of Josh Windass. In a nutshell.

@MattDoesSport: Enjoy league one 😂

@ethan_wafc: It is actually embarrassing how obsessed some of our fans are yes he’s a bit of a nob but leave it he doesn’t play for us 😂 #wafc

@James_WAFC32: Don’t flatter yourself! Fact is there were more empty seats on average at Hillsborough last season than at the DW! You were injured for most of it,then lost in the playoffs whilst we went up as Champions! You think you’re a far better player than what you are! #wafc

@lewligan: On your holidays but still sat raging on Twitter cos a few Wiganers have riled you up. Lovely stuff.

@SpeakSAFC: Wigan fans have an obsession with everyone bar themselves Josh. I wouldn’t worry about it 😅

@teaandmedals: Loving your work @WindassJnr Enjoy your trip to South America but please come back to S6 when you’re done. The silent majority of Wednesdayites really appreciate your quality 👍🏻

@TheSandyLaner1: OUCH!!!!!

@gaz_tic: Rattled!😭 Around 50% empty seats on average last season at Hillsborough! You should know as you were sat in 1 for most of it! Then you bottled the playoffs whilst we went up as Champions! CYA 👋

@netty0779: Enjoy your holiday spadge… don’t worry about my postcard 😘💙

@OzilThings: Name begins with W for a reason

@joliwasfi: Josh woke up and chose violence 😂

@deano733: a thought it was just us they were obsessed with , absolute weird set of fans mind

@wellbeaten1977: 😂😂😂 enjoy your holiday, ignore Twitter and come back and smash league 1 to peices next year! 🙏

@swainyFTM: They trying to do this with Sunderland didn’t know they had that many fans

@TravellingMP: I find it weird how Wigan fans seem to follow @WindassJnr around even with Wednesday in L1 he’s still at a much much bigger club then Wigan will ever be !

@augu_cba: Josh, it’s time to make an important decision and take the step towards an unforgettable experience in our futbol with all the idiosyncrasy and experience Talleres and the warmth of its fans. It’s up to you!

@stu_wafc: Don’t worry josh we will wave to you when we visit the only decent team in Sheffield this season coming. Up the championship tics 😘

@ironfists125: League 1 windass on flames….

@LanoSAFC: they’re a strange fanbase

@radley_ellis: Enjoy forest green away mate

@ady_owls: Love it they win the league but are obsessed. Enjoy your hols, come back to S6 and we’ll show them how a real team dominates league 1

@_carson_72: Violation at the highest degree @WindassJnr

@LATICLEE: How is playing at an higher level going Josh ? Maybe you need to stop listening to your Dad and realise League 1 is your level 👍. Enjoy your holiday..

@elliotsharpe7: Bang average striker stuck in league 1

@AnthonyGrundy: And there it is. A big fat one in the net hahaha

@BwfcBobby: This tweet has made my day 🤣🤣

@Ge0rgieWls: This is class 😂😂, UTO #swfc

@Bwfcfans0: Meanwhile in Wigan….. 😂😂 #bwfc

@SteviiiieeeB: Never seen a tweet rattle so many tinpot club fans. Up the Wednesday bastards 😍😍🤣 #swfc

@Jack_BWFC2021: Ahahahah, this is elite, yet another L for Wigan once again, not only Bolton fans giving it them but swfc too, well in Josh lad giving us a break 👏👏 #bwfc #wafc

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