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Jon Brady hits out at Joey Barton over remarks he said about Northampton team

Jon Brady hits out at Joey Barton over remarks he said about the Northampton Town team that faced Bristol Rovers at the weekend.

The Cobblers manager also fumed at the “absolutely shocking” performance of referee Oliver Langford as the Gas picked up all three points with a 1-0 victory.

Harry Anderson scored inside 40 seconds to help his side climbed to fourth place in the League Two table, however Brady was angry with the way the officials handled the game.

Bristol Post claim that the game ‘lacked style points as both sides engaged in a gruelling battle with plenty on the line in the promotion race’, but Brady suggested that his side were “dominant” and should have at least come away with a point as he judged their afternoon’s work.

Brady reckons Langford failed to monitor the game correctly, describing the game like the “Wild West”, while also in his firing line was Sam Finley, who was involved in incidents with Tyler Magloire and Aaron McGowan. Brady thought there should have been a red card for Bristol Rovers midfielder but only got booked for the foul on McGowan.

“If you watch the video back you will see what happens, and we knew at the time,” the Cobblers boss told the Northampton Chronicle.

“Tyler went off to the hospital because he dislocated his shoulder, but that incident sums the referee’s day up, where he doesn’t get hold of the game. Finley gets Tyler in a headlock, twists him over and throws him to the ground, and that is why he has dislocated his shoulder.

“It was like the Wild West out there. The game wasn’t managed properly by the referee, it was an absolutely shocking display of refereeing.

“He let them (Rovers) manage the game with the time, and then Aaron McGowan’s ankle is in a ridiculous state. The tackle that was made on him, how that is not a red card I don’t know either.”

Meanwhile, after the game, Joey Barton labelled the third-placed Cobblers a “glorified rugby team”, adding that they are “effective” and could well get promoted.

A reporter said to Barton: “You’ve played some attractive football this season, but it was a battle out there and you stood up to that challenge.”

To which the former footballer turned manager replied: “Before the game you could see they hadn’t cut the pitch. We were warming up on it and you could see it was lively. They didn’t water the pitch either. A major part of their arsenal is Pinnock’s long throw and the set pieces and we had to defend them properly.

“There are many many ways to play football. If I’m honest, would I pay to come and watch them? No, I wouldn’t. They’re awful to watch, a glorified rugby team. They’re not pretty on the eye, but they’re effective and they could get promoted.

“As I say you don’t get any points for stylistic creativity in this division. You have to grind out results. As I say Jon’s got them organised. They’ve picked up loads of points. That’s the first time we’ve kind of gone above them in the table.

“You have to find many different ways of winning League Two football and as you’ve seen our lads have got the bit between their teeth and have real maturity way beyond their years.”

Brady made clear he took exception to his counterpart’s comment.

“He is unbelievable isn’t he?,” the Northampton boss replied. “He is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Brady went to to say he believed Northampton deserved something from the game.

“Overall in the game, we have hit the woodwork twice, Paul Lewis has a great snapshot in the box and their keeper pulls off a helluva save. I think we have at least done enough to get a point, if not get the win.

“What I am really proud about today is that my players kept working really hard, dominated most of the game, and the fans stuck with us throughout. They really drove us on and it was great they did stick with us and show that togetherness.

“I said to the players after the game, that if you give that type of effort you usually deserve to get something out of the game. It doesn’t change our perspective on what we are trying to do and what we need, the amount of wins we need. The number of games left is getting shorter, but the number of wins we need doesn’t change, and we can go on a run to do that.”

There was reaction as Jon Brady hits out at Joey Barton over remarks he said about the Northampton team…

@SteveRice: A bit hard to take any criticism from a bloke accused of kicking his wife in the head. He should be nowhere near a football team.

@VintageCobbler: How to win friends and influence people. Rovers excelled in the dark art of time-wasting throughout and their football was no better than ours.

@mattc1980: This only confirms he is full of it… the bloke is a weapon.. spent the whole time in the 4th officials ear, influencing the decisions. Their football was also very poor.. we were the better team bar the first 15

@markalibone: Coming from a glorified ” women beater ” @Joey7Barton

@gav1_nn: Could be a lot worse, could be a woman beater like you Joey? No glory in that sunshine

@ScottyCobblers: True what he is saying but they were not much better than us . Brady has no plan b and his fault now not bringing a midfield in January

@Beresfa: Maybe Joey Barton should consider not trying to be a glorified rugby player to various people’s faces throughout the last 20 years…..

@jamesbashford3: He’s not wrong but they tested robbo once or twice and spent the whole game wasting time..league 2 isn’t pretty football..getting people to pay £22 to watch is a hard draw hence we can’t get over 5,000 home fans usually but that’s the norm at sixfields every year

@MarkFau45285028: @Joey7Barton is spot on . We are dreadful

@Stew2205: Let’s all not get too wound up by this him and his petty mind games. Let’s just remember that we will be free to watch football while that pathetic little specimen will soon be residing at Her Majesties Pleasure somewhere. Let him enjoy his freedom while he can

@Stuartm32175775: He’s right but making that comment deflects away from how awful his team are. So many things that are wrong in our game were on show Yesterday and the biggest one was there keeper pretending to be injured, that resulted in a yellow card and more time wasting, he was pathetic.

@nathansmith05: I thought they (Bristol) were really bad at times. Can you do a count for their misplaced passes and also how long the ball was actually in play for? #TimeWasting

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