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Jermaine Pennant gets a mocking after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show

Viewers watching ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show this morning were stunned after footballer Jermaine Pennant appeared on the show.

The former Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Stoke and Billericay winger refused to do a lie detector after he was caught getting cosy with Chloe Ayling on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

The ex-pro footballer hid his wedding ring multiple times in the house and refused to admit he was married to the housemates. Pennant eventually got evicted and was booed out and given daggers from host Emma Willis. Chloe went out weeks before him, found out he was married and was left gobsmacked and nearly reduced to tears.

His wife, Alice, admitted she was devastated watching it all unfold back at home whilst he was in the house.

Pennant went on to reveal that him and Alice were trying for a baby. He said, “Tried last night. Just the one (baby). How many times? I’d be happy with one but I don’t know if she’d be happy with two.”

When asked by Jeremy Kyle about doing a lie detector, Jermaine said: “No, no. I’m alright. I’m good. But I’m not coming on the show to do one.” He added to his wife, “Behind closed doors.”

Alice said: “I was a bit upset. I was sat at home waiting for him to explain himself. I was a bit pissed off because he acted immature in there, there’s no doubt about that.

“He acted a bit childish for sure. But like I say nothing physical went on, it got blown out of proportion. I was never going to leave him. He’s never cheated on me.”


After Jermaine Pennant’s appearance on the show, football fans mocked him and how he’s gone from being Man of the Match in the Champions League Final to end up being slaughtered by Jeremy Kyle – check out those tweets on the next page.


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