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Jamie Carragher swears at Man City fan with Sky Sports taking down viral clip

Jamie Carragher swears at a Man City fan when broadcasting The Overlap, with Sky Sports since taking down the viral clip.

The Liverpool legend debated various topics alongside Gary Neville and Paul Scholes ahead of the return of the Premier League at the weekend.

The retired players-turned-pundits were discussing with an audience of football fans whether Jack Grealish has been a good signing for Man City so far when Carragher lost his patience.


Jamie Carragher swears at Man City fan with Sky Sports taking down viral clip

The City fan, Steven McInerney from the Esteemed Kompany podcast, spoke passionately to the panel and exchanged thoughts with Carragher and Scholes.

Carragher questioned whether spending £100million on Grealish was necessary when Man City were seemingly crying out for a centre-forward. Scholes, on the other hand, claimed that Pep Guardiola has never had to rely on traditional strikers throughout his managerial career.

Steven, who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to Man City, continued to talk, however was rudely interrupted with Carragher suddenly shouting: “Will you f***ing shut up? F***ing hell! He never stops talking!”

Carragher added: “I’ve got to be home in 20 minutes!”

Steven looked rather surprised and gave a bemused response to Carra’s outburst, making the panel laugh by replying: “Well, f*** off, then!”

Sky initially tweeted out the clip but have since taken it down. Though that didn’t stop social media users getting it and posting it out again…

Steven tweeted: “Not gonna lie, was genuinely baffled by that Carragher moment. Was just having a good old chat, trying to be as measured as possible.”

He added: “Fwiw, i dont think he was actually trying to offend me. Think he was just trying to have a laugh, but sorta just got the tone wrong. He took me telling him to f*** off really well.”

As you can probably imagine, there’s been a fair amount of reaction to the clip on Twitter.

Quite a few people felt that Carragher’s outburst was rather harsh, even if it was intended as a joke.

Fans on Twitter reacted as Jamie Carragher swears at the Man City fan with Sky Sports taking down the viral clip…

@Rob_B6: Carra seems to be very cocky for a guy who was painfully average and got his hand held by hyppia

@fpl_bellis: thought it was kinda rude

@jflfc1: Carras a wierdo, humiliating others and making them feel small to seem funny to others

@lewiswltrs: You think Carra is the good guy here?😂

@APLFC_: genuinely thought that was poor from him i can’t lie. embarrassed him in front of everyone loool so peak.

@LFCArran: We aren’t laughing

@antony_ireland1: Not what you expect a @SkySports pundit to say. As usual. Trying to be funny but falling well short.

@RB_07FtboI: Bit rude that

@McfcZiad: Is this supposed to be funny?

@SxrgioSZN: literally not even any of your fanbase are laughing with you mate 😭

@LFCArran: Idk why our fans still adore Carra. He was a good player but he’s a clown.

@Txmryan14: That’s just poor really what he can he do

@CulerAhmad: Highly unprofessional and disrespectful.

@stujohn4: Carra being carra, argumentative and rude, what’s new?

@ZackCiteh: I promise you no one laughed

@_FutboIOscar: This is not funny in the slightest btw

@GeorgeGoldie2: Always loved Carragher and even met him and he was lovely. But when I watched this I thought what a rude and arrogant thing to do. He was asked on the show and asked a question the guy was answering it. Gave of the vibe of you’re not a pundit like me so you can’t talk as long.

@lfcjrp: He’s actually such an odd ball

@ynwadad: Carra struggling for relevance. Sad really. Poor guy obviously upset. Bully

@MCFCHag: This is just straight up rude & ignorant. Someone who is supposed to be a role model but then again the fat 🔔 🔚 spat on someone, don’t really expect much less

@casey1892: Dont know why Carragher has to be a prick

@plappedcrackers: Awful from Carragher here. Comes across shockingly.

@TheRealDanielW3: This is strange behaviour from @Carra23

Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher calls out Gary Neville over double standards when it comes to Manchester United and their team selection.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side fell to a 4-2 defeat at Leicester on Saturday, leaving them four points adrift of Liverpool and five points off top spot.

Neville criticised his former teammate for selecting too many attack-minded players, though Carragher saw an opportunity to dig out his fellow Sky Sports pundit.

Quoting a video of his colleague’s assessment of United’s defeat, Carragher tweeted: “You literally picked a team with five attackers two weeks ago. @GNev2 all over the place the lot of you.”

Answering a Twitter Q&A last month, Neville selected Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood, Edinson Cavani, and Cristiano Ronaldo as part of his favoured Manchester United starting lineup.

However, when delivering his analysis of the Leicester defeat, he appeared to contradict himself.

“We’ve seen a team picked today with Greenwood, Sancho, Ronaldo, Pogba and Fernandes. Five of them. I wouldn’t want to be a defender in that team,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“I love them all as players but having them all in the same team [there’s] ultimately not enough workhorses.

“There’s a reason that Darren Fletcher, John O’Shea, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Tom Cleverley, Ji-Sung Park, Owen Hargreaves got games alongside some of the great players because you need workhorses alongside them.

“Manchester United, at this moment in time, are imbalanced and the performances are now getting what they deserve in terms of the results and it needs to change.”

Neville then replied to Carragher on social media, admitting that his initial conclusion was wrong: “That was before Villarreal and Everton at home! Not in this run of games. Nuance is lost on Twitter or with you.”

While discussing United’s situation on Sky Sports, he continued to highlight a number of “conundrums” that Solskjaer faces, in terms of forming a cohesive team unit.

The ex-England international even referenced a pair of Liverpool players that United’s attackers should aim to replicate, ahead of the two sides clashing next weekend.

“[Manchester United] are nowhere near good enough out of possession. They’re the weakest of all the teams at the top of the league, without a shadow of a doubt. They don’t press,” Neville said.

“They don’t work as hard as Mane, they don’t work as hard as Firmino, they don’t work as hard as De Brunye and Bernardo Silva.

“So, better player and works harder means you’re not going to finish higher than them, simple as that. So, you better start working as hard as they do.”

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