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Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles involved in tunnel bust-up with teammate after Spurs defeat

Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles got himself involved in a tunnel bust-up with a teammate after the Spurs defeat on Sunday evening.

He and Isaac Hayden were involved in a furious row in the wake of Sunday’s 3-2 Premier League defeat at St James’ Park and staff were forced to jump in when they went head-to-head and shoves were exchanged in the tunnel area.

Reports say that some players later voiced their unhappiness with Steve Bruce’s tactics in the dressing-room, putting extra pressure on the boss.

It came on the day that was supposed to celebrate the club’s new Saudi-led ownership, but now it seems to have ended with fighting and player resentment towards Bruce.

It’s understood that a significant number of the squad want the owners to intervene and change manager before Saturday’s away game at Crystal Palace. Sources close to the dressing-room can’t believe the situation is being allowed to drag on.

Sacking Bruce remains the priority of Amanda Staveley and the board, though that the right processes must be followed and sign-off is needed by the majority shareholder, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

There are some around the consortium who are frustrated that action wasn’t taken to get rid of Bruce last week – as was the plan – and so avoid the scenes which unfolded on Sunday say Sportsmail.

Staveley and her husband Mehrdad Ghodoussi were warned that another poor performance would risk supporters turning on Bruce even further than we’ve seen so far, and that proved the case during a toxic second half.

They were sat with new chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan in the directors’ box and it was not lost on the owners when fans repeatedly called for the head coach to depart.


Fans reacted after learning that Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles was involved in a tunnel bust-up with his teammate…

@foschops: Lascelles is a liability, Fede has to replace him, Clark was brought to help us out of the championship, Schar has to replace him, Ritchie isn’t a full back Lewis has to replace him. It’s little wonder our more talented players are getting the hump.

@MrGanoosh: Ritchie does better with no coaching than Lewis, which is why he plays. I think Lewis would do well with an actual manager, though. Same reason Longstaffs have stagnated and defense has fallen apart: we have no management.

@BigPHop1: @AlexBruce84’s tweet verifies this story. His dad will have seen the bust up and he knew this would be coming hence the tweet. Steve Bruce cant call this out as lies now #nufc #bruceout

@UTDTak: Hayden trying to steal Lascelles captain bonus of £100million

@ToonFan14: The fact that he’s still employed by the club is farsical. #NUFC

@NuFcPRO: Bruce Must go. Its beyond a joke now. However. Whixhever player keeps leaking these things to the media needs sacking also. It’s just not right! Get them both out NOW!!! #NUFC

@BonnalNUFC: Owners need to intervene asap and get Bruce out. We have an already impossible Xmas period & players falling out and Bruce as manager isn’t going to help. Get chippy tits out #NUFC #BRUCEOUT

@david_ardisson: Arguing over who’s first to get sold

@stu_is_here: This has to end NOW! Put Jones in for Saturday, we’re probably gonna get fuck all out of the Palace game anyway but the fact remains, Bruce can’t continue as manager, you can clearly see the team isn’t playing for him! Call it now @NUFC before it’s too late ! #NUFC #BruceOut

@davez2010: Great work again @CraigHope_DM and goes back to my point I made on @LoadedHQ1 and tonight on @NUFCToonTalk a change in manager needs to happen NOW! Any longer and it becomes toxic again #NUFC

@RBanerjee23: Bruce situation is getting beyond farcical now. Should already be gone. #NUFC

@decarteret_john: Things are getting out of hand now, get Bruce out and get someone in who can get this team together and motivate them. A little tactical awareness and workable formation is needed BADLY. Have to act now @jamiereuben @PIF_en @NUFC #NUFC

@laaurenmoore94: I tell you what when Bruce does finally fuck off. And charnley too & the consortium finally have the right people in. Whoevers the one blabbing stories I hope he fucks off too! Loved reading it under Ashley but I want positivity with the new owners not this shite everyweek #NUFC

@deanmnicholson: As good as it is hearing inside info. There is a HUGE, HUGE problem at this football club with a clear player/staff member coming out and leaking stuff to the media. We are the ONLY PL club this is happening at. Huge issue. #NUFC

@NostalgicNUFC: This is becoming a comedy show now. He needs to go. The longer he stays the more pressure that is on the owners. #NUFC

@mbizzle39: Wtf. We stayed until about 10 minutes after the end and looked like they were having a casual chat on their way off the pitch! Guess these things happen in football though, major issues with this team right now

@ninenufc: This Bruce situation is a mess. Enough is enough now get him gone @NUFC

@Rob__Shanahan: Swear Lascelles tries battering someone every month

@DMcIver22: I stand with Isaac Hayden. Lascelles can leave with Bruce.

@JoshGordon8: About time that fucking donkey Lascelles went out the door with him. Absolutely laughable that he is our captain by the way. Utter shite

@JayHansen54: Fuckin get the cunt gone man before it’s too late

@PrinceRGJP: banter club is back babyyy

@_jamie02: is it only me who finds it mad that theres someone in that dressing room who is constantly grassing

@Jack_Rogers97: This shit just happens on the reg now look what that parasite has done to our club and to our players.

@AndySlaughter: Imagine every Newcastle fan knowing the whole Bruce appointment 2 and a half years ago would end very sourly and here we are.

@IJM9694: Fkn more fights than a gypsy wedding our club mind

@CraigForsyth_: Sad to read this. Whoever is leaking the info should be sent packing with Bruce. Whatever happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room.

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