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Guiseley take action with apology over incident during match against Hyde

Guiseley take action with an apology over an incident which occurred during their league match against Hyde United this weekend.

Following Saturday’s Northern Premier League – Premier Division game, we have made more changes to our Ground Regulations.

Unaccompanied U21s must have a Season Ticket or GAFC Youth Membership to gain entry to Nethermoor, here’s a statement from Guiseley…


Guiseley AFC would like to formally apologise to anyone who attended the match on Saturday and was directly or indirectly affected by the behaviour of the group of individuals causing trouble.

The club will be reviewing all footage and photography, including that posted on social media to identify anyone who participated in any anti-social behaviour both in the ground and in the community and will take action against them. In light of the incident, we are investigating the legal and financial implications of additional measures.

Whilst we are awaiting responses from our enquiries, we will be implementing additional changes to the Ground Regulations. These will be applicable immediately and will run until the end of the season, at which point they will be reviewed.

To gain entry to the ground, all young people aged 21 years or under, that are not attending the match as part of a family group, must have a season ticket or a GAFC Youth Membership. The Youth Membership card will allow the holder to purchase a ticket to the match. If you do not have your Youth membership card you will not be permitted to purchase a ticket. The prices are as follows:

  • GAFC Youth Membership £10 per person
  • GAFC Season Ticket £25 under 18/ £60 Adults

Entry for Youth membership holders will be via turnstiles 1 and 2 only. Applications for GAFC Youth membership and Season Tickets will only be via application form, photograph, payment and a conversation with parents or guardians of the applicant before the relevant cards will be issued.

Existing season ticket holders may continue to use their current season ticket.

Away fans – the club will be in discussions with the League and our opposition for the remainder of the season to discuss how best manage visiting fans.

Apply for a Youth Membership or Season Ticket here, the form is also available in PDF format here.

Twitter users reacted as Guiseley take action with apology over an incident during their match against Hyde…

@Benf1yde: Poor decision, many of us are in high school or college and cant go watch our local club, segregation of away fans would of been better

@noboydy73: U21s so a soldier needs his dad to take him 🤣🤡

@TaitBill: Defo think over 18s shoukd be treated as adults and not have to be accompanied or become members.

@AsSowter: Swift action was needed, well done Guiseley.👏👏👍😎⚽🐯

@HarryVerity75: My god thats a bad idea

@samh__15: A 20 year old can go out clubbing until 6 in the morning but still need an adult to accompany them at a step 7 football match…

@Mark_ALewis: This must have been a tough decision for the club, so sad to see the recent issues caused by a small group of fans. Clearly not going to be popular but respect to the club for taking action.

@thenorthover: Ahaha no way 😭😭😭

@RMFLD73: My 20 year old nephew who is currently studying for a degree in law was planning on attending the next home game. Do I have to hold his hand until we get to our seats or can he make his own way into the ground (as long as his mum gives permission?)

@AndyClarke5: Guiseley doing everything they can to put the next generation off supporting their local club. What a chew for a junior to try watch them

@ceeo: I dont see the issue, most clubs have memberships to buy tickets these days for these kind of reasons. Along with segregation for set matches. When grown ass fans are drunk throwing drinks around and giving verbal and visual abuse to young fans, you know it’s not good. #shocking

@brianstokes92: I do feel for the volunteers at Guiseley who have had to put up with a lot of absolute nonsense from a minority of people at their games recently. However, this does feel like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut and still missing it.

@SeadogFiley: Shows you aren’t arsed about sorting out the root cause of the problems inside the club then and instead just do useless shite to sort it. I mean come on your going to tell a 20 year old that they can’t come without an adult holding there hand. Your fans are just millwall wannabe

@TheDB30: 20 year olds can be married, be in full time work, father/mother a child, own a house and car and go clubbing. They’re adults, this is an absolutely ludicrous decision.

@JJA_7Seven: Just ban those responsible. I’ll point them out to you if you want. Not fair on genuine supporters.

@Joshbgafc: Beyond a joke now, 20 year olds needing adults to get into games. Sounds harsh but maybe segregating games is the way to go now. 🫠

@leif_mozley: State of that. Just segregate the fans rather that telling a legal adult if they are under 21 they need another adult to accompany them 😂😂

@Brokebackdog: Feel sorry for the proper fans. i was a di#k at there age but I loved hyde soon realised behave or get banned. You know who they are don’t let them in let the proper fans enjoy the game.

@lfraserbell: an adult needs to accompany an adult? crazy

@JackBarker27: That’s made my day 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@BCAFCBH: How about just start policing your games properly, utterly ridiculous that a 20 year old can’t attend a non-league game because a few little scrotes are causing trouble. Would take 2 properly policed games to stop the nonsense.

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