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Fulham v West Ham marred by incidents – one ejected for streaming, alleged racist abuse and flares

After watching a video where JP WHU TV talked about being ejected from Fulham v West Ham on Saturday on suspicion of streaming, others who regularly watch his channel took to give their reaction, the majority all supportive, but also thought the streaming incident was ‘pathetic’…

James hammer 88: Ridiculous to throw you out of a friendly.. Still cant believe there was no stream available i listened to it on the radio. The fans sounded amazing ?

Mike Smith: Hi John, glad your ok, what happened to you was wrong and I’m glad you got through it ok. Very, very disappointed that there was no stream for the game, and it seems like there was a jobs worth involved. In your evacuation. Anyway lets hope we can meet Fulham in a cup match during the season and give them a good thrashing on pitch in payment for what happened to you and WH Fans generally during this particular event. As mentioned in comments below it was a friendly for goodness sake but it was a completely mis managed event in all sorts of ways and caused by very poor decision making at a high level somewhere???

Ryan Smith: Fulham fan here in peace.our stewards are the worst in the country.even if you were filming/recording they should come over and tell you to stop before coming over 5 handed.good luck for the season anyway

Scott Davis: Clearly, John was an issue for the stewards. Loved that you tried lad. Best of luck, and next time don’t stand next to Gonzo…clearly a problem

Caron Lynch: Outrageous. No.need for it.x

Derek Verlander: Congrats on keeping your cool mate. you are a credit to us all.

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