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Free agent Billy Sharp reveals all including Wrexham feud, Sheffield Utd exit, and his future

Free agent Billy Sharp reveals all including the Wrexham feud, Sheffield Utd exit, and his future after being left in limbo.

The Blades legend appeared on the latest episode of No Tippy Tappy Football where he gave them an exclusive during the hour and 15 minute chat.

He delved into his departure from Sheffield United, including what he was told three times, before being released at the end of his contract last season.

Sharp discusses his time in America with LA Galaxy, opened up on what the future holds for the 37 year old, gave his account of what went on during Sheffield United’s clash with Wrexham in the FA Cup last season and how it ended in ‘beef’ with Ryan Reynolds.

00:00 Intro
00:46 International Break
02:04 Introducing Billy Sharp
05:18 Billy Sharp’s Sheffield United departure
09:30 No loyalty in football
13:45 Being told the ‘Truth’
17:45 Playing as a classic striker
19:00 Talks with Paul Heckingbottom
25:35 Return to Sheffield United?
30:55 Billy Sharp as Sheffield’s assistant?
33:37 MLS football quality
39:16 A clash against Wrexham
49:30 Everton’s points deduction
52:35 Calvert-Lewin’s quality
53:50 England’s back up number 9
58:05 City Liverpool combined XI
01:02:48 Big Sam yawn at Old Trafford
01:07:28 PSG or Newcastle?
01:09:25 Aaron Ramsdale
01:11:15 Who has Billy almost signed for?

Twitter users reacted as free agent Billy Sharp reveals all including the Wrexham feud, his Sheffield Utd exit, and his future…

@MattJJwxm: Wrexham fans hold grudges. I’d rather us play with 10 men every week than have @billysharp10 play for us

@beardywxm: Id rather shit in my own hands and clap.

@mallers01: Not (never) gonna happen 🤣🤣

@wxmbh8: Released hahahaha

@joshwilliamsDNO: Hahahahaha the little beg is gutted he hasn’t got a club now 😂 we hold grudges and you are definitely not welcome anywhere near our club

@Osianwills1: Sod off bill

@evansmatty98: Brass neck on this cry baby saying he doesn’t hold a grudge 😂

@DewiHughes_: He’s an a absolute knobhead Sharp, but I’m sorry you’re lying if you’re saying you wouldn’t have him here 😂

@dodgewrexham: 😂😂 beg on toast!! Stick that in your documentary!

@BaileyVickerage: Get ur self back to Donny @billysharp10 🙏🙏 #drfc

@jrwilliams32: We have the better Billy! Waters > Sharp

@brad_180: Nah am alright thanks

@liambraisdell: Hahahaha fuck off

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