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Everton players and Sean Dyche react to points deduction | Pepper Mills produces amusing video

Everton players and manager Sean Dyche react to points deduction as fan Pepper Mills produces a rather amusing video ahead of the protest.

The club’s fanbase are of course unhappy with the Premier League after they were deducted ten points for one Financial Fair Play breach.

But in response, the Toffees are uniting to make their feelings heard as their side prepare to face Man Utd at Goodison Park on Sunday evening.

Pepper Mills, who usually posts videos ahead of the Merseyside Derby, tweeted along with the video: “We have been WRONGED. It’s NOT RIGHT. Big weekend. Big plans. Big club energy. The PL messed with the wrong fanbase. There WILL be retribution. Just watch. The PREMIER LEAGUE is CORRUPT.”

The one minute 17 second clip quickly done the rounds online, with some users amused so much, suggesting it was one her best videos to date.

The Everton fan group, who go by the name of ‘The 1878s’ said in a statement on Twitter: “We have had a lot of requests asking for a plane to be flown over Goodison on Sunday, with a message to the PL.

“Due to our kick off time, it will be dark. So instead a plane will fly over The Etihad on Saturday for City v Liverpool which will be watched by millions around the world. Once the banner is made from the company we can release a picture of this.”

They go on to say: “The fact is the main people suffering from this punishment are the fans who support one of the founding fathers of football in this country. The people who broke the rules are not hurting from this punishment.

“Everton are being unfairly made an example of and we will not stand for it.

“Evertonians plan to fight for, and with, our club. Protests will continue until a proportionate sanction is agreed upon.”

Logos of the Premier League with the words ‘corrupt’ underneath them are expected to be risen high at the same time, with it said that around £40,000 has been collected to funds the planned demonstrations, with the Premier League anthem also due to be booed.

An F-word chant planned to be sung by Everton fans in the 10th minute are also expected to be muted or has fake crowd noise played over it by Sky Sports, who will be televising the game this weekend.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin was the first to speak on the points deduction, saying he and his teammates are unfazed by the decision and remarked that he’s “sensed a lot of unity and togetherness” within the group.

Jack Harrison says: “You can throw that at us but we’re going to come back twice as hard.”

Sean Dyche said: “Like everyone, well everyone in these parts, we’re shocked.

“With the wave of noise after that, it seems as though most people in football are shocked… the enormity of it, disproportionate is a word that’s been used by the club.

“Obviously we’re going to feel a bit aggrieved by that. On the other hand it doesn’t change the focus.

“The focus since I got here has been sorting things out on the pitch. Getting the team to win, getting the team to feel different, the performances to be different and we were obviously on the right lines for that and delivering strong performances I felt and this has just given us a push backwards to then come forwards again.

“The job hasn’t changed for me. It’s just made it more difficult in the current circumstances until the appeal of course.

“I think I follow the club’s words. I don’t know every inch of the club’s past, or the commission. But I certainly believe in what the club put forward.

“It’s disproportionate, it feels like it’s unjust. And there’s plenty of voices out there that feel the same.

“That said, what’s done is done for now – appeal pending – so we have to get on with it. That’s just the simple facts.”

This is how fans said on Twitter after Everton players and Sean Dyche react to points deduction and fan Pepper Mills produces an amusing video…

@EFCMatt1: Perfect press conference from Dyche. Superbly handled 👏🏻👏🏻

@ToffeeMc1878: I am so grateful we have Dyche in this situation 💙

@rossEFC95: Said it all along he’s the ideal manager for us rn, nothing fazes him

@TightToffee: Whatever has happened and whatever is yet to come, everybody in the Grand Old Lady on Sunday will be glad they are a blue and that will be etched in their hearts for a lifetime 💙

@JEBG_1878: Best possible manager we could have now la, genuinely not worried at all because of him

@RowanCraig: Take your hat off to Dyche hes exactly the man we need to give this team a fighting chance!

@M_Russ02: He is the only man that can keep Everton in the PL even with the points deduction

@BT_1878: Warra gaffer.

@agbnufc_: Breaking 🚨: Premier League have deducted Everton a further 10 points due to Pepper Mills.

@billywangers: Deserve another ten points knocking off for that recorder alone 😭

@blue6oy: The @MattHughesDM cameo is inspired. 😂👏🏻

@KavanaghsArklow: Proper nod to Matt Hughes there within!!! Love it!!

@Hadyboy_7: What have I watched 😳

@ukefc: Recorder gets me every time 😂

@ryan_murton: Honestly this is very very good. Great banter making everyone smile 🙏

@dixiesing: Proper crack me up these. Absolutely bonkers, brilliant 👏🏻

@UnderLights1878: Oh pepper you are an absolute hero 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@chriisorourke: gonna be so funny on spotify wrapped day when i have to post my top 5 and pepper mills is top

@nicki_1878: Honestly your genius with these songs is unmatched!!! Diane Morgan, Amelia Dimoldenburg, Rachel Parris, Victoria Wood, French & Saunders… PEPPER MILLS!!! 💙

@JohnMc70: Bring a tear to my eye it’s that good

@MoistMurderer: That was beautiful when the recorder hit 👌✊

@efcshaz1878: The Matt Hughes bit 😂😂😂😂🐀

@dixiesing: Proper crack me up these. Absolutely bonkers, brilliant 👏🏻

@TekelTowers: That’s gonna be in my head all day now.

@itssofiall: I knew this points deduction was going to produce an all timer from Pepper Mills and she did not disappoint

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