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Frank Lampard shows broken hand suffered during his last-minute winner celebrations

Frank Lampard shows off his broken hand which he suffered during the last-minute winner celebrations against Newcastle on Thursday.

The former footballer turned Toffees boss claimed that he broke some bones in his hand while going wild when 10-man Everton’s 99th-minute goal went in.

Alex Iwobi scored in dramatic fashion against the in-form Magpies to hand a surprise three points to Everton, who are now clear of the relegation zone also by three points, and the win was their first in the league since the 12th of February.

Speaking to Amazon Prime after the match, Lampard showed his hand to the pundits and said: “I’ve broken my hand by the way celebrating!

“I’ll take it for three points. I didn’t realise at the time, but as the game carried on my hand started to get a bit more shaky. I don’t care though!”

He later added: “I’ve already spoken to him [club doctor] and he’s given me a couple of pills and I might have a beer or two.”

The game was also stopped for around eight minutes in the second half after stewards had to enter the pitch to remove a protestor who had attached himself to a goal post.

The male – who tied himself to the post using a cable tightly around his neck – had a message on his shirt that read “Just Stop Oil” along with a link to a website.

It took several members of Everton’s backroom staff to remove the protester and deal with the situation, with one carrying a huge pair of bolt cutters with him to cut the man free. Watch that HERE.

Everton manager Frank Lampard, added: “It was a big night for us and nothing is done – we’ve got 11 games to go now – but I think we were waiting for this moment.

“A night of togetherness, a night of spirit, a night of fight against a very good team. We got what we deserved, that’s absolutely clear in the end, against some odds. That exploded around the whole stadium and in the technical area when we scored.

“They’re a good team. They can bring on players who can effect the game and they are in good form.

“A man down, it was, ‘Can we hang on? At that point you would take a point. ‘Can we get one more chance if we can get up the pitch and then deliver?’

“The lads did that and fair play to the whole place because belief stayed, fans rose, players rose on the pitch, and we deserved the win.”

On Allan’s red card, he said: “It’s not a red card. Alan Shearer, Mr Newcastle himself, just said so and the frustrating thing for us is we had the most blatant one of the season against Man City.

“The referee gets it wrong, we get the apology, this time the referee sees it, he gives a yellow card. Did he seriously endanger the player by kicking him on the foot?

“We now lose Allan for three games. The system is not working because of decisions like tonight. VAR has gone wrong for us twice now.”

Newcastle boss Eddie Howe said: “We controlled the game. The only thing that was missing in the first half was a goal, and being really clinical in the final third, but that was missing for the entire game for us today.

“I thought we got into some good positions but the normal rhythm wasn’t there, for whatever reason. The second half was a big disappointment.

“The red card gave us a big advantage and we didn’t capitalise on that. I thought tactically, we didn’t deliver the plan we should have done at that moment.

“The game was there for us but we made some poor decisions with the ball by our high standards.

“You’re always liable to counter-attacks and moments that can still cost you the game. You have to be very alert and we weren’t. We made a bad mistake for the goal and it cost us.”

Twitter users reacted as Frank Lampard shows off his broken hand suffered during the last-minute winner celebrations…

@sebellis09: my manager

@kieron14daley: Things people do when they beat the mighty Newcastle United

@EllisNordhoff: This fella gets it.💙💙

Everton vs Newcastle had:
1. A guy tied his neck to a post
2. 14 minutes of injury time
3. Iwobi scoring a 99th minute winner
4. A very dodgy VAR red card
5. Lampard breaking his hand celebrating
Tell me this isn’t the greatest league in the world? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@l_w795: Proper manager that

@iammrazul: Cast for five weeks for Lampard’s hand there. I’m sure a few of us have been there a few times.

@bryan_wood1: Frank Lampard is old school like, an England legend. Absolute carnage when he was celebrating with his staff and has broken his hand. Stuff it, let’s pop out and get the interview done still! Some guy.

@carefreejake_: Up the hand breaking, piss boiling, super Frank Lampard

@JohnStan85: Frank “I’ve broke my hand” Lampard goin straight up there with other club legends such as Duncan “I slapped 2 smackheads” Ferguson

@T1Toffee: Lampard proper limbs breaking his hand in the celebration

@BramleyBlue78: Lampard breaking his hand in the celebrations is fucking everything. Love that

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