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‘Footy Scran’ cause huge controversy with tweet ahead of World Cup polls

Popular Twitter account ‘Footy Scran’ have gone on to cause huge controversy this week with a gambling tweet ahead of their World Cup polls.

This Bank Holiday weekend sees them put some of the best food seen at football matches into a World Cup knockout style tournament to see an ultimate winner.

Now the idea is a perfect one, there are so many good ones out there and the only way to work out what food and which club are the ultimate champions, the must buy ahead of the 2022/23 season.

However, after the incredible rise and prominence the account has gone on to achieve, ‘Footy Scran’ made the fateful move to bring gambling into their mini World Cup idea.

They tweeted to their over 425,000 followers: “We’re now just 𝗳𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 away from the Footy Scran World Cup 🏆

“We’ve listened to a lot of your requests and we’ve teamed up with @BetVictor to offer odds on the competition.


“18+ only http://begambleaware.org

“ALL stakes are capped at £10 to ensure its just a bit of fun betting on your favourite scran from the season.

“Please only bet what you can afford to lose.”

This caused a huge uproar, and fans quickly reminded the account that what they were doing has lost the respect of many.

Kieran Maguire replied to Footy Scran, sharing a Twitter thread which posted within the same week.


An NHS worker stepped in front of a high speed train after the UK’s biggest bookmaker allowed him to lose £12,500 in days.

Josh Hall, 28, lost half his salary with Paddy Power before he died. His mum said she ‘will always be disgusted’ with the gambling company.

His inquest heard that, on May 17, 2020, the ‘kind and caring’ HR assistant ran into a mainline train travelling at 115mph, killing himself instantly.

It’s a dreadful story that blows a hole in bookies’ claim that ‘high tech’ monitoring systems keep vulnerable punters safe.

Josh’s catastrophic losses triggered an alarm in Paddypower’s automated system, but no one from its ‘responsible gambling’ team phoned him.

Instead – disgracefully – they took his bets and he was sent an automated email asking him to confirm he was happy with his losses.

Josh’s mum, Shelley Hall, in a statement read at the inquest on May 12, said: ‘My world ended that awful day.

‘I asked the gambling company why they let him gamble thousands of pounds in 24 hours, days before he died. We will always be disgusted with the gambling company.’

His father Brendan Clifton said: ‘To the boss of Paddypower I’d say you need to be better than this.

‘You need to set a limit. Why don’t you have checks to see if he can afford it? If they’d just put a stop on it, he’d still be here now.’

Senior coroner Nicola Mundy said Josh ‘could see no way out’.

‘The motivating factor quite clearly was the gambling addiction and how that spiraled out of control. There is nothing else that caused him to take the step that he did.’

💲 After his death investigators found a loan offer for £51,000, which investigators said was to consolidate his debts.

💲 On May 13/14, Josh had received £10,000 and £4,000 into his bank account and he spent most of it ‘almost straight away’ with bookies.

👉 Do we really trust these systems when they are backed up by a paltry email asking if you’re happy with your losses?

👉 How after everything bosses have said about protection can a young lad from Sheffield lose half his salary in a week then kill himself in despair?

It’s no wonder campaigners have demanded laws forcing bookmakers to block deposits and carry out affordability checks once punters lose between £100 and £1,000.

There is currently a gambling suicide every day in England, according to Public Health England.

Paddypower make no excuses for what happened in Josh’s case, just saying it has made ‘significant changes’ in player protection since May 2020, adding: ‘We send our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to Mr Hall’s family for the tragic loss of their son’.

The gambling review reports within weeks.

📢 @CPhilpOfficial and @NadineDorries: Please read Josh’s story and see there is a cavern between bookies’ PR guff and the reality faced by families.

Enough is enough. We cannot lose any more of our young men like this.

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As mentioned, the popular ‘Footy Scran’ cause huge controversy with a tweet ahead of their World Cup polls…

@Woolfie_01 (to FootyScran): The amount of backlash your getting for this and rightly so, twats👍🏼

@ToweringZigic: Unfollowed! Well done guys

@willbarrington: What a great way to ruin what was ‘a bit of fun’.

@ChampMan0304: “We’ve listened to a lot of your requests” Show us 10…. Christ, even show us 5, wrong way to monetise. Could’ve lined up with a restaurant chain and the winning dish is added to the menu. Something so simple. But nah, needed to get your affiliate link kitty built up.

@thejwp1997: So, so out of touch. Used to love this account and it’s sister accounts but will be unfollowing all of them now. Can’t believe you sold out after the gambling issues that have plagued the founder of this page

@daly_robinson: What a disappointment. Plenty of other revenue avenues to align with. Built a great following through hard work, and then just sold the soul to the easiest possible route

@John71381259: ‘Capped at £10 to ensure its just a bit of fun’. ‘Just a bit of fun’ would be posting pics of food and laughing about it not making money off of it ye leeches

@SPFLWatch: Enjoyed following you guys, but this is too much. Sorry lads.

@LlantwitMajorFC: Disappointed to see this. Seeing our food featured on the page and the comments was a great laugh, but encouraging gambling to unsuspecting people like this is dangerous. Please don’t post a picture from us again.

@AlecHitchSUFC: But for some, betting is far from “just a bit of fun”. If you HAD to put a cap on it, make it £1…or even better, don’t do this at all.

@USERTAKEN5: Gambling and it’s influence is a massive problem with the sport. Not sure I appreciate an innocuous food centred Twitter account promoting such a toxic influence.

@fancywookiee: This was a pleasant little account to follow but then you added fucking gambling. Nah mate.

@WestSussexSAFC: Didn’t the admin of this account openly admit to having a gambling problem at one point? 🤔

@kayleighk7: If someone is betting on something ridiculous like this, then they 1000% have a gambling problem. That should be the concern.

@1BradleyRussell: Scran you delete this?

@RFCjoe1: This really is embarrassing

@B_Fryer_97: Proper fucking grim this.

@JoshuaMackie15: Mate your a fucking twitter account dishing out the scran options for the troops while at different grounds don’t be punting betting options to make a bit money.

@beardmagic: If the money was going to charity then I would consider it. Also I can’t be arsed making an account with them just for this either.

@DPeterCrane: I loved this page for all the food it showed, for better or worse. I had a laugh shared with friends and genuinely started to experiment with new food but this is a massive step backwards.

@jake271018: Hahaha woooooow terrible. It was supposed to be fun and games. Not gambling

@DNieL14817326: Sorry lads but this is not a good idea, only have to check the replies to see most people agree

@hamishcarton: You’ve had a nightmare here

@zdpj_: Another account in the bin, why the need to involve gambling it’s ridiculous

@lewisbairdv2: What a way to ruin a great account i must say

@RhysLock: And you’ve ducked it lads. Well done. Hope the paycheck was worth it

@GalahadQuest: Lets hear @BetVictorsay that all proceeds are going towards something decent and worthwhile otherwise they need to #FROADCB

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