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Tottenham’s Emerson Royal speaks after being shot at by armed robbers in nightclub

Tottenham’s Emerson Royal speaks after being shot at by armed robbers in a Brazilian nightclub in the early hours of Friday morning.

The defender has stated that he is safe and well and after escaping an armed robbery attempt in Brazil with “29 shots fired”.

Returning to his home country for a break following the end of the 2021/22 Premier League season, the 23-year-old was involved in an incident in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to O Liberal and Jovem Pan Esportes, Emerson had just left a nightclub in Americana, Sao Paulo when he was targeted by robbers at around 3am.

He says that he was taking photos with an off-duty policeman, who then walked him towards his car, when an individual pointed a gun at him and demanded his belongings.

The gunfight then began and thankfully Emerson was able to escape unharmed amid the hail of bullets.

According to the Military Police, at least 29 shots were fired, one of which hit the assailant in the back and resulted in them going to hospital.

Emerson is said to be “very shaken” by what happened and reportedly had his watch and chain taken during the incident, having been spending time with his family down Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo.

The player was able to travel to the local police station with his father and manager, as seen in the above video, to file a report on the incident, giving a brief statement when leaving.

“It was a complicated moment, but now I’m going to rest and then I’ll position myself,” he said, as reported by Globo Esporte.

The player then took to his Instagram account on Friday afternoon and confirmed that he would speak about the incident at a later date. He said: “Coming soon to speak on what happened…thanks for everyone’s concern. Thank God I’m ok.”

“After leaving an event, the security guard who recognised him, asked to take pictures with him and offered to take him to the car,” Emerson Zulu, the player’s father, told Record.

“It was there that Royal was assaulted, at gunpoint, in which the thief asked him for his watch and other personal objects.

“When the thief saw the security, we only remember the exchange of fire and we hid.

“It seems that Royal pulled me to help me. I don’t remember well, it all happened very fast and the adrenaline was running.”

Emerson then added on Instagram: “God sends angels to Earth, this is being confirmed every day in my life. this human being I call an angel risked his own life to save mine… I will forever be grateful to you!! You contributed to me being here today!! Thank you, thank you and thank you (This photo was moments before the event, where he said he was my fan and asked for a photo with me)”

Emerson Royal before the incident

Police deputy Robson Goncalves de Oliveira stated: “It was outside. The victim had met with some friends to enjoy the nightclub and at around 3am, when going to their vehicle to leave, he was approached by the robber.

“In reality, the event taking place at the nightclub was not player-oriented, so we believe that someone noticed that he had sporting valuables and this must have caught the attention of a spotter, who must have informed the thief, who came to carry out the robbery.

“The victim told us that he went out with his friends to leave and that the man approached, already with a gun in his hand, and announced that he wanted him to immediately hand over the gold chain and the watch he had on his wrist. If he didn’t, he would kill him.

“Coincidentally, luckily, minutes earlier, a military police officer who was at the nightclub, enjoying his leisure time, had taken a picture with the player and realised that the individual was going to approach him. He announced that he was a policeman and that the thief must drop his gun. However, the robber did not obey.”

Fans reacted as Tottenham’s Emerson Royal speaks after being shot at by armed robbers in a nightclub…

@thfcharleyy: I feel so bad for him man, what a nice guy

@jack_kineke: Best wishes to @Emerson_Royal22 💙 🤍 💙🤍 Thankful that your safe and hopefully that million dollar smile will be back on your face sometime soon

@mrjimbecks: Best wishes to @Emerson_Royal22 hope you’re ok mate #coys

@JJH_thfc: @Emerson_Royal22 💙💙💙

@c_channell: Love to you @Emerson_Royal22

@EJParish995: hope you and your family are safe 🤍💙🤍

@AnthonyAshton1: @Emerson_Royal22 Sending you best wishes after a traumatic event. Very pleased that you are safe

@MarkF1acc: Best wishes @Emerson_Royal22

@5_A_Side_Goalie; @Emerson_Royal22 Sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Hope you and your family are ok.

@Tottenham_Takes: Hope @Emerson_Royal22 is doing okay after the incident last night 🙏

@cressers69: @Emerson_Royal22 hope you’re doing ok after your ordeal 👍👍👍 #coys

@LittleRockSpurs: @Emerson_Royal22 glad you’re safe and sound 🙏 #THFC

@d4ff033e883743d: We are all with you @Emerson_Royal22 💙

@cunathfc: holy fuck hope he’s alright

@gspurTHFC: Wishing Emerson Royal the best. That shit is fucked.

@benmug1: Hope you’re alright, boss @Emerson_Royal22 🤍

@Marc_Arns10: People tried to rob and kill Emerson Royal last night. What the fuck is going on with this world. So worried for my kids growing up. Fuck sake.

@Z_PearsonTHFC; Bloody hell. Thank goodness he wasn’t harmed!! 🙏

@thfcwilliam: Damn man, we’re with you big man 💙 @Emerson_Royal22

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