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Footage of Joey Barton goes viral as Bristol Rovers fans make feelings known

Footage of Joey Barton goes viral as Bristol Rovers fans make their feelings known as the club slip to 22nd in League Two.

The Pirates fell to a 3-1 defeat at home to Leyton Orient, making it their fifth defeat out of eight league matches played so far this season.

The Gas faithful vented out their anger with the leadership, calling for Joey Barton to leave the club whilst others want him sacked as can be heard in the clip below…

Bristol Rovers’ Brett Pitman could only get a consolation goal from the penalty spot with a fierce shot in stoppage time after a foul on Harvey Saunders.

That didn’t stop home fans chanting “what a load of rubbish” at the final whistle, before turning their frustration onto the boss.

Joey Barton accepts his time at Bristol Rovers to now has been a “failure”, but he believes he has time left to save his job, something a lot of fans won’t want to hear.

The manager has won just five of his 26 league matches in charge of the club, failing to save them from relegation last season and struggling to get his overhauled squad firing.

Barton accepts this form is below expectations with owner Wael Al-Qadi wanting first-attempt promotion after falling out of League One.

Bristol Live asked Barton if he felt he was running out of time at Rovers, and he said: “I understand the job and for me it’s the first time in my career as a manager that we’ve struggled to get continuity and at Fleetwood, I don’t think we ever lost three games on the spin. I came here and a lot’s changed.

“Last year, I had a group that wasn’t recruited by us, but this year I have and there are no excuses from me. I’m fully aware that at some point if you don’t win games you will leave a football club. That’s not just Joey Barton at Bristol Rovers but every manager at every football club in global football.

“But I think the owner knows the hard work that is going in, and I think he sees that because don’t forget, training gets filmed every day. You can see it.

“If Wael does decide Joey Barton is not the man to take the football club forward then I’ll be devastated, because I will deem my time here, if I leave tomorrow, as a failure.

“I haven’t kept the club in the division in League One and we haven’t got off to a great start in League Two, so as it stands I am a failure.”

Barton says he has been “humbled” by his experience at Rovers so far.

“I don’t want to be seen as a coach that failed here,” he continued. “That’s gone before and there are people that have done that before.

“I want to be seen as a coach who is really successful here and I hope I am given enough time and an opportunity to grow the football club.

“I think we are doing that in loads of departments, but we aren’t doing it in the department that matters at this moment in time, which is on the pitch on a matchday.

“I can’t shy away from the fact. I’m not an imbecile and I know that clock is ticking, whether it is 10 games, 15 games, because I know the Gasheads want a football club they can be proud of, but I also know that the owner knows what we’re doing and what we’re attempting to do.

“The football club was in a difficult position when I came here and I thought I could turn water into wine. I thought I could change things quicker.

“That hasn’t transpired and I have been humbled by it.

“We’re fully aware of the predicament we’re in. We’ve just got to keep grafting and putting the work in and hope at some point it turns around.

“I’ve been very confident in the group and bullish saying that I think we’ll still get promoted and that we’ll still be in the shake-up for that.

“After eight games it does feel one hell of a long way away, but there’s a lot still to play for.

“You only lose in this game when you quit and you give up fighting, and we’re far from that.”

As footage of Joey Barton goes viral, Bristol Rovers fans along with others make their feelings known…

@Cruisers_creek: Lovely to see the family club adhering to their usual high standards of behaviour.

@Lee1980mason: You want to be a southend fan 👍🏼

@watson37uk: Never ever going to be a success as a manager. To much baggage.

@KevinBarnes7: He’s popular 🤣🤣🤣

@JoeHylton1: Why any football club would recruit Barton is beyond all comprehension? The so-called man, IMO is a fraud & a charlatan… still has 2 pending court cases, Clint Hill baled out far too late! I feel for The Gas… Barton is killing your club!

@Alexnelson2004: This is comedy gold 😂😂

@Hxrtleyy: Don’t think they like joey Barton in charge tbh 😂 @Chuffsters

@Texy78Butler: Fair play to him most managers would have run straight down the tunnel!

@Pjwharton80: I think he’s doing well xx

@Chris_Fox82: Well this made me smile. Why the fuck did he think that was a good idea!

@baldyrunner: I can only agree with the sentiments displayed. Oh, and whoever threw the bottle needs to work on their aim…

@Kneehawks: I really shouldn’t have played that in the car with the kids in the back

@ajstfc: Can’t believe he clapped the fans!

@robsolway: All going well down the Mem I see! #MindTheGap #otib @BCFC_Supporters

@baza101: The gift that keeps on giving good job joe keep it up and MIND THE GAP

@alearmy6: Promotion season though

@liztheperry: It was truly dreadful, he has to go, but who wants to manage this club, his players – a poison chalice if ever there was one ⚰️

@LukeHOAFC: Approve of the toxicity. Don’t worry lads. You only need to worry about 1 other team being shitter than you. We’ve already taken the other spot.

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