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Fight breaks out between England fans at Manchester Arena during Switzerland game

A fight breaks out between England fans at Manchester Arena during the Euros game against Switzerland on Saturday evening.

It was a night of mixed emotions for everyone inside the packed out 21,000-seater venue, which is said to be the UK’s biggest fan park for the Euros this summer.

At half time, there were scenes of fighting and chair throwing, several individuals lost their cool with each other, leading to more people getting involved.

Everyone else around them watching on in shock, leaving them to it, while one guy is seen holding onto his head, with his hands looking bloodied.

Come full time, the AO Arena was a more happier one, chants of ‘it’s coming home’, shirts off, beers in the air.

The trouble marred it for everyone there that night, and there was concern for those left hurt and injured in the trouble that took place.

England advanced to the semi-finals, where they will be the Netherlands, with a 5-3 penalty shoot-out win over Switzerland following a 1-1 draw after extra time in Dusseldorf.

Jordan Pickford saved Manuel Akanji’s spot kick, with Trent Alexander-Arnold converting the winning kick to send the England fans inside the stadium, and watching on at home wild.

England will now take on Ronald Koeman’s Netherlands for a place in the final, with the winners taking on either Spain or France on Sunday.

Twitter users reacted after a fight breaks out between England fans at Manchester Arena during the Euros game against Switzerland on Saturday…

@dtr2527: How/why do people scrap, especially when supporting the same team?

@JimmyMacauley: You just don’t get this with Scottish or Welsh fans from the home countries. I’m glad I’m at an age to watch comfortably on the sofa. Sheer hooliganism.

@Pashaldn: It’s these kind of people who ruin a good day for others, imagine if it happened to him, he would definitely not let it slide. Absolute disgrace of act.

@LewiGreening: Can’t handle their drink

@matthirtyfive: “XL Bullies on their fucking run” “your bird scraps at the England match” 😂🤣 I’m dying. Also this cost £16-20 in and they were advertising pints at “only £7” who the fuck is doing that to themselves!?

@DJEEvans7: Actually can’t have a single day out watching the football together without some bellends starting a scrap here can ye?

@Paul_096_: Did he just say XL Bully’s on the run 😂😂😂😂

@paullawlor23: “XL bully on the run. Your bird scraps at the england match” 🤣🐐

@IP2IP5Town: You can always tell when someone only comes out for England games, they sing the wrong words to songs that impossible to get wrong.

@DanWells1958: Disgusting 🤢

@jakemogg2: Just embarrassing really ain’t it, how can you fight each other whilst watching your home country

@AsgriffithsUTB: Bunch of idiots

@KingGillyThe1st: That’s two videos I’ve seen from this guy today, looks like it was a cracker in the Manchester Arena

@TimMcEvoy1997: seen so much of this during this euros, it’s sad tbh. everyone is supporting the same team

@UpTheSons: Typical scruffy england fans embarrassing themselves and their country 🤦🏻‍♂️ What a trashy fan base 😂

@JScho12: Really don’t get the appeal of spending nearly 7 quid a pint to watch the game here, looks fucking shite

@j0rdanmcr: What a bunch of nobheads and the guy filming “go onnn son”. What a nerd

@RuddyNuisance: Now all of a sudden it happens to be worth the £22 admission fee.

@darrengrant1980: The boy who started throwing the chairs gets done by someone throwing a chair 🤣🤣🤣 fukin clowns 🤡

@Jacobclift2: All in them fucking nike gym sets. Used to be a dress code in most places

@farrimond_jacob: Baffles me how folk will go to support the same team and end up scrapping. Helmets who can’t handle there ale

@thedave1: I remember my first shandy 🥴🥴

@ZAForster: Gimps the lot of them.

@CraigW1874: Or more commonly known as a chair throwing competition 🙈

@Casualnotcrimin: TBF it was an upgraded wwe chair, not the sissy plastic ones, need to ask for these at all major tournaments.

@Lea_EFC: At least England cannot lose this 😂

@CapitalR: 3/10 for camera work. No need to keep focusing on camera mans face & annoying commentary. Focus on the TLC fight between the goons

@foreverayellow: ah it’s happened again i see, what is it with scrapping with your own fans while watching the footie, get a grip for god sake, is it really worth having a punch up?!

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