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Favourites to become Southampton’s third manager of the season revealed with sacking confirmed

The favourites to become Southampton’s third manager of the season has been revealed with the sacking of Nathan Jones confirmed.

Just four months after he was appointed as a manager at the Saints, Nathan Jones has left the club.

Ralph Hasenhuttl was replaced by the Welshman shortly before the league paused to prepare for the Qatar World Cup.

Jones was unable to win seven of eight Premier League games as his manager, his only victory being against Everton in January.

Southampton fell to 2-1 defeat at home to Wolves on Saturday, after being defeated by a spectacular second-half comeback by their 10-man opposition at a hostile St Mary’s. Joao Gomes scored a late decider to increase the pressure on Jones.

Southampton are now bottom of the table, just four points away from safety.

Along with Jones, first-team coaches Chris Cohen and Alan Sheehan will also be leaving.

Ruben Selles, the first-team coach, will be in charge of training and preparing the team for next weekend’s match against Chelsea.


Southampton Football Club can confirm it has parted company with Men’s First Team Manager Nathan Jones.

First Team Coaches Chris Cohen and Alan Sheehan have also left the club.

First Team Lead Coach Rubén Sellés will take charge of training and prepare the team ahead of next weekend’s game against Chelsea.



“It was a tough afternoon, I thought for 60 minutes we were excellent and we created enough opportunities, knowing we had to go after the second goal. If we got that, we would have probably gone on to win the game. It’s a different mentality, atmosphere and everything. As we didn’t do that, we were always susceptible to counter attack and lost control of the game in the second-half. They showed that quality.

“We didn’t have any real issues, we were susceptible to a counter-attack because they have pace and quality but we knew that. We needed that second goal to give us that breathing space, we didn’t get that and they scrambled one in – which we should have dealt with better. Their second goal was an ounce of quality, but we’ve had situations to win this game.

“When I look back on it, we were aggressive and there were crosses in the box they had to defend properly. We created opportunities but needed to show a little more quality, we were a front-footed side and had our tails up. We lost a bit of intensity in the second-half but we were still intense.”

“I’ve never done that [walk straight down the tunnel at full time] in my life before in terms of 390 games, I’ve never done that. But I’m not sure me going around clapping would have showed respect, so that’s why I did that.”

When asked if he felt hard done by, he replied: “You make your own luck and you have to do things right and for 60 minutes, I thought we were excellent. We pressed with aggressiveness, the type of team performance I saw. If I’m honest I didn’t want them to go down to ten men because then you’re on a bit of a hiding into nothing and it seems weird to say because if you have 11, you should beat ten men.

“We were nervous at times in the second half and then when we got opportunities we didn’t take them. But l for 60 minutes, I was proud of the performance that I wanted to see and they did and they gave me everything. It’s not a lack of effort, they run hard and they work hard. Yes, we’ve got young players that at times need time to develop and so on. But I was proud of the performance up to the point of probably defending two situations.”


Sky Bet – 10am – 12th Feb
Steven Gerrard – 5/1
Marcelo Gallardo – 6/1
Jesse Marsch – 8/1
Mauricio Pochettino – 9/1
Arne Slot – 10/1
Nuno Espirito Santo – 10/1

Sky Bet – 12pm – 12th Feb
Steven Gerrard – 3/1
Jesse Marsch – 4/1
Marcelo Gallardo – 6/1
Sam Allardyce – 8/1
Mauricio Pochettino – 9/1
Nuno Espirito Santo – 10/1

Sky Bet – 11am – 13th Feb
Jesse Marsch – 1/4
Steven Gerrard – 7/1
Mauricio Pochettino – 10/1
Sam Allardyce – 12/1
Marcelo Gallardo – 14/1
Nuno Espirito Santo – 16/1

This is what Twitter users said with the favourites to become Southampton’s third manager of the season revealed…

@433FutbolFan: Leicester stuck to Brendan Rodgers through thick and thin and it seems he’s managed to stabilise the ship. Southampton should have done the same with Ralf Hassenhutl

@Jackthebrit: Great news but unfortunately I feel like the damage has been done, we’ve just had a run of winnable matches and we only won one of those. It’s going to take a miracle for us to avoid relegation this season. Also I’m unsure which manager we should appoint now 🤔

@Matt42417739: Right decision for Saints but who will be brought in now? Leeds are a much bigger club and they’re struggling to get a new manager in. Either way, Southampton are a good club and hope you find a suitable replacement.

@AndyToal: But what all about all the positive metrics Ankersen was talking about at the Fans Forun on Tuesday? What changed since then?

@horsnell_chris: All the best to Jones, he was himself and this wasn’t his fault as he shouldn’t have been appointed in the first place, you could almost sense his own surprise in his first interview.

@Too_Jazzee: Good riddance! Thanks for ruining our chance of staying in this league NJ and the board! With the greatest respect it was a farce! God willing we can bounce back next season. #saintsfc

@ArthurCogger: Never like seeing anyone lose their job, but thank god for that. Obviously a massive mistake from our owners, Jones was not up to being a Premier league manager but was never going to turn down a massive personal opportunity. #WeMarchOn

@maxnffc_: That’s it, I won’t be attending another #SaintsFC game in protest against these owners. Nathan Jones had a vision and a plan and we should’ve stuck by it. Enough is enough. Don’t expect to see me at St Mary’s until Nathan is reappointed.

@Adam_Ball_: Inevitable outcome right from the start, I do feel sorry for the bloke as he was dropped in it from the start and he was totally out of his depth in the premier league and from what he’s been saying in interviews it was clear the stress was getting to him

@paulmuir8: At long last! Only shame is couldn’t be done last week as we well could have had 3 points yesterday. Anyway onwards and forwards.

@aim4thelight: I sincerely wish Nathan all the best for the future. The club made the wrong decision to appoint him but he deserves to be respected. It didn’t work out but he will find the right club. 🔴⚪🔴 meanwhile the board need to get the next appointment 100% right.

@CFCKaz6: Has to go down as the strangest manager to grace the premier league

@DmbJoker: As a man you have to feel sorry for the guy. Two shots at the big table and it’s seemed to have failed before it even started. But so glad he’s away from the club and we can focus maybe on trying to save our premier league status!! All the best Mr. Jones!

@forder_tom: Blame doesn’t lie with Jones. The blame lies with the board. They got this appointment completely wrong from the start. I wish Jones all the best but the board need to take a long hard look at themselves and own the position we find ourselves in. Unfortunately it seems too late

@stevensallis: Thats right…the list of candidates was probably 80. Halved in 24 hours. Shortlisted to 6. Interviews. Second interviews. Maybe even 3rd. The board agree “he’s the man” – 2 months later – “he’s not the man” ADVICE – look at yourselves. Shit leadership whatever way you look at it

@saints_analysis: A bizarre time to support our club. We didn’t get a real explanation as to why Jones was appointed until the Fans’ Forum last week. Even then it was limited. He was up against it because we as fans just didn’t understand. And he only made the situation worse #SaintsFC

No thank you, wish well etc in the statement
Jones was an embarrassment to the club on in everything he did
Played dross football, insulted people, blamed everyone apart from himself
Between himself and the board, they’ve probably cost us our PL status
Good riddance #saintsfc

@SibsMUFC: That’s his name cemented on every “worst Premier League managers in history” list from now on. Bloke was an absolute disaster. Had the arrogance of a prime Mourinho but lacked the ability to back it up.

@SCFCRoss: The weirdest thing about this is how quickly he was found out by Southampton fans and how quickly the fans turned. Similar at Stoke but we had worse results and performances. Won 5 in 14 with Saints, 6 in 38(!!) at Stoke

@talkSAINTS: An extremely frustrating situation – serious time wasted due to this wrongful appointment. The squad should have been leaps and bounds better after the World Cup break with a new manager #Saintsfc

@danjarvis91: Again, wish him all the best, can’t fault him for taking the job but enough was enough. I just fear that this decision has come too late but hopefully there’s still time and the next move will pay off #saintsfc

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