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Fans slam The Sun over article on Jack Grealish’s ‘boozy’ antics in Las Vegas

Fans have took to slam The Sun over an article they wrote on Jack Grealish’s ‘boozy’ antics in Las Vegas during the off-season.

The Sun’s headline for this piece was “Grealish has been spotted leaving a club with a brunette after a wild night in Las Vegas.”

They said that the Manchester City player went on the lash until nearly 4am before boarding a hired bus with a girl, showing ‘exclusive’ photos to prove it.

Grealish’s party included an £80,000 VIP package including 116 bottles of champagne as continued to celebrated his side’s title win on a LA lads’ holiday.

The Sun go on to say: He and the dark-haired woman struck up a rapport on Friday into early yesterday. Grealish, 26, and eight pals have been partying in Sin City since arriving a few days ago.

A witness at the club inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel said: ‘The lads were having a ball and being very boisterous. There was a lot of attention from women around Jack and his chums.

‘The group were sinking beers, chanting songs and whooping and hollering. It was classic ‘Brits abroad’ stuff.

‘There were security guards buzzing around Jack and they pushed a lot of people back as he disappeared into a private area.’

He left about 15-20 minutes with someone who looked like his security and the brunette girl was seen shortly afterwards as they all walked to an escalator to leave, The Sun go on.

“Some Americans didn’t know what to make of all the fuss. One said, ‘Who are these guys?’”

The Sun mentioned that group chilled out at a pool party at The Venetian, tucked into a balthazar of prestige champagne — a 12-litre vessel equivalent to 16 standard bottles — plus 100 bottles of house champagne and stayed in a £5,000-a-night duplex suite at the Encore on the LA Strip.

They also add that ‘there was no sign of Jack’s model lover Sasha Attwood, with Grealish having a pin up with Emily Atack and recently hit back at critics of his partying which included a trip to Ibiza in May and getting drunk at City’s Premier League title bash.

He said: “I’m the most expensive British player but I’m also the Jack from Solihull who my friends and family know.

“I know people were saying last week, ‘Oh, he’s doing too much’. But what? I’ve just won the Premier League. It’s a dream come true. Why can’t I go on holiday?”

Jack Grealish was called a “moron” by talkSPORT host Simon Jordan after calling out Newcastle player Miguel Almiron during Manchester City ‘s Premier League title celebrations.

“The bottom line is it takes Jack Grealish back to where he belongs – in moron territory. Engaging his mouth before he engages his brain.

“There’s no problem with him having banter with his teammates, that’s absolutely fine. If someone was to say he was taking the mickey out of Riyad Mahrez, you’d say it was banter, they’ve got that rapport.

“But if you take it out of another domain and you pick another player, single him out, and ridicule him because you think you’re in a position to do so, where’s that going to end? Someone somewhere is going to say, ‘By the way, who are you?’

“What gives you the right to make that comparison? Why would you want to do it? Where does your arrogance stop and intelligence begin? I’m sure he meant it tongue-in-cheek, but why pick on an individual player?

“Obviously in the back of his mind, he thinks that player probably is not good, and that’s his prerogative, but why does he need to do that to that particular player when Man City are talking about their success? Why does he think he is on a platform where he can look down on that player?

“Jack Grealish is a talented player, he’s a long way from being a £100million player. He’s incredibly fortuitous to be playing for a club like Man City that has enabled him to win a Premier League, because I don’t think his contribution has taken Man City to that Premier League title.

“I think he’s a bit-part player, so he would have been better served saying, ‘Take me off the pitch’ more. It’s a lack of awareness.”

Jason Cundy has admitted he’s ‘worried’ for Jack Grealish as he continued his post-season celebrations in Ibiza to party with Wayne Lineker, Gary Lineker’s brother, at the popular resort Ocean Beach.

Speaking on The Sports Bar, Cundy said: “He is allowed to enjoy himself because the ultimate goal this season was to win as many trophies as they can and it’s his first trophy right? The Premier League, so I understand it.

“There is a part of me, though, that just worries a little bit for him. There is.

“Enjoy yourself… but I just think that he’s left himself open.

“If things don’t go well for England over the next couple of weeks, maybe Gareth Southgate looks at it as well, we’ve got a World Cup coming up.

“There’s celebrating and then there’s celebrating.

“There’s just a part of me that’s a bit worried and thinks ‘come on Jack, don’t do something stupid or get yourself on the front pages’.

“There have been moments before he even joined Manchester City where he has got himself into trouble, during lockdown if you remember.”

As mentioned, fans slam The Sun over an article they wrote on Jack Grealish’s ‘boozy’ antics in Las Vegas while a tweet was also condemned…

@DaibheidOMidhir (Replying to @TheSun): Young bloke leaves a nightclub with a bird? Why do you consider this newsworthy?

@PeiLyla90: @JackGrealish on a well earned lads holiday after a season of graft. @TheSun publishes an EXCLUSIVE story about him HAVING A BEER on a lads holiday. Slow day at office? Leave the lad alone. @ManCity

@ForeverAYellow: The Sun a bunch of stalkers trying to find and cause trouble, Grealish being picked on, he’s literally doing what most footballers have done after the season finishes, just living his life as many do his age

@kingcal91: Wey aye, they’re allowed to have a good time too

@calthomson10: Young lad enjoy’s his time off work. Shock horror. Any wonder our fans get such a bad rep at times, embarrassing man

@zuperspence: What an absolute joke this is. Fuck me, He’s a young lad, he can have a night out out of season, I’d be more worried if he was doing it before a game.

@JackDryden17: You’re trying to make it out that he’s a bad person when he’s not

@PhillPhillbull: Jack does this at the end of the season. Then he is one of the first back trading and trains bloody hard to make sure he is ready for new season. He did it every year at villa and never let us down.

@Rye_Moran: He is pissed on holiday. Young lad enjoying himself in pre season. Get a grip, we are all human

@paulmoss100: BREAKING NEWS! Man enjoying himself on holiday like anyone else normally does!

@Icklesmee: Ffs he’s a person as well as a footballer, he’s on holiday which he is entitled to do. As long as he does his job in training and on match days then what he does in his OWN time is no one else’s business.

@louiseflynn49: geez he’s allowed to enjoy himself on holiday! utv

@MartinB93279260: He’s on holiday for f@%ck sake 🤦🏻‍♂️ fair play jack 👍

@Ollie1894: Man enjoys holiday.

@Stonesology: He just won his first major trophy and he’s enjoying life like a normal human being. Let him be

@BogsAIf: Keep enjoying the life Jack lad

@222GHHH: Let the guy live man

@Wolf_of_witton1: As much as I hate the fucker for leaving us, need to give him a break ffs he’s out enjoying himself. I’d rather be him than a boring cunt eating salad an training

@NorthBSHA: Fucking fair play to him, need more players enjoying themselves as much as he does

@CobbyC91: How do some fucking idiots in this world think that footballers can’t enjoy themselves when they can ? There not fucking robots

@catrinavfc: can’t believe he’s enjoying himself on holiday shouldn’t be allowed 😡

@g_sharrard: I admit it, he has grown on me, what a bloke

@3purplesectorz: In other words, man enjoys his summer of with a few bevs

@Luke_MCFC: Man enjoys himself during time off. Shocking

@ColliverM: Grow up. A young lad having a holiday after 10 months sold at work. Give him a fucking break

@JordHunt98: You know why we’ve not won anything at international level? Because of shit like this, constantly going out of way to target our best players and make them feel like they can’t have a life outside of football

@SweeneyWestHam: I understand supporting and defending your club’s player but Grealish is doing nothing wrong. In an industry where the players are so far detached from the ‘normal person’. It’s nice to see players acting like normal, average lads.

@MarkRobbo11: Footballer has fun with time off, gets accused of being on beak by some muppet. What’s wrong with people just be happy and nice, sure it’s made ya day getting a few 100 likes on this. Proper weird platform at times

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