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Fans slam claims Nottingham Forest owe millions in overdue payments to players and agents

Fans took to slam claims by the Daily Mail that Nottingham Forest owe millions in overdue payments to players and agents.

Mike Keegan wrote the piece and published it on Twitter on Thursday morning, but quickly turned off the comments to his tweet.

He states that Nottingham Forest owe millions of pounds to players in overdue payments, but also owe money to agents, and a threat of legal action is being considered.

It could mean the club face serious consequences if the debts can’t be sorted quickly, but fans have since hit out at Mike Keegan, as can be seen below.

According to Mail Sport, those who departed the Reds earlier this summer had been due to be paid their bonuses for the 2022/23 season, which include Premier League survival payments, at the end of July.

But, this hasn’t happened, with a number of agents also owed millions and are now exploring the possibility of legal action, which could see winding up petitions issued against the club.

They have been left waiting for commission payments on transfers and are ready to escalate matters, should the debts not be settled quick.

Twitter users say Keegan has answered his own question by writing that Forest declined to comment with ‘players who remain at the club are due to be paid their bonuses at the end of August with it thought that those who have left will received their fees at the same time.’

As mentioned, fans slam claims Nottingham Forest owe millions in overdue payments to players and agents…

@jtweets92: Answered his own question in his own article 🐂💩 #NFFC

@Jiminy_Bob: Read the article. It’s pathetic. Players due to be paid at end of August and no mention in the article itself about the ‘Agents’. Really poor. Players due to be paid at end of August, not been paid yet. Non story.

@Allanslater87: If you believe the story about unpaid players this morning, are you also a person who believes friendly matches are more important than fitness and experimenting? Asking on behalf of a friend #nffc

@BigCTCB: Due to be paid at the end of August so no issues, panic over we can relax.

@CCarachi: So basically he is saying payments that are due at the end of August haven’t been paid yet 😂😂😂 no wonder he turned commenting off on the post… A complete pile of drivel

@lachojski: I wonder why he turned commenting off? Is it because it’s a non story because in the article it says they will be paid in august? Someone out there trying to stir shit up for a change! #nffc

@PeterOHanrahaH: I am taking this with a bit of a pinch of salt as there is not much actually content in there, most is general waffle. It’s also a bit odd to lock comments straight out. Must be some cut off account wise July to August.

@JamieBriody: This is how fast a shitrag of a newspaper can push a non story out and make it news. Yawn.

@TrickyNFFC: It is a confusing article, but surely the biggest takeaway from it is the fact that a Premier League football club is making late payments to players and agents? That cannot be accepted.

@1wozza: The Daily Mail, well known for their accuracy in reporting and integrity.

@SarcasticForest: Forest should consider legal action for this misleading article. Can use that money to pay the bonuses then. Thanks Mike for your piss poor journalism, helped us out loads.

@the_danwhite: ‘Journalist’ reports Exclusive, which it isn’t, then proceeds to answer his own question, while at the same time turning off replies like some cowardly Tory MP! Total clickbait nonsense from the Daily Mail…as per!

@ryanbardill_: Literally contradicts his whole article at the end of it, idiot 🤣 #nffc

@Sam_Rowan: What a shite article.
1) Literally answers his own question if you read the article.
2) If things are that bad, why are we turning down bids for Brennan ?
I’ll start beliving when credible journalists from credible outlets.

@Sam_Rowan: That Daily Mail story has all the hallmarks of that Sun story after Wembley which basically said we wouldn’t be allowed into the Premier League because of concerns over EM. #NFFC

@NebularInvestor: EXCLUSIVE: I owe HMRC £56,000 pounds. If I fail to pay this, they will consider legal action to recover outstanding monies. However, it is thought I will pay this at the end of August, therefore no further action will be required. Yours sincerely,

@MrTrickyTree: Not buying this exaggerated nonsense. Players at the club to receive payments in August and those who’ve left the club expected to receive at the same time. Err…problem solved then! Click-bait nonsense #NFFC

@RedDogNF: Oh god the daily fail took a look at the state of our timeline & decided to throw napalm on it, some will fall for it #nffc

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