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Concern grows for West Ham and David Moyes, with no transfers, and players open to leaving

Concern grows for West Ham United and manager David Moyes, with no transfers, and players reportedly open to leaving the club.

The Hammers are now looking at alternatives to Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse but aren’t given up on signing the midfielder.

The Saints rejected a bid worth £30m, leading to West Ham in walking away from talks, with bid has been described as a “take it or leave it” offer.

Southampton’s valuation for the 28-year-old free kick specialist is closer to £40m and would be open for a deal to get done they would have to compromise on the price.

West Ham are however encouraged that Ward-Prowse wants to join them, but in the meantime, will now turn their focus elsewhere as they look to bring in a replacement for Declan Rice who left for Arsenal at a cost of £105m last month.

West Ham recently saw a £40m bid for midfielder Conor Gallagher rejected while Fulham’s Joao Palhinha is still an option – but a potential move has been complicated by his shoulder injury and the asking price.

Initial talks with Man Utd have indicated a move for Scott McTominay could be out of West Ham’s price range, especially if they can’t even get Ward-Prowse.

Kaveh said: “Yes, lots of drama. Last night around 6 o’clock, it looked like a deal was getting close that would see him move from Southampton to West Ham. And then just before 8 last night, we got a message saying the deal is off, West Ham are walking away.

“They feel that Southampton are asking for too much money, they will be moving elsewhere, moving on to other targets. Now, you have to ask yourself, is that brinkmanship as far as West Ham are concerned, will they come back to the negotiating table?

“Last night we were told it’s not brinkmanship, were just walking away. As always with transfers, the problem is the valuation.

“I think West Ham think he’s worth up to around 25 million pounds. He’s going to be 29 in November.

“Of course, he’s a brilliant midfielder, exceptional at set pieces as well, but they just feel he’s not going to have much resale value.

“And I think as far as Southampton are concerned, they want a fee closer to 40 million pounds.

“But West Ham, I think their position last night was, we are walking away.

“We’ve got lots of other targets in mind. We know they’ve tried to sign McTominay from Manchester United, Polinia from Fulham, Conor Gallagher from Chelsea, Alvarez from Ajax as well.

“So they do have other targets in mind. Could the problem be, okay, they’ve got this money from Declan Rice, so they’re going to want to spend it.

“David Moyes, you’d imagine, be a bit frustrated because he wants to spend that money, but other club knows that they’ve got the money now, don’t they?

“Yeah, I think West Ham are being I can understand they’re being criticised a lot because I think they’re the only Premier League club who haven’t made a signing so far.

“No signing so far this summer. And despite the fact that they won a European trophy, yes, that was a brilliant achievement.

“League wise, they really struggled last season and they were in a relegation scrap for most of the season.

“So if you’re a West Ham fan, you’re thinking, we need to invest, we need to be signing players, but as you said, they need to be careful as well, because they don’t want people taking advantage of the fact that they’ve received £105m pounds for selling Declan Rice.

“Because they didn’t get that £105m upfront, I think they would have only got the first instalment, about 33 million pounds.

“The rest they’re getting over two years. There was a very good piece in the Guardian over the weekend by Jacob Steinberg, who’s got very good contacts at West Ham.

“And he made the point that perhaps not everything is as it should be behind the scenes, because they bought in a new technical director, Tim Schtiten.

“And he, according to Jacob, has been recommending lots of players who, although they are prospects, don’t have Premier League experience.

“And I think as far as David Moyes is concerned, he wants to buy players who have Premier League experience.

“Players like Gallagher, players like Ward Prowse, players like McTominay, Harry Maguire as well. So, according to the Guardian, a little bit of tension behind the scenes between the decision makers when it comes to transfers.

Here’s what fans are saying as concern grows for West Ham and David Moyes, with no transfers, and players open to leaving…

@ashgould62: West Hams transfer strategy is a shambles. Why can’t we just be like any other club and just get stuff done without any hassle?? #WHUFC

@dv0nch: Why do we never compromise. It always has to be the other club

@IsaacWHU_: So apparently West Ham’s £30million offer for James Ward-Prowse has been rejected. Would have been a good signing but it’s time for the club to move on, especially when there are just as good younger alternatives available for a similar price.

@MattHookway: It’s this constant assumption that #SaintsFC need to compromise that gets me. Only compromise required is for the buying clubs to pay the asking price and no matter what their media chums say that won’t change… #WHUFC #LFC #NUFC

@ScarboroughHam1: West ham are ruining my mood at the moment, it just gets worse by the hour. Just pay the 30 mill for both JWP and Fofana. Pay the 20 mill for Truffert, loan with an option to buy for Broja, Harwood Bellis 20 mill. A Tim Steidten fast winger 15 mill and I’ll be happy. 🤞 #WHUFC

@WestHamFloyd: It seems the club are deliberately sabotaging the deals Moyes wants so he walks. Wouldn’t surprise me. If he walks, no compensation required #whufc

@Sneaks_UK: If fans can’t see what the board are doing after decades of doing the same thing time and time again with how they handle transfer negotiations and hanging out managers to dry with there media connections you’re deluded. The blame lies with the board not Moyes. @WestHam #WHUFC

@babydave1985: West Ham are an absolute shambles. Zero transfer strategy. #WHUFC

@FPLinFocus: This club. It genuinely might kill me. What a shambolic day to be West Ham. More leaks that the bloody Titantic coming out of the club. European trophy winners 8 weeks ago. Now there’s a mass exodus, an internal war and nobody coming in. Worrying, dark days. #WHUFC

@Whufc80: For the good of the club this nonsense needs sorting out. Just under 2 weeks and 1 friendly left before the start of the season , and not 1 new player. Something’s got to give !

@IrishIron32: Only positive thing about this deal is how much JWP is pushing for it. Obviously doesn’t want to go to the Championship and wants to get his chance in Europe but it likely is what’s keeping the deal somewhat alive. Saints may end up compromising. We’ll never go to 40 million.


@HammersMatchday: This club creates so much anger. If they’re backing the manager then back the manager and sign JWP. We’re throwing phantom bids everywhere and annoying clubs and players. #whufc #WestHam

Moyes, Sullivan, & Steidten,
Enough messing about:
£120m gets us Sangare, Balogin, Laporte, & Truffert
Cheaper CDM’s include Florentino Luis or Youssouf Fofana
If Arsenal won’t sell us Balogin, buy Jonathan David
If Moyes wants Ward-Prowse, suck it up and spend £160m

@Wacca1970: West Ham all over!!! Take it or leave it bid, they say leave it ok we will bid again then. Laughing stock, Brady, Sullivan get out of our club!!!!

@benparry26: Though this is frustrating, at least we’re finally actually trying to sign a transfer target rather than scatter gun.


@Jackboy_WHU: I hate my club

@mattflack90: Dont get me wrong, if hes the only Moyes signing we make, I’d take it, great leadership and passing ability. He’s not a cdm but he could replace soucek in the middle of the park along with a steidten dm

@paul_hebbert: Let hope they accept our next ‘take it or leave it’ offer. We have become a laughing stock but that doesn’t change the fact that JWP would be a tremendous signing. Leader and likely to become Captain and bring the best out in those around him. He will not replace Soucek at all.

@benclaxton5: We should not be paying anymore than 30 mill at all for him we need to move on

@KapzWHU: Take it or leave it but we’ll come back in again, this club is an EMBARRASSMENT right now

The West Ham cycle:
– Paqueta has to confirm (via Twitter) he is happy at the club.
– Borges close to signing
– Borges is now signing for Ajax
– Ward-Prowse advanced talks
– Ward-Prowse deal off
– Zakaria bid accepted, deal agreed
– Bowen and Soucek are unlikely to sign new contracts because of regime problems
This is all in the space of a simple Tuesday by the way. #WHUFC

@CockneyDazza: West Ham seems toxic at the moment. Players and staff leaving, players wanting out and players not wanting to come in. We need change and that has to be Moyes. Bring in a younger manager with a better philosophy now. Lift the gloom from the club. #coyi #WHUFC

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