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Fans left furious as Swindon Town bans journalist for what he asked

Fans have been left furious overnight as Swindon Town bans a journalist for what he asked in a post-match interview on Tuesday.

The Robins took on bitter rivals Oxford United at the County Ground, however it was the U’s who came back for revenge, beating them 2-1 following a late scare.

Ex-Rangers player Brandon Barker broke the deadlock for the visitors after just 3 minutes on the clock, before young Oxford keeper Jack Stevens, 23, saved Brett Pitman’s 72nd minute penalty.

Then on the 82nd minute, Daniel Agyei was substituted onto the pitch and within 30 seconds, he picked up the ball, cut into the area and beat Trueman with a shot across the keeper to double United’s lead.

Swindon pulled a goal back late on in injury time through Taylor Curran but the U’s hung on to claim the three points and their first win since Valentine’s Day.

The result takes Oxford to 9th in the League One table, and are just two points from reaching the playoffs. It’s looking gloomy for John Sheridan’s Swindon as they sit 22nd place, are in the relegation zone, and are two points from safety.

It would seem the pressure is getting to everyone at the County Ground, so much so that a sports reporter for Adver Sport, Wiltshire Times and Gazette & Herald has been banned.

Jonny Leighfield took to his Twitter account to reveal all to the Swindon followers, saying: “TOWN FANS: I have been told by the club this evening that I’m banned from asking questions in Swindon Town’s pre and post-match press conferences from now on. I’m still able to attend games and attend the pressers, but I will not be able to ask questions. Apologies. #STFC”

Chris Phillips, a sports journalist for PA Media asked: “Did they give you a reason Jonny? Or was it over the Accrington spat questions? Who decides that anyway?”

Jonny replied: “I was told because of the ‘fight’ questions and the fact I put that article up showing what happened. Seemed to be a mix of Power, Anderson and Sheridan’s decision.”

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Fans were left furious as Swindon Town bans a journalist for what he said, take a look at that reaction below…

@shanebluemovie: Journalists banned from Waterford too – Power’s other club. Anyone who asks questions.

@flanagan_adrian: Welcome to the club Jonny…

@timofthetown: I’m sure @SamMorshead_ would share your pain. But I wonder how long @BBCWiltsSport have got left after @talkinghawes got Tommy Wright all worked up tonight with a couple of straightforward questions. It really is becoming a circus now at @Official_STFC

@swindonred: Keep going Jonny. It means you’re rattling the right cages

@NorwaySwindon: Keep on the good job, Jonny! Our club has a history of not accepting criticism or straight forward questions. The club have put themselves in that position by not being open/communicative. Sad but true.

@95_reynolds: Time to go on the attack now Jonny. Keep up the good work, absolutely nothing wrong with what you’re doing. 👍🏼👍🏼 #STFC.

@callcrookie: Oh dear! Hold on in there – we’ve had several journos who have grown from the same role in years gone by, and some have done so through tough moments. The fans need points making on their behalf.

@MrBraindown: Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. If anyone is still thinking of getting an ST next year, look at the type of people you are supporting. Look at the personal wallets you’re expanding.

@RobJNew: Ridiculous decision, but not unexpected. What frustrates me is Wellens did a lot to engage with the fan base & rebuilt bridges that were creaking b4. Sheridan & Power have flown over those bridges & blanket bombed them week after week with the same dross. This just tops it off!

@kevinmitchell11: Joke of a decision mate, just when you think the club can’t get any worse they go and ban someone who was actually asking the questions the fans want asking! All of them need to go

@dickostfc: Lee Power strikes again!!

@LoathedStranger: Listening to the pre-match, I’d say it’s more Sheridan instigated than Power.

@alex_howroyd: That’s a disgrace Jonny, the club should be ashamed

@_JamesWood_: What a shame mate. I know that you’re a fan and you obviously care for the club. The fans keep the club going and will be there longer than any chairman or manager. Pretty embarrassing. Stick at it and all the best .

@PaulD_70: That’s really quite pathetic.

@_BenWills: Sorry to hear this man, keep up the good work.

@JJHarri40364562: Absolute joke. Cheers for the work so far Jonny, definitely doing the right things to get them rattled!

@MarcHiett: @JonnyLeighfield That’s ridiculous. The club is run by bullies!

@Dan_W_Johnson: An absolutely disguising decision by the club.

@SwindonSparkle: Well done to Swindon Town on cutting out one of their life lines. The management team at STFC obviously don’t understand that the media give the club a lifeline. With no fans in the ground & officials trying to isolate the media, they’re doing their best to shut the cloud down.

@Richy_Rich1996: This is utter embarrassing from the club

@stfc93: Sums up the club & the manager by doing that – Mickey Mouse

@STFCgj: Absolute bullshit mate!! Sums up this club and how it is being run!! #STFC

@rcmandy: You know a management regime is dying when it starts pulling strokes like this. They know the game is up. It’s just a matter of time.

@gibbo1012: Ha ha what a joke club we are

@ceej69: That’s a weak and pathetic decision, but not a surprise from a club with such appalling ownership and management. Keep going Jonny. Go to town on them now, nothing to lose!

@GreenPumice: The club is rotting from its head, what makes anyone think that anything the club management has done this season is in any way defensible.

@TimSwinyard: That’s absolutely ridiculous that the club would do that. Lee Power is a walking public relations disaster.

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