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Fans left amused by Paul Cook’s sudden voice change speaking on trouble at Chesterfield v Oldham

Fans have been left amused by Paul Cook’s sudden voice change when speaking on the trouble at Chesterfield v Oldham on Saturday.

A new clip shows Chesterfield’s goalkeeper knocked to the ground by a fan invading the pitch after Oldham netted a very late equaliser in their National League fixture on Saturday.

It looked as though the Spirites were on course to keep their perfect start to the season with Ash Palmer heading home from a corner after 60 minutes.

However, the Latics netted a last minute leveller through James Norwood to pick up their fourth point of the season and prevent Chesterfield from a fourth straight win.

The late goal led to unsavoury scenes as several fans in the away end invaded the pitch to celebrate, with one shoving Chesterfield goalkeeper Harry Tyrer to the ground while both sets of fans also clashed.

He said on TNT Sports, as per Derbyshire Times: “Unfortunately, at the end there, it can’t go on. When fans come on the pitch we have got to protect the players.

“Oldham have got fantastic supporters, the euphoria of getting a result which is great for them, but player safety is paramount. Our goalkeeper has had an altercation, which is not healthy for the game. Player safety, for both teams, is paramount. So I was just disappointed with how the game ended from that point of view.

“I felt the referee was a little bit slow to stop the game, there was a smoke bomb, the game was clearly at the end stages, just get the players off the pitch and be safe.”

Oldham boss David Unsworth said he didn’t see what happened, saying as per Derbyshire Times: “I couldn’t really see – there was a melee here (on the sideline) as well.

“Our fans are overjoyed to have scored and rescued a point but I don’t think it is right for me to comment on that right at this moment because I have not seen what has gone on.”

On the result, he added: “I think it shows that we can compete with the best. Make no mistake about it, Chesterfield are the best team in the league and probably will win the league. We are early days but I think that statement is probably true.

“I think it is what our players deserved – I thought we were brilliant. I am thrilled for them.

“A draw is a really fair result but we have had the best opportunities – make no mistake about that.

“Let me tell you something now, if you open up too soon against Chesterfield, they carve you open and it is a basketball game. And I don’t think we are in a place yet, we will be, where we can open yet and play like that against a really, really good team which has been in practice now for a number of years.

“When you come to places like this, if you open up, you get battered. You get absolutely battered and outplayed and I didn’t want that. The game-plan was perfect.

“I understand everyone’s frustration, I get it, but they have also got to be a bit of realism of where we are at. We are at the start of our journey and they (Chesterfield) are probably a year, 18 months ahead of us in terms of when Paul Cook came in.

“We had the best two opportunities in the first-half, it was a perfect away performance in the first-half. We got two great opportunities and they had not carved us open.

“We got done by a set-piece which I am fuming about because we have worked on it this week.”

As mentioned, fans were left amused by Paul Cook’s sudden voice change speaking on the trouble at Chesterfield v Oldham…

@DearnMichael: Boyzone would have been proud of the key change

@Mickyp333: Surely he’s taking the piss🤣

@smiffy2609: Paul and his voice getting ready for Halloween in a few weeks 🤣😳👻💀🎃

@woodythecoach: I swear he does it on purpose 😅😅😅😅

@Pomredoz: How does the bloke interviewing him not crack up ? 😂😂😂

@TomSagee: Sensational 😂😂😂

@wxbster_: I love him so much 😂😂

@ggh1992: In tears at this man 🤣🤣🤣 14 seconds in he just switches

@danieljb77: Jokes aside he’s actually speaking sense tbf 😂😂😂

@PompeyBulldogKG: There’s 12 year old Paul cook 40 year old Paul cook and 80 year old Paul cook all in one voice

@bennufc_18: Nah he’s gotta be taking the piss I burst out laughing at the voice change on 0:14

@JustinWalley10: Is Paul Cook possessed?

@MegaSting1981: Did a impressionist take over 15 seconds in 🤣

@Marcu5N1k0lai: A bit of north Derbyshire crept in there at 15 seconds. Either that or he had the onset of slight heartburn.

@SelfDaniel: No one actually knows what his real voice is, not even his wife!!

@alxmxw: These videos will never not be fucking hilarious

@OliLawson_: Surely he’s on the windup now 😂

@N_a_j95: Fuck off man 🤣🤣

@Andylakin8: Cooky at it again 🤣🤣

@Nufc2Everything: That voice change is absolutely mad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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