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FA investigate slurs made in Zoom call with EFL over Rochdale takeover

It has been reported this week that the FA will investigate slurs made in a Zoom call with the EFL over a Rochdale takeover.

In what’s being described as an “hostile takeover” of the League Two club, we are now seeing allegations of homophobia.

This comes after one of those involved was accused of calling the current board “Nancy boys”.

Andy Curran, who is part of a takeover bid by Morton House MGT and First Form Construction Ltd, was also alleged to have called the people of the town “small minded” and to have “expressed a desire to settle any dispute with a physical fight in a boxing ring”. Like what the f*** is that all about?!

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The comments were said to have been made during a Zoom call last Tuesday between the English Football League and those trying to buy the Greater Manchester outfit.

Rochdale chairman Simon Gauge, who was on that very call, confirmed the club had “lodged a complaint” with the Football Association about “discriminatory and threatening comments made” during what was an initial interview conducted by the EFL as part of its owners’ and directors’ test.

Curran didn’t respond to requests for a comment from the media after the claims against him were put to him via text message.

Then a bizarre phone call with Telegraph Sport followed in which he said he had “nothing to do with Rochdale”.

The call led to a WhatsApp message from Alexander Jarvis, who described himself as an adviser to what he admitted was a “hostile takeover” and said that Curran was “a bit of a recluse”.

Jarvis added he had been on the “heated” Zoom call and that he could not recall the alleged comments being made by Curran, adding: “I don’t think, if he did say it, that he meant it in the way that it would be perceived.”

Jarvis said he was “waiting for a call from the FA” about Rochdale’s complaint, which could see it take action if Curran was deemed a participant in football.

The EFL said: “Any allegations in relation to discriminatory comments are matters for the Football Association which can investigate any individual who is subject to the FA rules at the time the comments were allegedly made.”

Rochdale chairman Simon Gauge


The Trust have contacted the EFL over homophobic, offensive and aggressive comments that were reportedly made towards the Club during an EFL meeting last week.

The following email has been sent to the EFL this morning:

It was reported last night at the Fans Forum last night that our prospective new owners were responsible for a number of comments during last week’s meeting with the EFL. From what was stated, these include:

– Calling the Rochdale AFC Board of Directors “Nancy boys”

– Said that the people of Rochdale were “small minded people”

– Expressed a desire to settle any dispute with a physical fight inside a boxing ring

It goes without saying that this has caused a great deal of concern within our fanbase. If these comments were said in the meeting, it would seem that their position is in a complete polar opposite to that of the EFL that has made a firm commitment to make “football welcoming for everyone” by embracing the LGBTQ+ community – something we at the Dale Trust are totally in support of. Furthermore, the boxing ring comments brings back dreadful memories football back in the 80’s that was blighted by hooliganism.

In light of these comments, we have a number of questions for the EFL that we would like answering as a result of these comments:

1) Can you confirm that these comments were made in last week’s EFL meeting with Andy Curran and Darrel Rose?

2) What action do you intend to take as a result of these comments?

3) Will the EFL be taking these comments into account when coming to their decision whether Curran and Rose meet the criteria for the fit and proper person test?

4) Is it not true that comments such as these completely contradict the diversity ethos demanded by all football governing bodies, and contravention by anyone, including anyone already with, or currently seeking approval for a controlling interest of any Club within the EFL, would automatically exclude them from such approval being granted?

As soon as we receive any reply from the EFL, we will update Supporters at the earliest opportunity.


As FA investigate the slurs made in a Zoom call with the EFL over the Rochdale takeover, fans have now reacted to it…

@Will_Butts: The people involved in this hostile takeover aren’t fit to run a pub team. You need to investigate them thoroughly. Something VERY fishy about their whole backgrounds. Whose money? Where from? Get digging.

@TalkingSutty: There is a burning question…the mantra of the EFL is to report and stamp out all forms of discrimination. This happened on their watch, their zoom meeting. Did they terminate the meeting and report it to the police or did they leave it to the victims to sort it out themselves?

@garybrierley: The homophobic slur is the tip of the iceberg. Dale fans have been doing their own investigations into the credibility of those attempting a hostile takeover – http://fansnetwork.co.uk/football/rochdale/forum – where is the money coming from? It doesn’t look like legitimate business, that’s for sure!

@Weekes17: Keep these clowns out of our club. #rafc #upthedale

@misterdickinson: Dodgy ‘funding’; serial buyers of clubs; abusive comments….these are exactly the people the EFL should be keeping out of football. The supporters trust has unearthed so many ‘questions’ regarding these people that there is no credible way they can be allowed to proceed.

@bjwannabe27: The only long term future our club has is if the @EFL tells these so called investors where to go. Nobody wants them here. Do the right thing and actually protect your member clubs from this absolutely ridiculous situation!

@MattyK988: If you want what’s best for the club then help us keep it Fan owned and help us by rejecting these clowns trying to take it over.

@geoff_a_bury: This is so reminiscent of Bury FC whereby EFL will do all it can to help, except help. Despite previous rivalry, Rochdale must be saved from the vultures

@stevie188: Please don’t let these people anywhere near my club – if you do, then we will be joining Bury in local league Footie

@MIGreenhalgh: I wonder what the @FA have to say? A statement on any investigation would be useful?

@deanholden: Surely “allegations in relation to discriminatory comments” should feed into the evaluation of whether someone is a suitable club director or owner? If upheld they would in my opinion give a strong indication of suitability and should not just be ignored and passed to the @FA.

@TonyRochdale: Come on EFL do your job and protect your member clubs from these Charlatans before you have another Bury or Macclesfield on going down on your watch

@WillB_2003: Alexander Jarvis is a fraud don’t sell anything to him

@Gillschap: So statement means will do nothing till to late let club fold means another club out the way for premier league 2 🙄😢 💩 how @fa @efl @premierleague treat these old clubs

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