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FA confirm Barnsley have been KICKED OUT of the FA Cup with Horsham reinstated

The FA confirm Barnsley have been KICKED OUT of the FA Cup with Horsham reinstated for the Second Round where they’ll play Sutton United.

The League One outfit have been removed from the 2023/24 season’s FA Cup following an administrative error’ regarding the eligibility of a player.

Barnsley have since apologised to their supporters in a statement, saying an internal investigation has been conducted after unintentional mistake.


A Professional Game Board Sub-Committee has removed Barnsley from the 2023-24 Emirates FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player during their First Round Proper Replay against Horsham on Tuesday 14 November 2023.

The FA alleged that the player was ineligible for this Replay, as he was not correctly registered and eligible for the original First Round Proper match on Friday 3 November 2023, which constitutes a breach of FA Cup Rule 103.

Barnsley admitted this charge and acknowledged that the breach had occurred. The Sub-Committee’s members ordered that Barnsley be removed from the competition, and that Horsham be awarded the tie and progression to the Second Round Proper.

Subject to any appeal by Barnsley, Horsham will now play away to Sutton United in the Second Round Proper on Saturday 2 December 2023.


Today the FA has advised us that we will no longer be able to participate in the FA Cup this season.

An administrative error was brought to our attention regarding the eligibility of a player who played in last Tuesday’s game with Horsham FC. The club has fully cooperated with the investigation and has accepted the FA’s decision. We have been in contact with Horsham FC and would like to thank the club and Chairman for their understanding and cooperation throughout this process.

We would like to apologise to our fans, players and staff for this regrettable error. This mistake – although unintentional – falls way below the high standards we set at this club and is simply not what you deserve. We have already conducted a full internal investigation and have subsequently put safeguards in place to ensure this will never happen again.


FA Cup 1st Round Proper Replay 14th Nov 2023 – Horsham FC vs Barnsley FC

The club acknowledges the decision of the Football Association to reinstate Horsham Football Club in the Emirates FA Cup 2023/24 competition.

This follows the confirmation by Barnsley FC that due to an administrative error, they fielded an ineligible player in the First Round Proper away replay against Horsham FC, which Barnsley won 0-3.

Subject to the outcome of any appeal by Barnsley FC against the FA ruling, Horsham FC will now face Sutton United in the FA Cup Second Round Proper fixture scheduled for Saturday 2nd December at 3pm at their Gander Green Lane ground.

Commenting on the news, Club Chairman Kevin Borrett said: “The Barnsley Chairman Neerav Parekh contacted me on Friday 17th November to make the club aware of the administrative error and FA consideration of the matter.

“I understand the immense disappointment that this decision by the FA would be to both Barnsley Football Club and its supporters. On behalf of HFC, I wish Barnsley FC every success in their pursuit of promotion back to the EFL Championship at the end of the 2023/24 season.”

Horsham FC expect to be able to confirm Emirates FA Cup Second Round Proper ticket arrangements against Sutton United in the next 48 hours.

Twitter users had their say as the FA confirm Barnsley have been KICKED OUT of the FA Cup with Horsham reinstated…

@mh_bfc: We’re an embarrassment

@andytinkler: Barnsley Football Club, the gift that keeps on giving.

@sykesy1983: Is the club going to reimburse fans who have already made travel arrangements for the game with Sutton? Absolute shambles that this has happened.

@Judepaskell0411: Beyond a joke hahahah

@BillyTenghamn: Now, send out a message blaming fans that stand up during games…

@Adam_PVFC: A refund for every single fan that went the return fixture should be handed out including travel expenses

@exley_jordan: What’s going on 🤣

@kyledcfc1884: Barnsley football club, the gift that keeps on giving

@andyclarke76: Judge us by our actions

@Haza_lovett: Can’t help but laugh

@Rzeezee1: ‘Safeguards’? What, only play registered players? Not difficult. Disgraceful.

@Jack_Nattress: It takes real effort to make us look competent, I’m sincerely impressed

@BFCbennett: We are comical 😂😂😂

@FraserBeecroft: Possibly the biggest embarrassment ever!! Saved my a fortune next weekend like when trains are on strike 🤣

@JoshBfc_: What a shambles of a football club.

@RyanKuzio: This is a joke. The club is rotten from top to bottom. We’ve been kicked out of the cup for a game that we shouldn’t have been playing in if we had shown up originally. Something has got to change now.

@TheZaneWalker15: Feel sorry for the fans. What were you expecting putting in a player that can get you banned

@AlfieKuy: Our club is a laughing stock, how unprofessional is that, a leaderless farce

@Whiteybfc: #BarnsleyFC The joke isn’t funny anymore. I’m absolutely ashamed of my tin pot little club

@Al_Cooper7: Fans said it on the night of the game. How on earth did the club not realise? Absolute shambles.

@antclare78: Ahahahah all those fans who spent their hard earned money going down there for fuck all

@FraserBeecroft: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more embarrassing for our club, and I’ve seen a lot in over 25 years!! Serious serious issues once again time after time @JulieAnneQuay 🙁

@ScottCameron91: This is a professional football club by the way, 1 good season and we’re back to being Banter FC. You couldn’t make this shit up.

@JoshKennedy2: Amateur as fuck

@LowleyW: Genuinely, how do you get this wrong at that level of Professional Football?! 😭

@JamesRileyDJ: Dear oh dear 🤦‍♂️

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