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Ex-Carlisle player restrained by teammates after clashing with his old manager Paul Simpson

Ex-Carlisle United player Morgan Feeney had to be restrained by teammates after clashing with his old manager Paul Simpson.

It came at full time which saw Carlisle United win for the first time since being promoted back to the third tier as they beat Shrewsbury Town.

Substitute Joe Garner doubled the scoreline after a 57th-minute own goal from Tom Bayliss, with the result helping the Cumbrians move out of the relegation zone.

Speaking to BBC Radio Cumbria, the Blues boss said: “I went to shake his [Feeney’s] hand and he blamed me for [him] getting booed today, and getting songs against him.

“I don’t really understand that. He said I told lies in the media…well, I’m sorry but I haven’t told any lies, I told the truth.

“I would have loved to have kept Morgan Feeney. Even in our team meeting, I said to our players we all know what a good, honest centre back Morgan is.

“My only disappointment which I said [earlier in the summer] was that I wasn’t given an opportunity to match what Shrewsbury gave him. And that’s all I can say.

“I didn’t tell any lies. Anybody who knows me tells me I try not to tell lies, I’m not clever enough to tell lies. I don’t know where his disappointment came with that.”

Simpson added: “Really, I don’t really know what he expected our fans to do. I don’t know if he expected them to roll out the red carpet to a player who chooses to leave.

“He was my leader, he was my captain. I’ve got a massive amount of respect for him. I don’t know where it came from.

“But listen, he’s quite an emotional lad, Morgan – he was emotional in training and in games, maybe it was that.

“I didn’t want that to happen to Morgan today, that he was getting that [sort of reception], but I certainly didn’t cause it and I don’t know why he thinks that I did.”

Shrewsbury boss Matt Taylor said on a frustrating result: “I think that’s being polite. We lost a game of set plays today so I think I should be standing here now saying we’re pleased with a 0-0 draw because we didn’t create a huge amount and I’m disappointed to concede a goal in the way that we did.

“I think it’s an own goal, I’ve just had a look back at it there, so that’s obviously really disappointing.

“I felt there wasn’t a huge amount in the game for either team to be perfectly frank with you, but they’ve got the three points.

“It’s difficult when you’re chasing the game and you want to get back in it. Then, ultimately, we’ve conceded in the 96th minute when we’re trying to get ourselves a goal.

“I’m disappointed in the level of performance and I suppose the bravery we had on the ball because it probably wasn’t as good as it has been.

“But we have to understand that we, as are a lot of teams in the league, are a new group.

“That’s not an excuse. Today, I just felt that the levels we asked the players to get to with and without the ball, we didn’t do that well enough.

“We concede the goal that loses us the game and we almost defeat ourselves because we don’t do our jobs adequately and, at this level and at every level, set pieces are massively important.”

Twitter users reacted as the ex-Carlisle player had to be restrained by teammates after clashing with his old manager Paul Simpson…

@UtdDeano: Embarrassing

@EJP_xx: 2-0 cya later feeney shun

@Ellisg2802: As if you blame simmo for the fans booing🤣 at the end of the day you left for shrewsbury town thinking its a bigger team and you lost😂, absolute cry baby you are and btw you deserve to get booed @Morgan_Feeney13 #utb #cufc

@henryrich50: @Morgan_Feeney13 starting with simmo apparently he blamed simmo for us carlisle fans booing and chanting at him? Don’t blame simmo blame yaself ya money grabbing ginger twat!

@BrendanRogers69: Simmo just oozes class unlike that.

@AlexLewis_DJ: I’d go for the bitter twat too

@LindaNi121202: Calm and collected as usual Mr Simpson. Morgan will learn how to conduct himself…just a lad. Our fans loved him in his time here, but respect towards your employer and making a phone call isn’t a lot to ask ….is it. @Morgan_Feeney13

@PaulMar21281685: Feeney deserves all he gets, and should blame his agent 😤

@JoshuaMusgrave3: You love to see it

@fatfox1974: Hes wanted to go for last 2 seasons. simmo is the man.

@joeleigh95: Feeney crying about being booed 😂😂 love to see it

@FtblJ4ckArmer: Ahahahaha what a melt

@stevenbatey96: Absolutely embarrassing from Feeney #CUFC. You were offered your chance to stay and you turned it down.

@ExiledForAWhile: Moxon having none of it, good lad

@brown643toby: Nice to see Simpson still holds a grudge then 😂👍🏻

@mark_rothery: God I love him even more 😍

@tallstew: Simmo’s one of us isn’t he

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