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Eastleigh player’s ridiculous goal from own half a potential contender for Puskas Award

An Eastleigh player’s ridiculous goal from his own half is being hailed as a potential contender for the Puskas Award.

Danny Whitehall scored a long-range free-kick before adding a second in added time to secure a 2-1 National League win over Southend United.

From inside the Spitfires half, the Warrington-born forward somehow found the top corner to beat Southend’s goalkeeper, and the video is quickly going viral…


Kevin Maher was left frustrated after Eastleigh scored a late winner to beat Southend United 2-1 at the Silverlake Stadium.

“We got a great goal, and [their] first goal comes from a free-kick but we should keep the ball,” said the Blues Head Coach following the full time whistle.

Maher continued, saying: “we had good control of the ball and we turned it over too cheaply. There’s a free-kick given and we just switch off for a second. Credit to the lad, it’s a hell of a finish.

“I’ve seen [the foul for the second goal] back and it’s not a foul, but that was going on all game. All second half we couldn’t buy a foul up our end and yet [the referee] couldn’t wait to give it, it felt. The crowd reaction tells you that.

“Collin in the first half gets clotheslined and nothing’s happened; he gets one in the face again and nothing happens, and yet he’s booking people like Oli Coker for winning the ball.

“If you’re going to target a 19-year-old, that’s alright, that’s no problem, just give the right decision. We couldn’t buy a foul and yet we’re given ones against us which is incredible.

“It wasn’t good at all. But maybe because we’re the size of club that we are in this league, apparently, that we couldn’t buy a foul.

“The referee was your best mate before the game but he’s got to be consistent. Our fans’ reaction tells you what they thought as well.”

Whitehall said on his goal: “I just looked up and I’d seen him and I’ve had a go… thankfully it was on target and it’s gone in”

Eastleigh: McDonnell, Camp, Martin, Panter, Harper, Rutherford, Cisse, Carter (Whitehall63’) Abrahams (Hesketh 81’) McKiernan, Hill (Ebanks 63’) Subs not used: Langston, Oyenuga

Southend United: Andeng-Ndi, Ralph, Lomas, Miley, Kensdale, Hobson, Demetriou (Scott-Morriss 78’) Fonguck, Mooney (Coker 57’) Powell (Cosgrave 57’) Wreh. Subs not used: Bridge, Benton

Referee: Gary Parsons
Assistants: Harley McKittrick and Ryan Williams
Fourth Official: Timothy Godfray

Attendance: 2,383 (683 from Southend United)

Fans gave their thoughts on the Eastleigh player’s ridiculous goal from his own half with it a potential contender for a Puskas Award…

@PhilOwen702: Even as a Southend fan, sometimes you can applaud a goal. Definitely one to remember

@JodyTrades: And the keeper in the net is the icing on top! 😂

@ryanrd1905: Warra save from the keeper 💀🤣

@KingSam9000: Holy mackerel! If I saw this live, I would’ve screamed so loud! Eastleigh fan from Oregon checking in! WOW!!!

@MikeDee225: Caught the keeper out as was expecting them to waste 5 minutes before taking it

@NotSoWittyUN: Hey @Prowsey16 you need to up your game, fella.

@jamesPRhibberd: Could have seen this live but I was too hungover 🙃

@fenianblue1878: Top draw in any league.

@HeinzMan6: @DannyWhitehall1 you glorious bastard 😍🔥

@Jammer2021jam: Take a fucking bow bro

@joshhorne93: @DannyWhitehall1 😡😡😡 some finish lad!!

@ChipButtyBlade: Simply great fast thinking. Brilliant

@SouthamptonPage: That’s filth. #SaintsFC

@foreverayellow: thats one hell of a goal that, ball looks to me like its stopped rolling by the time hit foot connects

@doyleio58: What a goal, pick that out!!

@Gary_Poynton: Premier League this gets VARed for 5 mins to determine whether the ball was rolling. Moment gone

@Owlstalk: TOP CORNER!

@tholder27: Still won’t make Sky’s Goal of the Weekend 😉 What a strike 💥

@ConMccormick1: 🎵 Who needs James Ward Prowse or Beckham we’ve got Whitehall … Danny Whitehall 🎵

@KHall1992: Unbelievable strike… moment of magic

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