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Derby County face FURTHER points deduction as punishments continue next season

Derby County face a further heavy points deduction as punishments continue into next season, which could be in League One unless a miracle.

It comes as the club’s administrators prepare to name a preferred bidder with Quantuma, the administrators, setting a deadline of Friday for takeover offers to be submitted, with three parties putting in an interest.

However, it is feared that all the bids will not comply with the EFL’s insolvency policy regulations, something which is expected to trigger further punishment ahead of next season state The Telegraph.

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If the club’s takeover doesn’t meet the key Football League requirement, of paying unsecured creditors 25p in a pound, they risk receiving another big points deduction, something would be as much as minus 15 for next season.

A substantial offer would pay off all Derby’s debts, including nearly £30m to HMRC and £20m to American loan company MSD,

Derby have already been docked 21 points this season – 12 for administration and nine for previous financial breaches.

Despite the threat of punishment, Quantuma always claimed that there is confidence they can secure a buyer and avoid the prospect of liquidation – but by delaying and keeping fans, staff and players in the dark, patience is wearing thin.

Ex-Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, who loves to save all things from going bust, is still interested in buying the club, while he faces competition from two other consortiums.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Andrew Appleby, a former Derby chairman, is also hoping to put together an official bid before Friday’s cut-off point, despite already tabling two offers.

The East Midlands outfit were first placed into administration six months ago and Quantuma are hopeful of naming the preferred bidder early next week, before entering into negotiations with the EFL, fans are sceptical about this however.

Another major hurdle for the club is the Pride Park Stadium, which is still owned by Mel Morris, the previous chairman.

Morris has maintained a stance that any bidder can lease the stadium with an option to buy, with sources close to him insisting it will allow bidders to put their money into the club.

Derby currently sit bottom of the Championship table, eight points from safety with seven games left to play.

Twitter users reacted with Derby County set to face a FURTHER points deduction as punishments continue through to next season…

@DcFcTalk: Honestly don’t care about the points deduction, get a preferred bidder in and get the out of contract players tied down to new deals asap!! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@MarcODwyer1: Wouldn’t they be better off paying more to avoid a deduction and battle to come straight back up instead of another relegation fight in L1 next season?

@False_Alarm_: Derby fans thinking they’ll walk League One despite going down with a points deduction, likely losing their manager along with all the out of contract players and then being limited to £4k p/w signings which have to be authorised by the EFL. Could be a horror show. I can’t wait

@steveashbynffc: Should have been liquidated months ago

@M_Watson__: Bid deadline was over 6 weeks ago wasn’t it ?

@jimmyhill75: Why can’t they just get them sold and leave them alone?

@PUSBradders: Because they have broke the rules for years on end trying to cheat their way to the premiership and now have to pay the consequences.

@Barraclive: As long as we can go watch em next year who cares. Get it done

@WestSussexRam: And that will sit at Morris’s door, because he’s looking for money back. The man has no shame

@Spannerball: -15pts probably ensures we only get access to players other teams don’t want. With a new manager (why would he stay?) there’s no guarantees of the spirit these guys have. We’ll be there more than two years. Thinking of Sunderland’s battle, it could be a banishment EFL hoped for.

@ashleyallenuk: Dragged it out so Morris’ mate can try and find the money to buy the club 🤦‍♂️🥴

@Hanleyp1989: Complete silence from @quantuma1 over the bids and how many there are at the table because of unwanted leaks.. and YET we have a update from @JPercyTelegraph.. Let’s just wait for the deadline to come in and bids to be assessed before we fear the worst #dcfc #SaveDerbyCounty

@robertswjake: Honestly take the points deduction and move forward as a club, not a bad option really #dcfc #dcfcfans

@RyanBurton92: THEY DOCKED US 36 POINTS! 🎶

@Nottingham67: Deadline? Been extended more times than a loft ladder already

@jhackett__: If we start on -15pts next season then so be it, as long as we have a club to support. With the right owner I see no reason we couldn’t avoid L1 relegation, especially after this season’s valiant attempt.

@Kaseymosley15: Either way we’re fucked next season

@AdamWrighty14: League 2 rams cheers Mel

@dcfc87: We’re all going on a League Two tour, a League Two tour. #dcfc

@DcfcFansTalk: League 1 for at least 2 seasons then. Could end up getting stuck there like Sunderland.

@sports_badger: Hello Derby? This is League Two calling.

@Dominic__96: Points deduction fine, just get the deal done. If Appleby makes 4, wonder who the three other bidders are? Ashley, who and who? #dcfc

@ramswriter: So 3 bids in and a 4th to come from Appleby – I’d take a pt deduction next season as long as we still have a club #dcfc #dcfcfans

@Totonjohnno: This is better than outright liquidation. A slow and painful few years is much better

@steven_metcalfe: Steve Gibson’s fault? 😂

@Thunda007: But .. But .. I thought it was all Steve Gibsons fault??? Has it dawned on you all yet that maybe .. maybe .. the admins were BS’ing you all about that and what SG was trying to tell you was actually right?? Who’d have thunked it …

@Lee6378: This has made a pretty shit day that little bit better! 👍🏻

@Guysley: Absolutely tremendous news

@Jordjolly: Good hope they go bust on behalf of the other 91 clubs who had to listen to their gloating fans as they spent millions upon millions

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