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Cops make 11 arrests as Bolton and Wigan ‘fans’ clash in town centre

Cops make 11 arrests as Bolton and Wigan ‘fans’ clash in a town centre following the League One fixture on Saturday afternoon.

A row is said to have played out near The Anvil pub in Wigan on Saturday evening at about 7:30pm, around five hours after the game – which kicked off at 12:30pm – ended in a 1-1 draw.

The video footage shows one male lying on his back on the ground before two others appear to close in on him, and a woman runs in and attacks one of them.

A man then picks himself up before another male jumps in to attack from behind, stumbles away, and then the woman again runs in to try to protect him.

The attacker then hits the woman, before she hits out twice and is then dragged away while a man shouts: ‘Who the f*** are you?’

Greater Manchester Police arrested a total of 11 people relating to the match, and it is believed that seven of these arrests came after the violence outside The Anvil.

The footage of the fight was posted on social media before being published by The Sun.

A police spokesman said: ‘Officers were deployed as part of the proactive operation surrounding the Wigan versus Bolton game. The operation resulted in 11 arrests.’

A day before the game, Bolton boss Ian Evatt urged Wigan fans to focus on their own side. “Some of the things I say are provocative. I know that I am provocative, there is no denying that,” he said. “But some of the things I say are for the benefit of my fans, my club and my players.

“It is not for them (Wigan fans) to read and want to listen to, I have no interest in them listening or reading what I have to say. They should concentrate on their own club like we concentrate on ours.”

Police were also criticised after one male was pulled aside and seemingly got a whack to the face as seen in the video below…

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Twitter users reacted as cops make 11 arrests while Bolton and Wigan ‘fans’ clash in the town centre…

@cliffyboy1512: Fair play to the guy. The way he shielded the woman, sorry, I mean used the woman as a shield was impeccable

@GhostLizardBWFC: Half a dozen coked up pie shaggers showing what really hard men can be like when in their little gang State of these inbreds #wafc #bwfc #wiganpathetic

@harveyhennessy1: Who’s the melt with his hood up, couldn’t hit a donkeys arse with a frying pan.

@V3_1875: Where’s Max and Paddy when you need em

@Sharpy1991: There’s an irony to this. We were kept in the ground 30 mins after the game. We were then herded over a fucking bridge like cattle near that shitty canal for another 40 minutes. Where the fuck where they when this happened? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

@Jordan____wafc: Using his bird as a shield 😭 #wafc

@mattj_362: Lads in Bolton use their missus as a human shield

@WAFCRob: #wafc #bwfc Hopefully any reasonable fans of both clubs can agree that fighting over fucking football is stupid, absolutely rancid behaviour

@Burton15Marcus: @gmpolice care to explain please?

@birch1875: The way football fans are treated by police isn’t spoke about enough

@cylertarter: Couldn’t have happened to a better set of fans

@LancsKopite: Behave at the game instead of going for a green street tribute and you won’t find yourself getting walloped by an officer.

@dlwilliam91: Absolutely filth this @gmpolice

@baldy984: Only a few months ago that protesters were running riot through towns – No police reaction. Global warming protesters sitting in the road – No police reaction. But one football fan on his own… Scumbags!

@DannyCannan: That’s assault. Fuckin scum are football police

@SCFCLuke1: They watched these fucking protesters damage their own cities yet they do this when football fans come to town, fucking pussies the lot of em

@connsbb: Another reason no football fan respect police at football…

@Jordbowden29: Look where the coppers come from to throw a dig, gone completely out of his way the horrible cunt

@tomprescott94: As much as I don’t like Bolton, I hate these fuckers. Just bullies who think they can do anything and get any with it. Scumbags @gmpolice

@MikeJabBCFC: Are there any groups of people in this country that get treated worse?

@harveyorg27: I’ve genuinely never seen anything like the behaviour of the police today. I understand fans can be rowdy but this is straight up bullying and it’s unacceptable. Police are there to protect, I’m not sure who actions like this are protecting #bwfc

@Alex_Cathie: Horrible horrible police force and not fit for purpose. Sort it out @AndyBurnhamGM @gmpolice @FairCop_

@leembroad: Some football fans 😡 We’ve seen a rise in football related disorder within @gmpolice which not only impacts on those decent fans attending the game, but also has a knock on for officers policing them re numbers & increased cancelled rest days to ensure safe policing. #ItsNotOn

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