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Club owner responds to fans as his name shows up in votes of poll asking if manager should be sacked

Morecambe fans have been left curious at the weekend after thinking that their club owner voted in a poll on a Facebook group asking if the manager should be sacked.

The poll simply had the name ‘Bentley’ and under it had options for users to vote on, the main choices were ‘In’, ‘Out’ and ‘If we lose a few more games, out’ along with a few others that were less popular.

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The owner is Colin Anthony Goldring and his name appeared in the list of voters who picked the ‘If we lose a few more games, out’ option.

Screenshots were taken and published by supporters on the fan group as well as Twitter before the owner then started to receive messages.

After being tagged within the post, he replied back to fans, saying: “I’m seeing messages pop up on my phone from everyone, to be clear, and for future reference I do not participate in any fan based questionnaires, especially on specialist subjects which the club has official communication channels. I didn’t have my phone with me all weekend as I was away celebrating with family, so I can be sure it wasn’t someone on my phone, or some other interference, but I can assure you I have certainly not voted!

“I don’t want to interfere in your debate, but I would like to share from a relative new comer to the community, that your strength as a club comes from solidarity and supporting each other as well as the club. It’s ok to have different opinions on all things football, appreciate and respect your different opinions, it’s healthy to debate in a friendly way. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep the faith! COYS”

He got a support from fans as they decided to like his comments, though one fan, Andy Daw wrote back: “Colin Anthony Goldring with all due respect, i as others appreciate the work and help you do, but judging by the silence after your response I’m only now saying what some people will be thinking, Somebody must of gone to an awful lot of trouble creating an account with your name and exact profile photo on it and then just vanish off Facebook or the person who started this thread is clever with photography etc.”

Another supporter Stuart Waring added: “Have to agree with some extent to what Andy has said here Colin. However it has happened, your account ended up getting linked to a poll which a supporter to see that this morning was somewhat alarming. For a businessman to be without his phone for an entire weekend, if you can manage that then I applaud you, as most businessmen I know seem permanently glued to their device one way or another. Whilst I respect your reply, it brings back memories of when Joleon Lescott tweeted a picture of a Mercedes or whatever and tried blaming his phone doing it automatically in his pocket…… I’m not suggesting that this is what’s happened in your case, but somehow it happened which doesn’t look great for anyone the morning after.

“Whilst it is good that you’ve reponsded to what’s happened, and I fully appreciate everyone’s entitled to downtime/family time, from a fan’s perspective it’d be nice to know if your are keeping abreast of results etc considering it’s your investment after all. Unfortunately Saturday’s performance from all reports sounded very under par, and for all of us not to be beating the teams around us sets a worrying precedent. Obviously some things you may have read in the comments might not be the best to hear, emotions run high after a game and despite all our different opinions we’re all wanting the best for the club going forward and keeping our football league status is an absolute must every season. I’ve no doubt that yourself and Jason, the board, current management team and everyone together will do all we can to turn around the bad results of late and start to pick up the points again. Onwards and upwards. COYS ?”


After seeing Morecambe owner Colin Anthony Goldring’s name appear in a list of voters for a Facebook group’s poll on Jim Bentley’s future in charge, fans took to give their thoughts – see what they wrote on the next page.


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