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Chester fans’ Zoom meeting abandoned by explicit video

Chester fans’ Zoom meeting had to be abandoned by an explicit video that appeared on the screen and left everyone in stitches.

The call to be cut short on Thursday night when ‘invaders’ hijacked the call with some raunchy material being played out.

More than 170 fans of the National League North side had gathered on the video conference to talk about everything to do with the club and the season so far.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

It was an important meeting especially with the uncertainty during the Covid pandemic, but matters descended into chaos as the X-rated footage was uploaded in the frame of an attendee called ‘Lynn Davis’.

Manager Anthony Johnson was expected to be interviewed before the porn was shown to the group of supporters – and the coach couldn’t help but laugh when the topless woman appeared.

Whilst some were trying to keep a straight face, there was many others clearly unimpressed with stern-faced.

Adam Langan, the Labour Councillor for Newton and Hoole and a club director, was left with his head in his hands.

Johnson insisted the popular Parish meeting clip ‘has nothing’ on the debacle that unfolded with Chester.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He wrote in a tweet: ‘Let me tell you something, the Handforth parish zoom meeting has absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING on what I’ve just witnessed on the Chester FC zoom. Unbelievable.’

Chester’s official Twitter account also made a reference to the Handforth meeting, adding the meeting had been disturbed by an ‘outside’ interference.

‘Yes, unfortunately tonight’s zoom meeting has been cut short due to – ahem – outside interference,’ a club tweet read.

‘Read the standing orders and put them away, Lynn.’

The supporters’ group that had organised the call, City Fans United, had made the Zoom meeting open to any member of the public and advertised it on their website beforehand.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The group insisted that ‘usual etiquette on the Zoom meeting applies’.

Unfortunately they were left with no choice, however, but to cancel the meeting early and later apologised for the ‘offensive’ videos that were played, insisting it was ‘completely out of our hands’.

‘Due to the offensive material that appeared during our Zoom meeting this evening, we were forced to bring our meeting to a close earlier than anticipated,’ the group said in a statement.

‘Apologies to anyone that was offended by the material that suddenly appeared on the meeting, and we removed it as quickly as possible, but unfortunately repeated attempts meant we had no alternative but to close the meeting.

‘We were at the point where Anthony Johnson was about to do a Q&A, so we will put a separate article together to provide you with the answers that he was going to give to your questions, in the very near future.

‘Again, apologies for the events that were completely out of our hands this evening.’

Chester chairman Andrew Morris said the incident was ‘entirely unsuitable’ and promised the interview with the manager would be available for fans later on – joking that the club could receive a ‘surge on members’.

‘It’s always great to have so many people on a Zoom call,’ he told Chester Live.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

‘Sadly there were some people who obviously joined with a different agenda than talking about the challenges of non-league football!

‘It’s obviously entirely unsuitable with what we believe as a club but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I’m sorry if anybody was offended about it. But what we missed out on the meeting, the interview with Jonno, will be shared out later.

‘It was a very serious meeting looking at how the club will move forward so at least it happened near the end. But it certainly made for a very interesting CFU membership. Hopefully we will get a surge on members from the meeting although I am not sure we will be accepting one of them!’

Langan went on to see the funny side when shown his live reaction on Twitter by Morris, who took a screenshot of the Zoom call, replying and laughing at his own despair.

Morris chuckled at the incident online and was asked by one Twitter user: ‘Is it true the next CFU meeting is being held at Spearmint Rhino?’

Morris replied: ‘We are renaming as City onlyfans United for next season at this rate’

It comes days after a video of a French teammate by Arsenal’s William Saliba went viral, see that HERE.

Another clip getting seen by thousands was a live stream of the Arsenal Southampton game last month with a vlogger also getting caught in the act, see that HERE.

Users reacted as Chester fans’ Zoom meeting ended up being abandoned by the explicit video…

@charfieldblue: Can I sponsor Lynn’s socks & shorts next season? I don’t believe shirt sponsorship is required.

@connorwalks: First CFU meeting I’ve managed to make in a while. Brilliant Thursday night entertainment hahaha

@Si_Dutton: I couldn’t stop laughing

@nicksonmatt: One way to keep the interest! Lol.

@Rio_Doherty: Haven’t laughed so much in my life. Hope someone has a video of it.

@jake__cfc: I knew as soon as I saw it it would be a premature finish

@lewis_rodders: That’s one way to increase the CFU membership. Give the person responsible a pay rise

@DanielR54761674: Full of tits fanny and city oh west cheshire is wonderful

@ChesterBluey: Still crying here, I can’t believe what I just witnessed! 😂 I blame @amjonno

@Tom_Frost1993: It’s all gone t*ts up at Chester as per usual

@Consigliere1872: Theres always one on a zoom call that takes the “dress down” day a little too far

@Noddy_Holder: Was the meeting for only fans…I mean fans only?

@kianwardgk: Appears she had some very important things to discuss

@nicksonmatt: Watching people’s reactions on zoom was absolute comedy gold! So funny!

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