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Chant about Thogdad goes viral with Sheffield Wednesday ‘yoof’ mocked

A chant about Bolton Wanderers fan Thogdad goes viral across social media with Sheffield Wednesday ‘yoof’ getting mocked for singing it.

With the game not televised by Sky Sports, and at the appropriate 3pm kick off time on a Saturday, it was bound to be well attended.

The League One clash was attended by 23,692, and a part of the Hillsborough faithful couldn’t help but make digs at the travelling Bolton fans, mainly Thogden and Thogdad.

This was caught on camera and both YouTubers have had their say as both clips start to get everyone’s attention.

The first video was Thogdad being called a ‘paedo’, with the Trotters supporter replying back ‘great banter’.

Meanwhile, the second clip was directed at his son, with fans chanting “Thogden, what’s the score?!” with Sheffield Wednesday winning 1-0 thanks to Lee Gregory in the 67th minute.

As the chant about Thogdad goes viral, the Sheffield Wednesday ‘yoof’ were mocked by social media users as the clip’s views increased…

m.bxtts: crowd has a average age of 7

leighton.s12: Guarantee every person singing has watched his videos

leroyhind: 9 year old Ultras 😂

f_f_and_family: A bit embarrassing tbh! 🤦🏻‍♂️ And I’m not a Bolton fan either.

_chaz04: Year 7 set 8s

throstlesnews_1878: What did he do to deserve that by a bunch of little kids 😭

chloexsummerx: Oo scary 😂😂

Fans also reacted on Thogden’s post on the chant sung at him…

@MichaelRealReed: That one there was a violation and personally I wouldn’t have it

@fusionjosh_: You’re huge

@PapaPincus: Yeah, you’ve made it.

@elljhenn03: Someone ban these hooligans 😳

@ConorMcShane12: And it was at this moment that @Thogden decided to give up being a YouTube vlogger and take up an office job in the Civil service. 😂

@youoveranyone; heard thogden is SHAKING after that

@jtuckerx: Hope you’re okay after that abuse mate!

@Declan81051840: That’s sheffield for ya 🤣

@TomClea98749634: You know it’s the international break cause that helmet ain’t at Stamford Bridge

That wasn’t the only random thing to do have at the game as one Sheffield Wednesday fan thought it would be a good idea to leg it onto the pitch.

A 42 second clip has been uploaded to social media, with the culprit getting heavily booed while there were also shouts for him to get off the field of play.

While it couldn’t be more obvious that he was on the pitch, stewards oddly decided to do nothing about it, however the longer he was there, something had to be done.

After a minute or so, security staff had no choice but to get on once made aware, before escorting the fan away, with the ordeal raising questions as to why he was able to stay there as long as he did.

While some in the stands laughed, others were left rather miffed off.


Thogden is a Bolton Wanderers fan who has a successful international internet star after his video blog was shared around the world — even being shown on Italian television.

Real name Theo Ogden posts a lot of varied articles, but started out doing vlogs and continues to do them, along with opinion videos and rankings – racking up more than 174,150,528 views views on YouTube.

He has featured on many shows and programmes, but more recently, it’s been the couch at Sky Sports, showing just how far he’s come.

The 20 year old is recognised everywhere, so much so that chants are now sung with his name in it, whether it’s good or bad.

He is active on different social media platforms and has gained a quite impressive fanbase. Thogden’s Instagram account has earned more than 197K followers. He is also active on Twitter with more than 97.2K followers. Likewise, his Facebook page has gained over 5K followers.

His YouTube channel has earned over 717K subscribers. He is also active on Snapchat. Moreover, he has shared his Gmail, thogden.pr@gmail.com for business enquires.

Via a LinkedIn page, Thogdad describes himself: “YouTube creator and writer better known as Thogdad. Sidekick to son Theo on the 660k+ subscriber Thogden YouTube channel (160 million+ lifetime views). Formerly an elected local politician and emerging markets investor. Co-founder of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation. Co-founder of the Bochkarev Brewery, St Petersburg, Russia. Former Executive Chairman of Lenta Hypermarkets, Russia. International cricketer since September 2020.”

Theo on Twitter: "Retweet if you thought that was Thogdad 😂… "
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