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Carragher and Ferdinand in Twitter spat as Kane punishment is revealed

Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand have got themselves in a Twitter spat as Harry Kane punishment is revealed for skipping training.

The Tottenham ace has failed to turn up at his club’s training ground for a second day running amid a transfer stand off.

The 28-year-old has previously expressed intention to leave Spurs this summer and also failed to report for pre-season training on Monday and Tuesday.

Manchester City have been heavily linked to the England captain and chairman Daniel Levy reportedly wants a fee of £160million in order to let his star player go.


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Upon the end of the 2020-21 Premier League season, it was revealed that Kane wanted to leave, feeling like now it the time to find a club where he is able to lift trophies.

He is already the reigning Golden Boot winner, netted four goals at Euro 2020, cementing his status as one of the world’s best in positions, and it’s promoted the world’s best clubs to take serious note.

football.london say the club have no indication of when he’ll return to their Enfield based training ground, missing his Covid test and routine bloodwork conducted before every season.

Kane was reported to have ‘shaken hands’ on personal terms with the Sky Blues at his brother’s wedding last month, including a wage worth as much as £400,000-a-week.

Silence has followed every since as new boss Nuno Espirito Santo and Managing Director Fabio Paratici publicly remain adamant that the 28-year-old will stay.

Now, though, it seems Kane will not be returning to Spurs’ base, with a fine planned to be served to him, as he eyes a move to Manchester after Pep Guardiola guided Man City to the league title last term.

Guardiola is also reportedly close to signing Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, in a similar situation to the Tottenham talisman, and Grealish has been loyal to boyhood club but speculation continues on whether there will be a summer transfer to the Etihad for £100million.


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Kane’s attempts to try and force a deal it would seem has split opinion across the country and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has again voiced his concerns on social media over the Spurs striker’s conduct.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand had questioned Carragher’s claim that Kane would “ruin his name” through his actions.

Ferdinand tweeted: “He has given his all for that club. when the dust settles they will remember him in the positive way his time there will deserve.”

However, Carragher replied by saying he didn’t disagree with Kane looking to move but with the way he’s acted, before taking a swipe at Ferdinand’s work as a football agent. Getting personal now.

He said: “Not for wanting to win the league, for how he goes about leaving the club.

“At least the clubs that have your players know how they’ll go about it when you want them out!!”

In a discussion that has played out over the last few days, Ferdinand had initially said that “Harry [Kane] wants trophies and he ain’t getting any younger”, causing Carragher to respond.

“I disagree, it is wrong not to turn up for training. We all know he wants to go & can totally understand why”, the Liverpool legend said.

“But Harry should not ruin his name or relationship with the supporters who idolise him just to get the move. Spurs will always be HIS club.”

Jamie Carragher was a one-man club, never enduring a transfer saga, whereas Ferdinand was twice the subject of British record transfers, most notably moving to Manchester United from Leeds United for £30m in 2002.

If Kane’s actions are effective, he will become the latest player to break that record, with Man City reportedly lining up a £150m move, alongside their £100m bid for Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish.

Whilst Carragher and Ferdinand have Twitter spat as the Harry Kane punishment is revealed, fans gave their reaction to it all…

@NicholasSanchiz: And everyone’s acting like Spurs held him back. Kane had the chance to win the biggest trophy in Club football in 2019 with them and he had a dreadful game. The “I am elite and this team is the reason why I’m not winning” is an entitled view for him to have.

@Kev1Lfc: Ask Raheem Sterling if we’ve forgotten about what he did

@paulp_123: At least Kane’s consistent. Doesn’t turn up for training like he doesn’t turn up for finals 🤣

@SplendidSonny: Tell him carra

@kam6t9: What a fantastic role model being set by the National captain. He was happy to sign a new extended contract, for an increased salary when he did knowing it would mean his hands may be tied when it came to this scenario, now he shouldn’t moan about being asked to honour it.

@ian_yiddo: Spot on @Carra23 👍 there is a proper way to do things and not tarnish his name in the process.

@NickMaloney3: At the end of the day an England Captain shouldn’t be behaving this way, he should show more integrity and professionalism, he’ll get his move regardless

@Joeydavies88: Players come and go, that’s football. But he’s still under contract for spurs and not showing up is shit attitude, fans who love him will be pissed off. Says a lot how players behave to get a move.

@Dave_The_Kopite: He’s in breach of contract, Spurs should take serious action against him and put him firmly back in his place, 3 years left on the contract he was happy to commit to when it and the pay rise it came with was tabled!

@jbotts85: He shouldn’t of signed that contract the absolute melt.

@GazBond1: Gotta agree with Carra here, i hate it when players do this, especially when they’ve been there so long, look how Maguire acted when we trued to sign him, the club deserve top whack for their star man and city deserve to get walloped by FFP when they pay it..

@FirasHamdan3: What if Daniel levy is being stubborn and the only way to go about it is by not turning up? Should he be quiet and not get his move at 28 just so the fans don’t get upset this year?

@dean_parker8: Bang on Jamie… completely wrong way to go about it. He should just publicly say he wants to move on rather than the cryptic nonsense we’ve heard. I believe it would pave way for a more amicable parting.

@KevinAndrews79: @rioferdy5 Look at Sterling and how he left LFC. I wanted him to stay but understood his motivations at the time (regular silverware and £££). But it is the way he left that left a bad taste in our mouths. How Kane acts will determine if fans forgive and forget or not.

@JamieWhite1989: I agree with Jamie, you have to stay professional no matter how frustrating it is. If he doesn’t manage to get his move this summer what happens then? This will get messy now and Levy won’t stand for this

@TheTotspur: Jamie Carragher saying nothing but the truth

@1dfawcett: Do you honestly think if he just turned up at training, cracked on and just politely submitted a transfer request that it would be granted? Not nice to see as a spurs fan, but he’ll likely get his move now.. Levy can add pissing off Kane to his long list of failures

@Swanborough888: @rioferdy5 and yet rewind a couple of years back and you practically told VVD to protest it out by not going to training for Saints…. Funny how it all depends on the player doing it! Clearly it’s because Liverpool were the buying club! It’s ok then isn’t it 😉 #clown

@OllieB_LFC: Agree with Carra. The player @HKane comes across as, u think it’s just not true. He seems like a true pro who would go about it all in the correct manor. If he hasn’t turned up for training, that’s unprofessional. Simple as that…

@littletomo_6: Think Rio’s late for his drugs test 👀

@connor_ses: I never thought i’d say this, but can I hear more from @Carra23 please?

@Ash_spurs: Replying to @rioferdy5: How would you react if Pogba didn’t turn up for training? Surely “giving your all” is what has made him a very rich man, it’s not just for the club. At 200k , giving your all is minimum. As ex Firefighter I gave my all for 30 years for peanuts and always turned up. Unprofessional

@MattWood23: He is employed by the club who pay his wages based on a contract he committed to. Do you think the average Joe could just decide not to turn up work one day and expect to get paid?

@warrenmcfc: Rio I’m blocked by him ask him if VVD ruined his name when he went on strike at Soton or is that different

@MUFC_redarmy99: He should still turn up to work tho Rio! In any other job you’d get sacked for that!

@billcrowethfc: Shut up Rio. Carra is right, he’s on 250k a week, the club pay his bills and put food on his table. You don’t just not turn up, you go about it the right was just like Grealish has with Villa.

Now you’ve seen Carragher and Ferdinand in a Twitter spat as Kane punishment is revealed, who are you in agreement with? Let us know via our socials!

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