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West Ham fan gets arrested LIVE on YouTube

Some rather bizarre played out on the internet recently when a West Ham fan gets arrested LIVE on YouTube with viewers watching.

A Hammers supporter known as Peach to his pals, has been arrested in Ontario, Canada whilst being egged on by his friends on the West Ham unofficial YouTube Show.

He was taken into custody under his real name by the Canadian highway patrol as neighbours in Fredrick Street are said to have found him creepy as he went about knocking on peoples front doors asking if ‘Daya’ was in.

Peach, who was streaming back the ordeal to West Ham Unofficial live, ran a prank set up by others on the show after initially bottling a request to jump in Lake Ontario as he walked past.

West Ham supporters on the show had pledged him over $400 to take the plunge, but Peach asked for another challenge because he couldn’t swim.

As he went down the Canadian sidewalk, Daya, who presents the ‘Days Banter Show’ and was a VIP guest on West Ham unofficial, asked for Peach to instead knock all the front doors and ask if ‘Daya’ was in.

Whilst many street residents didn’t answer their doors as the former hooligan lurked up driveways, people started to look through their curtains with several complaints reported to the Ontario police force. Boy this really backfired.

If you watch the full episode on YouTube, the West Ham fans were having a bit of a laugh whilst supporting DT38, which is a charity set up by the mother of Dylan Tombides, the West Ham footballer who lost his life to testicular cancer.

The charity, DT38, has been set up by Tracey Tombides, and it aims to raise awareness for all males to make checks on their testicles and possibly save their lives.

Tracey, the mother of Dylan, has focused all her strength since the loss of her son in raising awareness and trying to prevent others from suffering from the same fate.

Although the pranks which were to raise funds for the charity, it went to the limit on Saturday night with ‘Peach’ getting caught by police.

Global247news allegedly spoke to Jake Cox after being contacted by West Ham supporters asking for assistance as they prepared a “Free Peach” campaign.

Jake said: “It was just a laugh, but I guess those in Canada didn’t see the funny side and called the cops.

“Daya, from the Days Banter, was miffed Peach bottled jumping in the lake.

“Big funds were being offered at the time for Peach to take a splash in the lake, but he choked, and Daya egged him on.

”Clearly, in Canada, they don’t like people lurking up driveways – sadly, the cops were at the scene and Peach, whilst only trying to raise funds for a great cause, ended up in the cells.

”Saturday night I run a Daya and Peach show, quite frankly they are mad, but the viewers love it, whilst they banter and take over my show. It isn’t delightful at times, especially as they overtalk me and I’m supposed to be the presenter.

“Although on this occasion, it was for a great charity. Last weekend I went to the charity run by Tyler (Dylan’s brother) and Joe Sealey, the son of our great goalkeeper Les Sealey.

”I’m a bit gutted that Peach got nicked. To be honest, I couldn’t sleep last night after the show,” said the 13-year-old presenter.

‘Peach’ soon appeared by on the screens after officers were apparently told that he was just pulling pranks to raise money for charity.

Fans reacted as the West Ham fan gets arrested LIVE on YouTube, see what they said below…

@CharlieB_BKLYN: “Do you ave I.D. on you” 😂🤣😂

chedders: ​This is quality tv

Scott Venn​: Oh no 🤣🤦🏼‍♂

Words and Pictures: ​peach going to jail 🤣🤣🤣

Danny Jackson​: Man, Canada’s soft.

Scott Venn​: Peach has left the building peach has left the building

long live the boleyn​: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Richard Cox: ​Will see peach in 2 years

Peter Xxxx​: FFS run for the hills

CharlieBoy: ​Now I ave to bond him out

Eamon Green​: #freethepeach

Pete Chapman​: Peach has been arrested on a live web show!! You can’t write comedy like this!! Ha ha

Danny Jackson​: Will there be a livestream of peach getting bailed out? Who in Toronto can orchestrate that?

CharlieBoy: ​I promise nothing on tv Saturday is topping this content

Scott Venn: ​It’s just flashed up as breaking news on sky news, Peach arrested after uk dare

Pete Chapman: ​Freedom 4 Peach!!

Eamon Green​: 1st you get some poor guy to get themselves arrested, now your getting an alcoholic to drink, not good

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