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Cardiff City sack their manager, interim named, top six favourites revealed

Cardiff City sack their manager Mark Hudson, with an interim named in Dean Whitehead, as the top six favourites are revealed.

It comes after Hudson slammed the naivety of his Bluebirds players, who allowed Wigan Athletic the opportunity to score a 96th-minute equaliser.

His side went ahead thanks to Callum O’Dowda in the 82nd minute and appeared to have broken a winless run stretching back to November the 5th, when they beat Sunderland 1-0.

However, Will Keane’s injury-time strike sees the Championship strugglers now without a win in nine games and Hudson took aim at his players’ immaturity and lack of game management at the end of the match.

“We’ve got an opportunity to kick the ball in the corner twice and we don’t,” Hudson said, as per Wales Online. “We let them play forward and then we don’t defend our box.

“So ultimately, it’s naïve from our point of view. We’ve worked hard to break down a Wigan team that came to frustrate.

“It’s decision-making, ultimately, we’ve got an opportunity late in the game to keep the ball in and around and run the clock down if that’s how you want to manage the game, which we should have done. So it’s naïve.

“We worked hard to break them down. We got our goal and we should see it out.”

“We’ve had to make changes today,” Hudson said when asked about his team’s lack of attacking threat. “We’ve only had some lads train, very lightly, Thursday, who have been out for a week of illness.

“We tried to probe when they’ve got a lot of numbers behind the ball and we do get in front. And then, like I said, it’s down to us to be able to see that out. It’s not down to whether we have got new players coming in or not.”

Speaking of the boos and the pressure, Hudson said: “I think [the boos] are directed at the ref. If they are directed at anything else then it’s something we have got to own and deal with.

“That’s part of football. We’ve got to deal with it and we’ve got to stand up and and own the situation. We played in a game that was tight. We took the lead and we should see it out.”


Cardiff City Football Club has relieved Mark Hudson of his duties as First Team Manager.

The Board of Directors would like to place on record its thanks to Mark for all of his work as a player, coach and manager whilst with the Bluebirds. We wish Mark all the very best of luck for the future.

At this time Dean Whitehead will take on the responsibility of interim First Team Manager. Tom Ramasut will remain as Assistant Manager and will be supported by Goalkeeping Coach Graham Stack.

The Club’s search for a new permanent manager will begin immediately.


7pm – Sat 14 Jan
Dean Smith –
Chris Wilder – 4/1
Liam Manning – 8/1
Neil Warnock – 8/1
Sol Bamba – 8/1
Leam Richardson – 12/1

10am – Sun 15 Jan
Neil Warnock – 2/1
Dean Whitehead – 5/1
Dean Smith – 8/1
Liam Manning – 8/1
Sol Bamba – 8/1
Mark Warburton – 12/1

This is what fans said as Cardiff City sack their manager, have an interim named, and the top six favourites revealed…

@Joe_1867: Praying the new one doesn’t rate McGuinness

@davies250395: Surprised – no. Called it in the car on the way home. Gutted for Hudson though

@ThePallesen: “The club’s search for a new permanent manager will begin immediately” basically means they won’t bother interviewing anyone and will just take the cheap option again and give it to Dean Whitehead. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

@schminky1981: As much as Hudson is a club legend we need an experienced Championship manager in who can get us out of this relegation scrap!

@BenxxCCFC: Clubs being run in to the ground, was only heading one way for the last few years and it’s finally caught us up, need new ownership and people at board level to get this club moving in the right direction

@xxwelshjonnyxx: Loved him as a captain but was well out of his depth… hopefully the board have learned that cheap options very rarely work. Saying that, welcome back Neil Warnock 🤣

@ThreeBluebirds_: Should never have put him in charge. They appointed a fall guy to take the attention. Thanks for trying, Huds. City legend, always 💙

@Stewart_Holt: Total mess of a club. Feel for Hudson who should never have been put in that position in the first place. Going down then into free fall unless something major changes at board level

@jacks_are: You will always be a sacking club. Never stick to any philosophy. Just sack sack sack. No patience for any manager. And you wonder why you are in so much financial trouble…

@KrissOttley: Hudson will always be remembered as a great Cardiff captain but he should never have been the manager, just admit you got it wrong in sacking steve morison and reappoint him as manager and then sack the board asap

@jrees87: Club been a mess for years. Feel for people who go week in week out. Deserve better. Players on 20-25k a week, and bang average football players 😷😷

@Matthewsaaaur: I do feel for Hudson, I don’t believe he was qualified for the job in the first place and the results show how out of his depth he was but I also don’t blame him for taking a shot at it, would have loved a fairytale. All the best Mark you will always be loved at Cardiff 💙

@JoshuaW43550169: Whilst it’s the right call, people wishing ill on Hudson or cheering against him should be ashamed of themselves. Club legend

@HardwellSam: It’s a merry-go-round this

@BristolOli: Only 3 more Cardiff managers until Christmas 🎄

@MareduddDavies: Can the board of directors go at the same time please

@Mr_SH33P88: So another 1st team manager to fill the gap in hope they turn things around… someone sensible available to buy and run this club please

@WynneRoberts: I’d like to place on record my thanks to the board of directors for all their work during their time at the club and wish them good luck for the future. Preferably sooner rather than later.

@Alex_Kerr9: Bring in new manager. Keeps us up. Given 3 year deal. Sacked in November. Start again.

@EllisTheChicken: Gutted for Hudson after everything he’s done for the club as a player but far too soon for him. Hopefully he gets another opportunity soon at another club and builds experience. Get this call right now city 💙

@Kurtis1895: Great player But not a great manager all the best Hudson

@CantonEndSR: Sad to part company with him in these circumstances but it’s the right decision. He rightfully deserves to be remembered as a great servant to the club as a player and (unsuccessfully) as a manager. The job was simply too big for him at this stage.

@Swanseapassion: Terrible decision he was doing a fantastic job.

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