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Bury get Football Assocation backing to join National League

After finding out that Bury received backing from the FA to join the National League, fans took to give their reaction…

After being asked if they should enter at National League level or be placed lower down, fans gave their thoughts…

Andrew Chog Briggs: As long as there is an extra promotion place from the National league to league 2 not a problem oh right there’s not sorry start lower down

Adam Smith: Lower that is wrong fa why should the likes of Hereford Stockport and Darlington get put lower down the leagues wrong of the fa think they should rethink it embarrassing ⚽️

Keith Pybus: Hereford, Darlington and others had to start well below the National League. Why should Bury be the exception?

Andrew Jug Grime: Hereford went to step 9, whats the difference. Same old f a . Double standards

James Anker: Should be northern prem at best I reckon given the treatment of the likes of Boston and Kettering over the years

Neil Jeffries: National League North. There are plenty of ex-league clubs in there. Why should Bury be starting again higher than teams like Darlington, York, Hereford and Chester?

Johnny Lowe: Why should they be parachuted in at a high non league level over club’s who’ve earned (or are trying to) the right to play at that level through their performances on the pitch?

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