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Burnley’s ‘friendly’ with Real Betis turns into CHAOS with players sent off after headbutt

Burnley’s pre-season ‘friendly’ with Real Betis on Friday turns into CHAOS with players sent off after a headbutt turns sour.

It all kicked off just before the break with Betis defender Luiz Felipe, linked with West Ham, clashed with Burnley’s Johann Gudmundsson.

It looked like Iceland international Gudmundsson kicked out whilst laid on the ground, sparking anger from Felipe who then squared up and pushed his head towards him.

Gudmundsson then reacted in kind before Felipe pushed him in the neck, leading to both sides’ players running over to defend their fellow team-mates.

Staff also got heated, some arguing with the officials on the touchline s you can see in the video below (full screen it!)…

Felipe was handed a straight red card by the referee while Gudmundsson was at first only given a yellow before protests from the Betis bench, including manager Manuel Pelligrini led to a second yellow being shown.

The linesman had to tell the ref of the kick out, which was why Gudmundsson also had to leave the pitch.

Just as it had calmed down, Betis centre-back Marc Bartra then stunned fans, scoring from a free-kick inside his own half five minutes after the restart – but thanks to the ball striking the crossbar and hitting the back of Trafford’s head.

Jordan Beyer broke the deadlock to give Vincent Kompany’s Burnley an early lead at the Estadio Nuevo Colombino in Spain.

Real Betis starting XI: Rui Silva, Sabaly, Pezzella, Luiz Felipe, Abner, G.Rodriguez, William, Marc Roca, Juan Cruz, Juanmi, Willian Jose

Goal: Bartra 49 

Red card: Luiz Felipe 44 

Burnley: Trafford, Roberts, Al-Dakhil (Ekdal 46), Beyer, O’Shea (Kolesho 46), Vitinho (Trialist 77), Brownhill (Cork 46), Gudmundsson, Zaroury (Twine 46), Amdouni (Taylor 46), Foster

Goal: Beyer 26 

Red card: Gudmundsson 44 

Booked: Cork 


Fans reacted as Burnley’s ‘friendly’ with Real Betis turns into CHAOS with players sent off after a headbutt turns sour…

@DanielOrmerod4: Some friendly 😂

@martinjcook84: That’s got to be the worst bit of refereeing a friendly has ever seen.

@kompanyball: I absolutely defend Gudmundsson there. The guy’s been unlucky with injuries in the last few years and Luiz Felipe made a shocking tackle for a preseason game. Completely understand JBG’s frustration #twitterclarets

@biddulph_martyn: JBG coming out for a scrap from minute one and comms sounding surprised when he gets sent off 🙄🙄🙄 #twitterclarets

@Jamietatt6: In a real game, yeah fair enough, but come on just make the managers change the 2 players & calm the game down

@Burnleyboys1882: Luis Felipe it’s a friendly , get some anger issue classes #twitterclarets

@bwfc_elliot: If the players gonna lose his head, effectively treating it as a professional game, he gets the punishment of a professional game. He gets the feeling of letting his teammates down and making them have to put in extra yards for the rest of the game to cover him

@martinjcook84: So… it’s a friendly… their player tries to headbutt JBG and somehow JBG gets sent off? Wtf? It’s a friendly. Pull them over, book them, calm it down and crack on. But no. Ref bottles it, all control lost and usefulness of the game ruined. Utter prick! #twitterclarets #UTC

@BHEUTC: Unpopular opion but 100% justified you can’t kick out like JBG did #twitterclarets

@bfcmichael: Friendly you know 😭

@nelllofps: What a mess. No one wants this in a friendly ffs man have a word and swap them out. What a waste it time for all involved!

@longside_lout: Ref bottled it…

@jacobbfc1910: just force the managers to change them it’s a friendly?? 2 red cards is unnecessary is a bloody friendly

@BFC84Ash: Absolutely pointless in a friendly when it’s handbags just tell the managers to make subs pathetic refereeing

@BurnleyJackdaw: Come on now, I’m a Burnley fan but there’s no way you can watch this and say JBG doesn’t also go in with his head. Their player escalated it, but both went for it

@0510fbfc: Love that from O’Shea 👊🏻

@JiggHall: JBG kicks out first which is a red card offence. @RealBetis lad retaliates with an headbutt & then puts his hands around JBG’s throat, another red card offence. nothing hard to understand about it. #twitterclarets

@callumtaylorbfc: Fucking go on lads

@georgebfc2: dara then 😂😂

@KieranBritton: O’Shea a boyo already 👊 Go on son

@Jvarley1997: WHAT IS HAPPENING #twitterclarets

@djaidyj: hopefully the managers will lock the ref in his room and put the extra man each back on and get on with it. Daft from the ref, should have told the teams to sub them off

@SimonF73: Surely the sensible course of action in the circumstances is to ask both to be subbed off. It’s a friendly for gods sake. Doesn’t help either manager and i can’t imagine either of them are too impressed with how the ref has handled it.

@JDriverPendle: Betis players acting very childish in this game i must say. JBG didnt deserve to get sent off either, hes been one of our best players in that first half. #twitterclarets

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