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Burnley offer ‘sincere apologies’ to Sunderland fans including 8 year old over crowd trouble

Burnley offer ‘sincere apologies’ to Sunderland fans including an 8 year old over crowd trouble during Saturday’s Championship clash.

The two clubs squared off at the Stadium of Light with Sunderland going into an early 2-0 lead before eventually conceding a four-goal Burnley comeback after the break.

However, the game on Wearside was halted for a noticeable length of time in the first half with the referee and officials speaking to both Kompany and Sunderland head coach Tony Mowbray.

It has been suggested by some Black Cats supporters on social media that those sitting in the North Stand at the Stadium of Light had missiles allegedly thrown from Burnley’s away end, with Clarets fans housed in the concourse above.

During the break, a message was shown on the scoreboard against objects being thrown down into the North Stand.

The Stadium of Light’s Twitter account also posted: “Further incidents of fans in the North Stand upper throwing missiles into the lower section of the crowd will result in today’s game being stopped for a second time and could result could result in the players leaving the field of play.


Burnley Football Club strongly condemn the unacceptable behaviour of items being thrown by some of our supporters at our match with Sunderland on Saturday 22nd October.

The incident happened during the first half at the Stadium of Light, and in accordance with Sunderland’s safety procedures the match was halted, and a big screen message and PA announcement followed.

We are aware that an 8-year-old child was injured as a result of an object being thrown.

Such behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by Burnley Football Club.

An investigation on this disappointing incident is ongoing and anyone caught throwing objects will be liable to a banning order.

The Club will not let the actions of any individuals spoil, affect, or jeopardise the enjoyment of all our supporters, who have been magnificent all season.

We offer our sincere apologies to Sunderland Football Club and to any supporters who may have been affected by this on the weekend.

When questioned about the break during his post-match interview, Kompany explained he had been told the hold-up was due to a technological issue.

“It was some technological issue. Unless someone has lied to me, it was about the headset,” Kompany said.

“What I’ve heard was about a watch and sound not coming through,” Kompany replied when questioned about disruption in the home end following alleged missiles thrown from the Burnley away end. “That was the only thing I heard. Like I said unless someone has lied to me.”

When asked if the big crowd at the Stadium of Light was a factor in the game,” Kompany added: “We did our best to give them a good day in the first half. Look, I think we had a large away support as well and it was about getting them going. I think in that second half you saw it turn our way.

“I think Sunderland are dealing with a lot of personnel issues and when you have that it is a little bit harder to hold onto stuff as well and our team did well to push on.”

Burnley chairman Alan Pace condemned the behaviour of some Clarets supporters during Saturday’s Championship victory over Sunderland.

He took to Twitter to add his thoughts, saying: “The behaviour of some of our fans at the Stadium of Light was unacceptable. On behalf of the club, I apologise to Sunderland and remind all Clarets fans that this will not be tolerated at this club.”

There have been calls for a good while now demanding that Sunderland either put some netting up to stop objects following onto the home supporters below or to simply move the away end down a tier.

This is what fans had to say as Burnley offer ‘sincere apologies’ to Sunderland fans including an 8 year old over crowd trouble…

@safcaka: Just simply move them back down

@AJMuxx: The club have been warned repeatedly by fans about this behaviour and yet no action has been taken. What are you doing to ensure the safety of supporters?

@roborange73: If the board of directors were sat under away “fans” and regularly had to endure this behavior I will guarantee you they would be relocated…..

@Kevscott1982: Stupid decision to have away fans in the awful upper section and put home fans below. Just asking for trouble. Away fans should be put back behind the goal at the opposite end.

@MathewB77383786: Do something about it then you clowns 🤡 Our own supporters are getting objects thrown at them. And you simply do not care

@bfc_cj: As a Burnley I can only apologise. It’s the behaviour of these knuckle dragging buffons that give the rest of us decent and proper fans a bad name. I do hope the club find and ban them.

@Safc_FLAF: 🤔 The club could actually remove fans that throw missiles, Install netting, or look at moving the fans – which is probably unlikely as it’s too easy for them to police away fans outside that side of the ground. #SAFC @SunderlandAFC @CWaters_SAFC

@CharlieHorner_: Time for away fans to come into the lower bowl. Will we wait until someone is seriously injured or worse for this to change?

@UnionBerlinMan: Get netting up

@JHancock46: Omg it’s 2019 all over again #Pompey

@RokerRapportPod: Kick the fuckers out. Better yet, do something to protect the fans underneath as they’re the ones at risk here. This issue has been raised repeatedly, it’s taking the piss.

@jimmmyreay: Need to get some nets put between the upper and lower here. Sad that they’re needed but alot of grounds with away ends high up have them. Also given the scoreline is this much of a deterrent haha #SAFC

@DannyD1882: We had chairs and coins thrown at us at Turf and police/stewards told us to “ignore them” 🤣

@Tommyesafc: Should NEVER ever happen but the Sunderland board have been warned over and over again about this kind of thing. @SunderlandAFC

@GuzzlerSAFC: Fair play to Burnley. Although safc need to do more to protect fans, this seems to have been one idiot out of a large away support. Unlike Coventry, who brushed off more widespread incidents, at least Burnley have reacted properly. Vast majority of their fans were spot on

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