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Birmingham ‘yoof’ taunt Wigan supporters coach | referee slammed over Joe Bennett red card

Birmingham City ‘yoof’ decided to taunt the Wigan supporters coach after a game which saw the referee slammed over that Joe Bennett red card.

After the match, a bus full of Latics fans left St Andrew’s, however young Blues wannabe hooligans gave it the big one with hand gestures and one took to spit at the vehicle as it went past.

A video of the moment, which has had plenty of social media users laughing, was uploaded and is quickly going viral. See it for yourself below…

The game itself was a special one for Charlie Wyke who set up 10-man Wigan’s winner on his first appearance since suffering a cardiac arrest last year as his side beat Birmingham 1-0.

The striker’s last competitive fixture came in November before he suffered a cardiac arrest in training. However he made an quick impact at St Andrew’s as he set up fellow substitute Nathan Broadhead’s 82nd-minute strike that gave Wigan their first win of the season.

Wigan had been playing with 10 men since Joe Bennett was controversially sent off in the 10th minute but they held kept Birmingham out before clinching all three points late on.

Leam Richardson reckoned his Wigan side were excellent value for one of the great wins in recent years at Birmingham.

“I’ve heard people who’ve been here a lot longer than me say it’s one of the greatest wins they’ve seen, and I can only echo that,” gushed the Latics boss.

“What the lads gave us today, the information they took on, the effort they put in, I thought they represented themselves incredibly well and deserved the win.

“Even after the sending off, I felt we could still control large parts of the game, both in and out of possession, and I thought we looked comfortable in doing that.

“At the same time, we had to be respectful of the calibre of players they had on the pitch, there’s a lot of Championship and Premier League experience in there.

Fans took to give their reaction on not just that, but also of the video which shows Birmingham yoof taking to taunt the Wigan supporters on their coach…


@PWUPodcast: Disgraceful

@Thorpysays: Birmingham fella has cheated, no other way to describe it.

@Dave48535286: @EFL how is that a red???? Doesn’t touch him! Sort your referees out!

@robashcroft1: Absolutely pathetic. I’d be not but embarrassed @EFL. Year after year shambolic!!!! #wafc

@Hehehehesiii: Pathetic that

@thestainsports: Yes, the refs suck. But the bigger problem is the league failing to apply harsh retroactive punishment to divers. If the EFL starts punishing flagrant simulation like this with five game suspensions, you’ll see diving stop. And our Langy will have to change too 😬

@scottbakerosrfc: The refs in this league are a joke (Birmingham fan)

@chelsiebrowbank: That’s terrible!!! Shows that all leagues need VAR! Officials have been shocking already this season!! 😡😡😡

@MalwPapachalks: Only way to stop this is retrospective bans and goals deductions where players have dived and their team score as a result


@danp91: Him with the vest has been tarmacking drives all day

@PaulElsey4: Red head lad doing a amazing norman wisdom impression

@John71716707: 100% should of just got off and gone through all them little scrubbers 🤣

@wigangee: Hope everyone got home safe 🙏

@KingWillKeane: They just want a game of tag lad

@charlottet640: And the police went over 2 mins later and they all walked off 😂

@CamWAFC: Melts, as soon as the police got over, into McDonald’s they went. Embarrassing 😭

@lewligan: Done well to get out of there alive. Safe travels home.

@CalWAFC7: All about 12 😂😂😂

@AlexSarwar20: “Pwopa Blues innit” 😂😂😂😂

@GOZZOZZ71: What the hell McDonald’s putting in them McFlurry’s!?? 🍦

@kian_thomas1: Haahahahahahahah that ginger lad givin it with his dads jeans on

@_s96__: The fuckin baked beans on Steve sidwell there hahahahahaha are they his arl fellas

@yicker: Shit me that’s me scared

@KyleGatfield97: Ron Weasley going berzyyyy there

@NoseyLatic: And this is the reason I don’t do away days anymore, just not worth the agro, stay safe people, hope you got out in 1 piece 🙏

@NathDerricott: Hahahahahahaha I’d have been straight off coach and volleying Scholes’ head into that wall

@mikelavelle93: Why is carrot top wearing his mum’s jeans?

@TicsAsh: The fuck are them baggy trousers that rusty nuts has got on 😂😂 #wafc

@derekdeswebster: The laughter cracks me up 🤣🤣

@wafcalex2003: Chesney off Corrie goin sick #wafc

@TomPWAFC2: What are them jeans the ginger lad is wearing 😂😂😂

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