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Birmingham supporter punches Middlesbrough fan trying to storm past stewards into away end

A Birmingham City supporter punches out at a Middlesbrough fan who could be seen trying to storm past stewards into the away end.

Wayne Rooney’s return to English football ended in defeat after Morgan Rogers’ last-gasp strike snatched a 1-0 Championship victory for Boro at the Riverside Stadium.

But it seems there was some trouble in the stands in the second half of the game, with stewards ejecting some of the culprits involved in the incident, as can be seen in the video below.

One of the Middlesbrough fans can be seen making his way towards the away end, trying to take them on as both sets of fans either side of the netting goad each other.

The Boro fan struggles to get past the line of stewards, and then a Birmingham fan takes it upon himself to lash out, throwing some punches.

Middlesbrough’s Michael Carrick said post-match:

“It was a big goal for all of us – a big goal to win a game. I’m really pleased for Morgan, he came on to make an impact. Goals like that can give you a massive boost and I am sure he will have an impact for the rest of the season. We did enough to win the game because we had enough chances, and those chances we could have scored from, they were good ones. I couldn’t fault the boys. It is tough when you go into a game like this because we didn’t really know

what we were going into, there wasn’t much we had to go on (after Rooney’s arrival). But I’m really pleased about the impact from the boys off the bench. They have all come off and made an impact in different ways. You never know if a goal is going to come, but you have to keep doing the right things and freshen up to try to create a spark. In the end the boys found a way to score.”

Birmingham’s Wayne Rooney said:

“I have been quite calm. You always have a feeling before the game as player or manager, which is normal, but I was quite calm. I know what I want. I know where we need to get to. I knew this was a possibility today, but it will take time to get where we want to go. We might have to go through days like this and it is important we stay calm to ensure we hit the goals we really want to. You never enjoy when you lose, but it is great to be back in English football, great to be at Birmingham. Thankfully we have another game Wednesday.

“There were parts of the game we wanted to take the ball more, but ultimately you don’t always get what you want in football. It is decision-making and game management. Even after Middlesbrough scored there were different moments in the game were our game management has to be better. That is what frustrated me in the last eight minutes. But we are a team trying to adapt to a different way and that will take time. During that period we do have to pick up points.”

Social media users gave their reaction as a Birmingham supporter punches at a Middlesbrough fan trying to storm past stewards into the away end…

@borosniper7725: TBF coward punch from the brummie fan whilst the Boro fan was detained Yes he shouldnt of ran toward the away fans. Also thought your fans were poor consider you had 2k really quiet.

@michaeldaw78: He’s probably telling all his mates how he “smacked a Boro hooligan”.. BIG man…

@davidpower2991: must be a nightmare being one of them stewards. XD

@arejaycee5704: Some folk just cannae keep their emotions in check … or too much alcohol 😮

@mgr6012: One boro fan storms an entire away end after brum fans give it big all day and one creature gives him a pat on the head, couldnt write this.

@alfreddunn03: Who was the guy who sneaked a punch on the Boro lads dial while he was getting handcuffed? Bit of a cowards trick.

@tommfc2481: Some terrible chants from Birmingham 😂

@jamisbillson4872: Boros hold me backer crew!

@jaxz7676: You all gave it the big’un ALL game 😂 deserved loss

Warren Restall: That’s what happens when you drink on an empty head. 😉

Anthony Beard: Best part of the game 😂

Dave Gwynne: KN@BS

Paul Stokes: It’s a good job those stewardess were holding hands – all hell could of broke loose 😂

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