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Baffling scenes as referee ABANDONS match in 95th minute with Buxton beating Scunthorpe

There were baffling scenes as the referee ABANDONS a match in the 95th minute with Buxton beating Scunthorpe 2-1 at the time.

At 5:04pm on Saturday, Scunthorpe tweeted:
The visitors take the three points.

But then four minutes later, issued an update, saying: “ℹ️ We have been informed that the referee has abandoned the game, rather than blown the full-time whistle. As soon as we have further information, we will let you know. #UTI #IRON”

Buxton themselves wrote:
“FULLTIME’| SCU ⚒️ 1-2 BUX 🦌
The referee has blown up early due to the poor weather conditions
Goals from McBurnie and Hunt means we go back to Derbyshire with the win !!
#UpTheBucks | #TeamBuxton | 💥”

However, they also had to update fans: “The referee has in fact abandoned the game, rather than blown the full-time whistle. As soon as we have further information, we will let you know.”

@awayonsaturday1 tweeted: “Well… Scunthorpe v Buxton was interesting. 2-1 to Buxton, five minutes into injury-time and the referee blows his whistle. Game abandoned – despite the @Buxton_FC players celebrating as if they’d won! Latest scenes from Glanford Park…”

@alex_scunny also published a video: “It was like this for about 20 mins, the pitch was totally unplayable and dangerous so the game should’ve been abandoned long before. Tbf I think Buxton should get the win, but hilariously 10 mins was only added because of all their time wasting 🤣”

Scunthorpe said in their match report, with replaying the match a possibility:

In the minutes of chaos that ensued following the goal, the weather switched from sweltering heat to a thunderstorm, and deep four minutes into additional time, United were awarded a penalty and their best chance of the game. Danny Elliott stepped up to take the spot kick but was denied by the outstretched boot of Dearnley in conditions that were worsening by the second. 

Shortly following this, the referee blew his whistle with five minutes of additional time remaining on clock causing staff from both sides to question what would happen next, as the referee strolled down the tunnel ball in hand.

It was later established the game was abandoned by the referee, with details set to be released regarding the fixture in due course once the referee’s report has been received by the National League.

Scunthorpe boss Jimmy Dean said it was “not clear at all” what had happened.

“I went on to the pitch to ask him [the referee] what was going on after he blew the whistle and I don’t think he knew himself. It was when we got inside that he said it was abandoned,” Scunthorpe boss Jimmy Dean told BBC Radio Humberside.

“There was no dialogue, or coming over to talk to us, and he only confirmed it was abandoned when all hell broke loose in the tunnel.

“He said the game was over when I went on the pitch and I asked what that meant because there was at least five minutes of injury time left.

“The game should have been abandoned earlier than it was because we missed a penalty, but the player couldn’t see the ball.

“If I were Buxton I would want the game finished today. I’d want to go in, wait for 20 minutes and see if it dried out. The way the referee blew his whistle… it just wasn’t clear at all.”

It is not yet known whether the result will stand, the final minutes will need to be replayed or whether the whole game will need to be replayed.

This is what fans had to say on the baffling scenes as the referee ABANDONS the National League North match in 95th minute with Buxton beating Scunthorpe…

@RobCTID21: Result should stand as played past limit

@64AdeP: ”…any League Match which from any cause whatever falls short of 90 (ninety) minutes’ duration may be ordered to count as a completed fixture or be replayed in full or in part on whatever terms and conditions the Board shall in their absolute discretion determine and shall be played in compliance with these Regulations and the Football Association Rules respectively and under the Laws of the Game as approved by the International Football Association Board”.

@RedBlueAndy: Wow that’s scandalous

@ForeverARed82: I’d just award Buxton 2-1 win. How can you abandon the game when it’s 5 minutes into added time

@shaymenfans: Football will never cease to amaze me. Match @SUFCOfficial was abandoned 90 + 5 mins. Who makes these decisions @TheVanaramaNL we ourselves here @FCHTOnline was on the wrong end of a stupid decision. You need to get a grip on these abysmal refs there ruining the game

@ChivertonLaura: Won’t the result still stand? Thought if it got past 80minutes, it didn’t have to be replayed. But going to admit I don’t keep completely up to date with rule changes 😂

@georgatutkwengo: Wait they abandoned the match in the 95th minute when the away team were winning 2-1. That is corrupt

@theodore_bagwe: At the very best could be described as highly questionable. Nothing surprises me with sport which is why I have lost interest in F1, football and boxing

@Jack432J: Surely Buxton get the win. Why not just blow for full time. Bizarre abandoning it

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