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Baffling scenes as red cards for Charles and Evatt overshadows Bolton win over Fleetwood

There were heated and baffling scenes as red cards for Dion Charles and manager Ian Evatt overshadows the Bolton win over Fleetwood.

The Trotters continued their 100% start to the League One campaign with a 3-1 victory with thanks to Victor Adeboyejo’s hat-trick.

But the game took a strange twist in the second half when Charles was given a second booking after a coming together with Fleetwood keeper Jay Lynch from referee Tom Nield.

Evatt was left furious by this, going into dialogue with the fourth official, and after a Fleetwood challenge further left the manager angry, Nield issued another red card to him just minutes after.

Both teams also saw goals disallowed in the second half, with Fleetwood’s Promise Omochere adjudged to have been offside, while Adeboyejo was denied a fourth for the same reason.

Bolton assistant Peter Atherton spoke post-match about the dismissals as under new EFL rules, Evatt wasn’t allowed to be present for press conference interviews.

PA: “In terms of Dion, what I saw live, he was running behind the keeper, came alongside him and the keeper actually stuck his leg out and tripped him up.

“When the ref blew the whistle I’d expected it to be our free kick but obviously whatever he saw was different to what we saw on the bench, so unfortunately for Dion it was a second yellow.”

“In terms of yellow card you can’t get that rescinded and as far as I know the rules have not changed, so we expect to be the same. It is disappointing given the circumstances it happened,” he added.

Evatt’s red card was as a result of new directives to officials on the “mis-use of technology” in the dugout, according to Bolton News.

Referee Neild had been called over by fourth official Martin Coy, who reported Evatt for commenting on the replay he had just watched of Charles’s second yellow.

Atheron said: “Based on the same incident the gaffer merely said he’d seen it back, he wasn’t making any reference in terms of abusive language he just said: ‘I have seen it back and you have got it wrong. The keeper tripped Dion up.’ And, apparently, just referring to having seen it back, that is a red card.”

When questioned if he was to be in the technical area on Saturday should Evatt’s ban be upheld.

“It is where I am from but at the end of the day I am here to win games for Bolton,” he said.

“It has been a very pleasing start. It is only a start, though, and there is a tough game at the weekend but we go into it on the back of three wins, which is great.”

Having lost all four games played so far this season, Fleetwood boss Scott Brown said, as per Bolton News: “It starts tough because we lost a goal after three minutes. They get that momentum.

“They had great shape and great structure behind and in front of the ball.

“It’s that bit of quality in the final third they had that was a lot better than we had.

“Their wing backs were bolting in behind, a first time delivery across the goal and their striker wanted it more and was switched on more than our defenders.

“It comes down to desire but also ruthlessness. They had that ruthlessness and we didn’t.

“The ball was a magnet to him (Adeboyejo). We had five defenders in the box at one point circulating him and he found the space.

“We had a few chances we probably should have scored from but we end up scoring off a corner in the 94th minute. We didn’t give ourselves a chance.”

Here’s what fans are saying on the baffling scenes as red cards for Charles and Evatt overshadows the Bolton win over Fleetwood…

@PoundlandReds: Just EFL ref things.

@KieranBatham: Howard Webb needs to get a hold of this they are totally and utterly killing the game

@RyanNeil_: Hows he sent off the bloke who got kicked by the goalkeeper? Ludicrous.

@GarySmithJnr: Seeing the ref being criticised here, with no detail of what was said to him by the player who has been sent off. I for one am glad that refs are stamping down on the petulance from footballers and managers.

@KasanovaKraze: Refs are tryna get too involved in the game man. The best refs are ones that can make the game roll in motion and you don’t even notice them

@MichaelBBWFC147: This ref was inconsistent all game, gave cards out to lesser fouls, no cards to significant fouls, lost control of the game very early on by trying to be overly authoritave. Not to mention he’s the same ref from last season who sent Charles off when it should’ve been Kachunga 🤦

@e_sunderland: @FA_PGMOL Absolutely useless yet again. It’s at the stage where we need to scrap them and completely restart with entirely new people.

@ArtexGabriel: The Refs in this country are an utter disgrace. Their standards are no where near the rest of Europe. Awful.

@CharlieSay_: Nah seriously now this? @FA_PGMOL – this is genuine corruption from a salty referee. Check his bank account.

@bwfc_archie5: This referee is an utter disgrace

@MaxConcrete: Did he get a yellow for being tripped or did he give the ref shit?

@Zigiclegend19: These referees are getting worse and after what I’ve seen at St. Andrews over the last few years I didn’t think that was possible. They’re an absolute joke, just a bunch of mini Hitlers that were bullied at school. Pathetic.

@JoeNBT: People think @premierleague refs are bad, go to a @EFL game and prem refs might look heavenly to you. Seen too many woeful refs and the @FA need to be held to a higher standard

@bwfc_elliot: I can’t even describe how confused I was at this. Firstly, it’s a penalty. Secondly, there wasn’t enough for a free kick. Thirdly, why did he look like he was about to start play then send him off. Fourthly, what was the yellow even for?

@AlexBridge11: Absolute disgrace.

@alext_davies: Shocking ref absolutely useless

@jackrrburns: EFL refs are beyond shocking, they deserve all the abuse they get

@MatthewWallis: Another day another pathetic decision from an @EFL ref

@Tomk_1992: These new rules are apparently giving fans more “value for their money” 🙃

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