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Amusing video shows Birmingham fan losing his cool at taunting Coventry supporters

An amusing video has emerged and it shows a certain Birmingham fan losing his cool, taking off his shirt at the taunting Coventry supporters.

Both sets of fanbases were aiming gestures at one each-other inside St Andrews on Saturday afternoon, but one of the home fans got so riled he furiously took off his shirt, showing off his tattoos, then did a lot of pointing on himself.

A different lad in white can be seen also trying to give it the big un, before the Coventry supporters sang “You fat bastard”.

The video has gone on to get over 1,000 likes in under 24 hours, leaving many laughing at how some can get some angry at a football match, all whilst stuck behind security and stewards unable to really do anything harmful…

The game itself saw Coventry come from behind to beat Birmingham 4-2 and keep alive their slim hopes of reaching the Championship playoffs.

Kristian Pedersen got his first goal in almost a year to put the hosts ahead early on before Gary Gardner doubled Blues’ lead in the 39th minute with an header as he went unmmarked.

Despite only getting one career goal prior to this fixture, Coventry’s Ben Sheaf scored a brace in the space of nine minutes at the end of the first half to make the scoreline 2-2.

Michael Rose completed the turnaround for Mark Robins’ side when he ran at Birmingham defence and into penalty area, to head the ball past debutant Zach Jeacock, and Callum O’Hare was there to seal all three points with minutes remaining after good play from Martyn Waghorn.

Coventry’s Mark Robins: “We’ve got a situation now where nobody believes outside of the club that we can get near it (the play-offs). There are teams that are in better positions than us but we’ve got four games to go and we’re in with a sniff. That’s the biggest thing for me. In terms of what we’ve been able to achieve in five years is nothing short of outstanding. That’s the pressure that you want and at some point you have to have that pressure that makes you feel alive. We’ve got nothing to lose so let’s have a go.

“You see the support and they’re delirious today. In certain aspects of the game we were really good. We weren’t at our best by any stretch of the imagination and you’ve got to give Birmingham credit for that. We kept going and that’s the characteristic of this team this season. That was there for everyone to see and the supporters love that. You can see the rapport and that’s something that’s really special and you don’t always see that.”

Birmingham Lee Bowyer: “We started really well. We were the better side and we were cruising. We think the game has become too easy and let them back in. We needed to manage the game better towards the end of the first half but we didn’t. Going in at half-time 2-2 was tough to take. I put it down to being too soft. You can’t concede three set-pieces in one game. That’s not good enough. You’ve got to take pride in keeping the ball out of your net, it’s quite simple really. For some reason today, we were soft and that’s not like us.

“We had chances. I don’t think there was much in the game. You look at the scoreline and think we took a hiding, but it wasn’t like that. Up until 40 minutes we were in full control of the game.In the second half, it was quite even and we weren’t quite in it, but the scoreline looks a lot worse than the performance. Today I thought we were the better side, but they’ve got the three points and we have none. Just too soft and there’s no excuse for that.”

Twitter users reacted as an amusing video shows a Birmingham fan losing his cool at taunting Coventry supporters…

@AmyandAdamsDad: Mike Ashley knocked off early from Sport direct to hang with The Village people!

@Corey_g94: not a single gcse in sight

@ccfc_james7: Someone ordered CM Punk off wish man.

@swabraUTV: No one is dating that mess

@qprfc_mad: Fat Boy Slim & Tattoo Man are legally allowed to breed! But you need a licence for your tele.

@scottrose30: Amazing how hard people are behind a line of police and stewards!!! 😂 mug

@claydonultras: Don’t know what the tattooed fella is saying but we all know what that gesture means… He’s going for the WWE championship!

@cjmurph93: When he put his top on back to front afterwards 😂😂😂

@mjm17882: Must have improved on the food at St Andrews – lad in the white buzzing

@1BFCS: We were in a box today. And the blues fans were giving us stacks. Absolute joke of fans. Up the sky blues

@__obennett: Such a strange bunch

@B9Denaro: The fuck is CM Punk doing at St Andrews


@Kaytea21: I don’t care who u support, this goes out to everyone. Can grown ass, adult, football fans not behave like this please. It’s full on embarrassing, cringe & not needed. All for rivalry but why should watching a sport lead to aggressive behaviour. Did I mention it’s embarrassing?

@scottysba76: Is he saying he had a C-section?

@ChrisJo62565177: Was he trying to say I’m the WWE champion at the end ??

@NewboldJrd: Highlight that 🤣🤣🤣

@DanRenshawAVFC: special breed these lot

@PUSBradders: Where the fucks Craig Danny when you need him. Them lot and Craig Danny would keep each other entertained for hours leaving the rest of us to enjoy the game in peace. It would be like the weirdest dance off ever and I’d love to see it. #PUSB

@princeybcfc: Hahahahaha like we’re not embarrassing enough.🤣🤭. Come on, own up, put your hands up? Few less beers next time and do your lines shorter🤣

@JacobFwaw_: Bold to assume he’s got a bird

@Cdxylee: Embarrassing the club 🤣🤣🤣 silly clown

@PearsallHarry: State of them lot

@Best_Mate_1874: It appears he is pointing to his waistline. Is his name Calvin Klein?

@Jackalbion96: You absolutely love to see it, complete and utter terminal headloss

@JosephShirley87: Football fans must be the biggest gimps on earth. What’s that fat weapon going to do? Then you’ve got the old classic ‘I’ve got a load of tatts I’m hard’ get in the bin ya frauds

@TheDartsReferee: I find this shit so weird. Like, what’s going through your head at this point?

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